Traditional Leftism vs Marxism

Nowadays most people who consider themselves leftists are Marxists. There’s plenty of evidence on the internet of the prevalence of Marxist idiocy and subversion of sane values. Feminism, anti-racists, the LGBT-movement and other Cultural Marxists rear their ugly heads where-ever. However, I’d like to make a distinction between traditional, sane, leftists and Marxists.

I too considered myself a leftist in my teens and early twenties, until I realized the arbitrary distinction between the political right and left is mostly nonsensical. In recent years I’ve noticed myself agreeing more and more with the Alt-Right people, although I’m not sure if I can call myself really Alt-Right or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the values that traditional leftists believe in. They range from taking care of the poor and various types of minorities to being critical of the failings of one’s culture. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these values, in fact, I find them rather noble. In a normal society there are always haves and have-nots, there is the majority whose values are adhered to, whereas the needs of the minorities tend to be disregarded. It is not subversive to try to address the needs of the weak. Right-wing people, on the other hand, tend to focus on promoting strength and excellence. They believe that supporting those with abilities will end up benefiting everyone in the long run, whereas leftists focus on helping the weak and less-fortunate stand on their own feet. I don’t think either outlook is the correct one. In fact, I think both types of people are required for society to function.

The difference between traditional leftists and Marxists is that the Marxists claim to be fighting for the weak, but in fact they seek to weaken the strong in order to take over and subvert society to suit their perverse needs. They present themselves as loving and compassionate individuals, when in fact they are nothing like it. They are like a disease that infects society in order to weaken, and ultimately destroy, it. Proper leftists really do care about the people they see as weak, whereas Marxists only use their plight, whether real or imagined, to further their agendas.

Issues such as imperialism and slavery is something that Marxists often cite in order to demonize European peoples. And I share their sentiment to the degree that I too hate imperialism and slavery, however the Marxists tend to have thought-processes that end up dying half-way, and they complete the process with insane fantasies. They see these evils that are part of the history of the West, and conclude that the Western nations need to be destroyed based on it. They don’t criticize in order to improve. Marxists, and main stream media, tend to ignore the fact that slavery has existed in pretty much all cultures in history, and evil White men were the first to abolish slavery. Moreover, the Marxists are either wittingly or unwittingly pushing a totalitarian, Orwellian global state that seeks to enslave everyone. They want equality. They don’t want a small minority to be enslaved. They want everyone to join in on the game.

Marxists criticize everything and anything that does not suit their world view. Be it video games that don’t represent women and transpeople the way they want, or politics, history and even air conditioners that are too cold (it’s not a feminist issue. I have problems with air conditioners being cold as well). However, Marxists do not criticize things to try make those things better, but to destroy them. Normal people use criticism to find out mistakes and bugs, so they would be fixed. Marxists use it as a weapon.

Marxists are a demonic mass that seeks to devour anything and everything. We must not give them any quarter. If we concede one point to them, they will take another. They cannot be reasoned with.

I hope there are still some reasonable leftists out there. The ones that still exist should be aware that Marxists are tarnishing the good that leftists are attempting to do, and for the sake of their own well-being they should be aware that not everyone can tell the difference between a traditional leftist and a Marxist. I too tend to cringe when I hear leftist ideas, as the left is rapidly being absorbed by Marxists. However, I think there still is a difference between the left and Marxism. Marxists are the enemies of all of humanity.


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