In recent decades we’ve often heard that race is just social construct, or you care about the race of a person you’re a racist. They say there’s only one race, the human race, and other benign-sounding yet pointless slogans. This is the modern leftist of view of race. On the other hand some right-wing people claim their race is the best and smartest race there is. I don’t really subscribe to either view, so I’ll discuss here what race means to me.


Race has an obvious biological component to it

First of all, let’s quickly debunk the modern leftist view that claims there is no race or that it is social construct. Anyone with some common sense and eyes to see can recognize that there is such a thing as race, and its at least partially based in biology. Below are pictures of three men. One of them is Chinese, one is from Congo and one is German.





I don’t think you need me to tell you which is which. I’m sure any peasant today who lives in a country that uses electricity can successfully complete this race puzzle. However, some politically correct academics like to kid themselves they can’t. As George Orwell said: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

It should be obvious now that race has a biological component to it, yet I would agree with the leftists that race is partially a social construct. I think race is a combination of the genetic traits you inherit from your parents, and also the values and beliefs you inherit from them and the society around you.


Preference for one’s own race

In my experience pretty much all people of all races and cultures feel on some level that their race and culture is the best one, except if they’re infected with Marxist ideas of self-loathing. Even countries like Finland and Azerbaijan that aren’t the most powerful and well-known countries, and don’t have a great history of military dominance and art, do on some level consider them to be the best, even if they envy the bigger countries at times. This sort of racial supremacy ideology is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes though, these supremacist ideas go too far, and people of one race try to scientifically prove they’re unquestionably superior to another. There are some White Supremacists, Black Supremacists, Jewish Supremacists and so on. However, I do not consider this sort of ideology to be a big threat in this day and age, except when it comes to Jewish Supremacists. Moreover, often the media uses the negative label “White Supremacist” to silence White people who simply wish to preserve their race. Yet I’m sure there have been, and still are, some actual White Supremacists in the world.

A greater threat today are far left race denialists, who go so far as to wish to eradicare biological and cultural differences in people, since they perceive these differences create conflict. I do agree with them to the extent that many types of differences between people (men and women, different races or religions) do often create conflict , but it is not always a negative conflict, but a constructive one. The conflict that the Monoethnic Globalists wage is far greater and more harmful than any naturally occurring one.


Purpose of race

I’ve wondered for a long time why humanity is divided into several races. What is the origin and purpose of race? I still today do not know, but I can only say that race must have a purpose. If you believe in evolution, then you would have to say that the races are different because they have evolved in this way. If you believe that God created humanity, then God must have created different races for a purpose. If you believe that Ancient Alien Space Brothers created different races, they must have made them different for a reason. I don’t think that racial difference is merely an arbitrary or accidental one.

However, I’m wary of anyone claiming to make any universal value statements over race, i.e. saying one is inherently superior to another. I do think that races have differences, and people of one race might be superior to others in general in certain tasks, such as Europeans and East-Asians being better at science and engineering than Africans. However, I do not think Africans are inherently denied abilities in such fields based on their race, but generally speaking Black African cultures are not scientifically minded.

I see each race as being a representation of a different aesthetic or spiritual world view. In such matters it is only natural to have preference for one over another. Some people like rock music, others like classical or rap music. Some people like ice hockey, others like basketball, and some people don’t care about sports at all. It does not mean if you hate one if you prefer the other. I’ve spent a few years in Asia, and I’m a Westerner, so I prefer Asian and Western culture to Middle-Eastern or African culture. It doesn’t mean I hate them. But no, it means I’m a racist so you should ignore all I say.

Also saying that there is an Asian, European or African race is a very rough generalization. There are racial, and biological, differences between Finns and English, and Chinese and Japanese, although they’re not as obvios as the differences between the larger groups.



Racial mixing is fairly controversial topic. The far left is all for it, and the far right is against it. I think both views are extremist, and can be harmful if they go too far.

Some right-wingers would ban inter-racial marriages altogether in order to preserve their race. I’m all for preserving one’s race, but if you are going to legislate racial relations, you should first be able to distinguish what exactly constitutes as a race. Some Nordicists say that only people with blond hair and blue eyes are proper Whites, and others are mongrels. I have brown eyes and hair, so I guess couldn’t intermarry with them. A more common view is that anyone who just looks White is White. I once met a guy from Alabama who looked White, but he said he was 1/8 Native American or so, and he would be legally allowed to open a Casino in the States. Is he White, is he Native American, is he just a mongrel?

My solution would simply be not to over-think it. Moreover, I am not so concerned about this far right view of race, since modern leftists or Marxists are in control of the world today.

They wish to promote inter-racial marriages in order to create a colourless mass. In recent years even here in Finland I’ve begun to notice all sorts of ads that depict non-White people in supermarkets and products. Even some diaper packages had pictures of Black babies on them. I don’t think this is harmless, but a way of manipulating the people to accept this “racial diversity” in order to bring about racial homogeneity globally. Marxists want to gradually erode individuality; racial, social, cultural and intellectual. I find this push for racial mixing repulsive.

However, I am not against people of different races starting families together. If I was I’d be very hypocritical and schizophrenic since my girlfriend is Asian, and I’m White. We’ll probably get married some day and have half-breed children. I am against the global agenda to manipulate people to breed outside of their race though. I’ve even heard some stories of White women feeling like they’re obliged to marry someone of a different race, because of the alleged racism inherent in our race. I find it disgusting that people have been coaxed to be racist against themselves.

For all of my Finnish friends who have a wife or a girlfriend, the girl is Finnish. I think this is usual far all people that they prefer to marry someone of their own race and culture. This is the natural way of things. Yet I don’t think it is unnatural to marry outside of your race, although it is unusual. It wouldn’t suit most people, and the globalist agenda that pushes inter-racial marriage will only bring needless confusion. Me and my girlfriend though, are unusual representatives of our cultures, and for us this seems to work. I don’t think this makes us and better or worse than others, merely different.



In conclusion, all I can say about race is that it exists for a reason, even if I do not know what it is. We should preserve all races from the schemes of the Marxist globalists, but not be too obsessed about “racial purity” either. In one sense the leftists are right that all races are part of the one race which is human race, since all races are able to interbreed with each other. We are of the same species. The offspring of two different races can create fertile offspring, i.e. they are not like mules, the descendants of horses and donkeys. Yet just because we can do something does not mean we should do it willy-nilly either.


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