When I was younger, let’s say 20 years ago, the meaning of the word “racism” was something like this:

Racism meant using racial differences as an excuse for torture and exploitation. Nowadays the media represents racism as something like this:

Three white men together. No black representation. So racist, oh noes! (And I think Steve Guttenberg is a Jew.)

Notice the difference in the change in the meaning of the word? The old form of racism is wrong, because torture and exploitation are wrong. Race in that case is a superfluous excuse for these immoral acts. The pre-disposition of the aggressor in torture, for example, in regard to other races does not matter as much as the fact that he is committing a criminal act. Granted that racial differences probably are a greater motivation for crime than the victim using the wrong type of perfume, but having a thought or an emotion cannot be a crime, unless you prefer to live in a totalitarian police state.

Prosecuting someone for Thought Crimes is commonly understood as a form of tyranny. However, in our day there is a concept such a Hate Crime. That is equally totalitarian. Feeling certain types of emotions should not be penalized. An emotion can act as a catalyst for a crime, but you cannot punish someone for simply experiencing an emotion unless they act on it. I hate Harry Potter, but I’ve never murdered anyone because of it. I suggest you arrest me regardless, since I am clearly guilty of Hate.

Nowadays racism is perceived as anything that is not overwhelmingly multi-cultural, such as white people doing stuff together with no black people around. Is that a crime for people to congregate together? To do stuff is immoral? Cultural Marxists have sucked the meaning out of the word “racism”. If an actually racist act occurs, it seems as irrelevant as the countless false alarms in main stream media in the past few years. Although, the term racism might be a Marxist invention to begin with, so maybe it’s better to ignore the concept anyways. When a crime occurs, calling it racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, will divert attention away from the crime itself. It’s like if a man in a green jacket stabs someone, and the media goes wild over how people who wear green jackets are evil and should be marginalized, instead of saying that stabbing people is wrong. Sure, the green jacket can be used in identifying the suspect, but the jacket itself holds no more significance.

The way the accusation of racism is used has rendered it fairly irrelevant. I hope people don’t fazed anymore if someone accuses them of racism.


P. S. I used a picture of a white slaver master beating his black slave as example, but I should point out that racism, or slavery, are not the trademark of white people alone. Anyone can do it if they put their hearts into it.


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