Big ISIS Terror Attack in Paris

There was a terror attack in Paris with at least 125 people dead allegedly perpetrated by ISIS. That pretty much says it all; US-Israel did it.

Finnish YLE news reports that French president Hollande claims an extremist Islamic terrorist organization perpetrated the attack. YLE writes (my translation): “According to President  François Hollande the Paris attacks were an act of war. He claims the attacks were planned and organized from abroad in collusion with parties within France.” Later YLE states that ISIS has published an announcement that says they were behind the attack. BBC also states that Hollande blames ISIS for the attack.

This is fairly reminiscent of 9/11 that the authorities know so early on who perpetrated the attack, and Hollande also knew very early on that the Germanwings plane that allegedly crashed into a mountain last March was crushed into small pieces. Yet I’ve learned to reign in my nasty conspiracy theorist impulses since those incidents and trust what the authorities say. They say ISIS did, so it must be true.

ISIS is, of course, a US-lead coalition, as was admitted by some guy on CNN last month. The war ISIS is waging benefits Israel, and curiously this alleged Islamic extremist organization has not attacked Israel, but mainly attacks countries that are not allied with the United States. Plenty of people have pointed out how ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, how they always seem to have Toyotas, and all that stuff. So I’m inclined to believe president Hollande when he says the attacks were planned and organized from abroad in collusion with parties within France.

The attack was fairly elaborate. There were apparently attacks in six different locations. This suggests it took some professional planning, and was not simply done by rag-tag refugees who got drunk of religious fervor. This is not to say that some of the so-called refugees couldn’t be professional soldiers, but I doubt they would have all of the resources for pulling an operation like this without backing from a government.

Some might say it is insensitive of me to go into conspiracy theories on this attack while all the bodies may not be yet cold. Quite frankly I don’t care how people feel. This was a mass murder, a terrible crime, and if we’re trying to find out what happened, we have to look into it rationally from day one. Moreover, so many terror attacks and false flags, other acts of violence have occurred since 9/11, I don’t get it how somebody can feel emotionally shocked when something like this happens, except of course if someone you know was killed in the attack. Stuff like this happens every week. Acting like a hysterical woman won’t prevent future attacks.

I reiterate; if ISIS did the attack, as Hollande seems to be saying, it means US and/or Israel did it.


P. S.

I just saw the most fucked up thing on Facebook. There’s a new app you can use to mark if you were safe after the Paris terror attack. Sure, on one level I can admit it is handy, but on another it represents quiet acquiescence to the ever-present terrorism. It’s like “it’s raining. It sucks but I just have to use my umbrella.” “The terrorists blew up another building. It sucks, but I’m glad I have this Facebook app.”

I wonder if they’ve used this app before, or if it was devised specifically for this terror attack?

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