Flat Earth Revisited

Recently the flat earth model of the earth has resurfaced in the alternative and conspiracy research community. Some folks claim the flat earth movement is completely made up of co-intelpro agents with the purpose of discrediting conspiracy theorists, the alt-right and other people searching for truth and sanity. To a degree I think this is true. Several flat earth proponents do seem dubious, and not very credible. Some though I find credible at least in the sense that they do believe in the flat earth model, and are not complete idiots. This doesn’t, however, prove the earth is flat, but at least there seems to be some evidence for it.

A week ago or so Stefan Molyneux had debate with a flat earth proponent, which seems to have gone viral. At least for me, Youtube was always offering the video until I decided to watch it. My regular readers probably know I don’t have much respect for Molyneux. Well, I think he’s a disingenuous prick, but he did alright in this debate in my opinion. Maybe I’d go as far as to say that he even won the debate. However, the opponent he had wasn’t exactly the foremost expert on the topic, and Molyneux isn’t the expert on the spherical earth model either, so this debate only proved people have different opinions on the shape of the earth.

One interesting point the flat earth proponent brought up was a letter written by an industrial valve expert that the International Space Station (ISS) cannot exist, because the air cylinder technology and other stuff it would have to use is miraculous. The flat earther was going to read a quote by the expert, but Molyneux shut him up. Fortunately I managed find a video by Mark Sargent where the letter is read out loud. It’s very technical, so I cannot verify what the alleged expert is saying is true, but it sounds credible at least. If the ISS is fake, it doesn’t prove the earth is flat, but it is one more note in the ever-increasing dossier pointing out that what NASA has been saying about outer space and the space program is false.

In the debate the flat earther saying something like he doesn’t believe in things he cannot verify by himself. I think this is a very reasonable position. Much of our physics and cosmology today is based in abstract mathematics and not in empirical facts. Molyneux rightly countered this by asking if he’s been to the Antarctic to see that the Antarctic is actually a ring around the flat, circular earth, since flat earther’s claim it’s not this continent down south, but a ring around the world. The flat earther, of course, hasn’t been there to verify this himself, since the governments don’t let people go there. In this respect I agree with Molyneux that it is somewhat irrational to believe in the flat earth, if they haven’t verified it themselves.

I’ve heard from several sources that the Antarctic is heavily guarded, and they don’t let people there. I do think this is significant, and they’re covering something up. However, it does not necessarily suggest the earth is flat. There could be secret military bases in the Antarctic, entrances to the hollow earth, a dinosaur park or whatever they don’t want us to see. One possibility is that exploring the Antarctic would prove the earth is flat, however, I need someone to prove this is the case before I’m willing to believe it.

Molyneux and the flat earther also discussed the religious aspect of the flat earth vs globular earth, or more specifically the geocentric and heliocentric models. The geocentric model claims the sun revolves around the earth, and the heliocentric is vice versa. Underlying assumptions often associated with these models is that geocentrists believe God, or something similar, made the earth specifically for people to live in, whereas heliocentrists believe that earth is just another planet among billions of others, and not that special. Whatever the physical, ontological fact about the models are, whether the earth revolves around the sun, or vice versa, is, I would say that theologically the geocentric model is more plausible. Human beings are very unique in all of cosmos. We are clearly more complex in many ways compared to all other known animals. And despite there allegedly being billions and trillions of stars and planets, earth is the only one with life on it. Sure, there could be life out there somewhere, but so far we haven’t seen any evidence of it. Based on the data available currently, outer space seems utterly devoid of life.

Like I said earlier, there are many dubious characters in the flat earth movement, and others seem more confused, like the guy debating Molyneux, I think there are exceptions. In the last few months I’ve seen several videos by Eric Dubay, and I must say, I enjoy listening to him. He seems intelligent, honest and genuine. This could mean two things; he’s a very good conman, or he is onto something. Last night I watched his video 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball, and found it compelling. But then again, I’m not physics major, and many of the proofs he used were somewhat technical. Maybe he is simply making arguments that sound sophisticated to the unintiated and ignorant like me. So I hope more people would watch the video, and either debunk his claims if they are incorrect, or verify them if they are true.

I for one am happy to see the flat earth debate reopened. I have not jumped that bandwagon as of yet, and I don’t see myself doing so until someone offers very drastic proofs for the flat earth, such as going to the Antarctic, and demonstrates it is a ring of ice. It is however becoming more and more apparent that much of what we’re told about the make-up of the earth and the cosmos is not all there is. Whatever the truth about the shape of the earth is, debating about it is a good thing. No science is ever settled. The truth fears no investigation, and other clichés are applicable here.



The Flat Earth Conspiracy Debate! Yes, Really: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsOz_J6tJVU

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6 thoughts on “Flat Earth Revisited”

  1. Nice article. The point where the whole “Flat Earth debate” started to really grab ahold of me, was when I started really looking deeply into the question of “curvature”. Sure, it’s interesting to ponder questions like how could the ISS be fake, or what’s really going on in Antarctica etc., but the issue of whether we are truly living on a sphere, or a plane, really just boils down to the question of whether or not we can actually measure any curvature. I was quite surprised to learn how simple the formula for calculating curvature actually is, and how many scores of places and experiments have now been done showing ZERO curvature where it should be quite significant. This is where it starts to get really intense, and you can’t just dismiss it away as being too “ridiculous of a conspiracy theory” etc. I mean, if there’s no curve, then there’s no curve! What are you going to do, argue with your own eyes, and your own critical thinking…???

    1. I posted something on social media that said “you can sleep when you start to read about flat earth” and I was joking with my cousin and said, “do you think I’m looney because of that post”? And he said “well have you ever been on a plane? You can see the curvature!”

  2. I have been on a plane, and I didn’t see the curvature that I remember. It’s only been two times in my life I have been on an airplane. Interesting you say the same.

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