Burning down the Neo-Nazi Strawman

Today is Finland’s independence day, so I’ll try to force this topic to somehow correspond with that fact, since Finland was allied with Germany during the Second World War.

Whenever someone questions the Holocaust, says something positive about the Nazis or shows any interest in race other than saying “there’s only one race, the human race” or demonizes white people, they are labelled Nazi, racist, Stormfag or something similar. As if that somehow invalidates what the person was saying.

It’s an argument based solely on emotion and the pre-programmed image of a Neo-Nazi no-one wants to associate with. The program triggers an image of a person such as these:

Of course nobody wants to be regarded as being similar to these guys or sympathizing with them. Nor do they want to be seen as someone who condones the murder of six million innocent Jews. Fortunately then, we have facts that point out that the Holocaust was mostly a hoax, and the real Nazis, you know the Germans in the 30s and 40s, wouldn’t have liked the nutcases pictured above either.

What kind of a person is a modern Nazi sympathizer then? Well, take me for instance. If you saw me and talked to me, you’d see something like this instead of a skinhead Neo-Nazi:

It’s not my actual image, nor do I play a guitar, but I would say this is more the feel I give to people than somebody who looks like they wanna bash your face in.

No, I’m not making the argument that the hippies would have actually loved the Nazis, or anything like that. I’m just saying I’m a regular, peace-loving guy, and I’d say most people who have begun to sympathize with the actual, historical Nazis are. While I am certainly not saying that I think everything about the Nazis was good and perfect, but looking at the world today, and comparing it with what the Nazis did, if I am being intellectually honest, I cannot fathom how the world could be any worse than it is now had the Nazis won World War II. Let’s look at some of their beliefs and exploits.

First of all, the Nazis managed to turn Germany from an extremely impoverished state to a prosperous one in just ten years or so. The Nazi government actually seemed to care about the people. Nowadays governments seem hell-bent on making the people impoverished. The Nazis were against sexual deviancy and perversion, whereas in 2015 the West celebrates transgenderism and deviancy. They were of course against the World Jewry and its control over economics, but the Nazis did not irrationally try to exterminate the Jews. Nazis merely wanted them out of Germany. They were against Freemasonry and the Clique of Internationalists. They were against both communism and capitalism. The Nazis wanted to see their country prosper and people be happy.

Maybe it’s just me, but I agree with all of these points. I’m not saying their methods were always correct, or effective, but the National Socialist philosophy seems certainly worth studying. However, it should be noted the Nazis failed, so no doubt they committed severe mistakes, and they should not be imitated uncritically.

If I’m a person who sympathizes with the Nazis, what kinds of values does it mean I hold? First of all, it means I value truth and scientific fact over peoples’ emotions and consensus based on repetition. I believe that people should be allowed to discuss historical facts like reasonable adults, instead of the government threatening people and imprisoning them for holding politically incorrect ideas. Questioning the Holocaust is still illegal in several European countries. I believe in some degree of decency, and oppose the celebration of the deviancy rampant in today’s society. I believe that society should exist for the benefit of the people of said society, instead of being exploited for profit as in capitalism, or all of their thoughts and actions being controlled as in communism.

One thing usually associated with the Nazis are their ideas on race. Quite frankly I don’t know enough of the actual Nazi ideas on the topic. I know plenty of accusations on how racist they were, but I do not know to what extent they were true or false. My own ideas on race is that race does exist, and we should be able to discuss race, and racial differences. Both the good and the bad. Too often the mere mention of race is regarded as something negative, and you’re being hateful for doing so. Is it hateful to point out that German shepherds are larger than Chihuahuas?

I’ve seen people on the internet, who are usually rational and intelligent, degenerate into calling others Stormfags and using other insults simply for suggesting the fact that the rapists in the Rotherham scandal in Britain might have something to do with race. The offenders were Pakistani, and supposedly they are into inbreeding with their cousins. Considering this possibility for their criminality should not be out of the question.

I think that is the difference between a communist and a Nazi. The communist will do anything to stand within the politically correct zone, whereas as the Nazi dares venture into unknown territory.

Let’s top this off with a reference to the infamous interview from Britain of some guy protesting against the Islamization of Britain and mumbling incoherently about Muslamic law, and Muslamic rape gangs or Muslamic Ray Guns. The video has spawned some internet memes and stuff. The guy in the video has usually been dismissed as an idiot and laughed at. However, while I think the guy is a dumb thug, he’s also right. He talks about how Muslims are trying to introduce Sharia law into Europe, he mentions how there are Islamic rape gangs in Britain (like the one in Rotherham), and he’s concerned about it.

While all the liberal intellectuals and internet geeks are laughing at him for not being able to express himself verbally, the guy is actually trying to do something to protect British girls from rape. So maybe it’s better to stop worrying how other people see you, and do what is right. I might not want people to associate me being someone like him, but he’s still a better champion for Europe than all of the politically correct people put together who only care about their image.

That shit is for teenage girls, and pop-idols who make money off of teenage girls. Men are not afraid of being called Nazi, racist or any of that. They pursue truth and justice independently regardless of social pressures.


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