Chemtrails, Blade Runner and Fallen Angels

In recent times I’ve heard some people of the nationalist or alt-right persuasion dismiss the issue of Chemtrails as something ridiculous. They’re decent people whose political views I for the most part agree with, but not on their choice to ignore issue that do not fit into that political view.

I can understand that some people feel put off by the more esoteric side of conspiracy theories, and they don’t see the point in dwelling over whether the latest terrorist attack was a false flag or not. They either very distant or minor details that have little practical baring on one’s life. Chemtrails, however, are very physical and easily perceived phenomenon. I’ve seen aeroplanes emit Chemtrails dozens of times over the years. I’ve seen them in various countries, including at least Finland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. I’ve read reports and seen videos of Chemtrails appearing many other countries as well. They are a global phenomenon you can perceive with your very eyes if you pay attention. It is not an issue of belief, emotion, or something nebulous like debating whether “it’s” the Illuminati or the Jesuits.

I’ve seen planes emit contrails, the white chemical trails that disappear after a minute or so. I’ve seen planes spray Chemtrails that linger in the air for a long time and eventually form clouds. This is a straight forward matter. If you don’t believe me, start paying attention when you go outside. You might not see them everyday, but you will see them eventually unless you happen to live in an area where no Chemtrails are sprayed. If such a place exists.

One comment I read recently about Chemtrails was someone disputing the existence of Chemtrails because the idea that the elites would be poisoning the earth like this, since they live on this planet too. First of all that is a huge leap of faith to say that Chemtrails are a plot to poison people. The only fact about Chemtrails I know is they exist, and would seem to be some sort of Chemicals. I do not for what purpose they are sprayed or how they affect things.

Secondly, the comment of this “Chemtrail skeptic” is completely non-sensical. It pre-supposes some sort of universal hive mind of humanity where everybody thinks the same as the guy making the assumption, and moreover the idea that people would never do something that will eventually bring them their doom is demonstratively wrong. Just look at all the Feminists who want Muslim immigrants to invade their countries and rape them. Just look at the Bug Chasers in San Francisco who purposefully want to get AIDS. Yes, they exist, and I am referring the disease, HIV, and not making a South Park-related joke about Jared wanting to give people aides.

That part of this post was cold, hard fact, but this is where the wild speculation sets in.

I just finished re-watching the scifi classic Blade Runner. The movie starts with a shot of a huge, futuristic ziggurat-like building with a vehicle flying towards it. It immediately reminded me of what Erich von Däniken, the Ancient Alien theorist, said about ziggurats in the ancient Mesopotamia. He theorized that they were airports for the flying vessels of the aliens.

I am however very skeptical of the whole Ancient Aliens narrative, but there is plenty of evidence of pre-historical societies with all sorts of advanced technologies. There are loads of ancient ruins around the world that defy the narrative of main stream archeology.

Blade Runner is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick by the name of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, but there are many differences between the book and the movie. While the novel is pessimistic and post-apocalyptic, the movie is more dark, literally, and more transhumanistic. The visuals follow this dark, cyberpunk, machinic society that is disconnected from nature. The Borg from Star Trek, and H. R. Giger’s art, who is most famous for designing the alien for the movie Alien, present a similar world. The future in the Terminator-movies and the Matrix isn’t that different either. While I do find this dark, cybernetic world aesthetically pleasing, but certainly it is not world that any sane person would want to become reality, as it is basically a vision of hell.

The movie is transhumanistic in its depiction of the replicants, the artificial humans. The plot is that four, well six, but two of them died in the backstory, replicants escaped from the Off-world Colonies, i.e. colonies in outer space to earth. Replicants have only a four year life-span, and they’re seeking to prolong it. Their presence on earth is illegal (how can a person be illegal? trololol) and Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, has to hunt them down.

The suffering of the replicants is much more highlighted than the experiences of Deckard. When both of the female replicants are killed sad music is played in the background, and there’s slow motion. And the end battle against the boss, played by Rutger Hauer, is somewhat anti-climactic, since the replicant saves Deckard and simply dies of old age instead of being shot by the hero. I’m not saying this as a movie critic, but with the purpose of analyzing the message of the movie. In effect the movie wants you to sympathize with the inhuman antagonists. I don’t think it worked, though, back in the eighties when people saw the movie, since people back them were more rooted in reality than we are now. Nowadays though, I can imagine a Social Justice Warrior watching the movie and hating human for being so intolerant against these artificial machines.

The underlying message in Blade Runner is, as the Rolling Stones put it, to have sympathy for the devil. Transhumanism and Satanism, I believe, are one and the same. This might sound counter-intuitive to someone not versed in these topics as transhumanism is something scifi and futuristic, and Satanism, or devil-worship is something archaic and superstitious. Yet I believe that demons, or devils, or fallen angels are some sort of artificial intelligences. Either they were devised as concepts in the mind of God, but he chose not to create them, or he created them but banished them to hell. The popular idea of hell is fire and brimstone, lakes of fire and horned demons, but I’m inclined to think it’s more like the artificial, dark world presented in the science fiction works I referred to earlier. This does not mean the artists who make these depictions are necessarily “in the know” or work for the Illuminati, but rather they have inadvertently picked up the inspiration from the ether and depicted what they saw.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man “(Matthew 24:37) is a phrase that has been plaguing me for a long time. Some Christian Ufologists and conspiracy theorists have interpreted this to mean that in the days of Noah people had a lot of the technology that we have today as well as genetic manipulation, and other sciences that pervert nature. Then God brought the flood to get rid of it. It sounds like a plausible theory to me.

This relates to the ziggurat in Blade Runner, the building of the Tyrell corporation, that creates the replicants. Back in the days of Noah, these high priests used their perverse technologies to try to bring these demonic, artificial entities into our world. The ziggurat probably symbolizes this. The movie Blade Runner states that they are attempting to do it again.

This is where the Chemtrails come into the picture. The most reasonable sounding explanation for what the purpose of Chemtrails might be is that they are used for geoengineering. I think that is the case. Into what are they moulding the world into then? I’d say it’s the dark, artificial world we’ve seen in scifi movies. Perhaps Global Dimming is caused by Chemtrails, if it is an actual phenomenon and not another fraud like Global Warming.

I know there are a lot of different, seemingly unconnected topics I discussed here, and I may have jumped from one thread to another a bit too fast without explaining the whole process, but it’s getting late and I’m sleepy. The big picture though makes sense, when you put it all together.


I’ll add some references here to point out that I didn’t just pull the stuff I said here out of my ass:

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