Why we need the Alt-Right

I don’t consider myself Alt-Right nor right-wing, but I can’t help but found myself agreeing more and more with people who do label themselves as such. I am a nationalist although usually tend to avoid labeling myself a believer in any ism, and that too is a fairly new development in my life. Perhaps just this admission makes me right-wing according to some definitions, but I’m not here to discuss about semantics.

I have a fairly conspiratorial view of the world, and I’ve had suspicious mind ever since I was young. I also try to look at the world from a philosophical standpoint, and living in this day and age having philosophical inclinations goes hand in hand with becoming somewhat conspiratorial. Perhaps I’ll write about that in more detail at a later date, but let’s just note that the word philosopher means a lover of wisdom, and conspiracy theorists seek to uncover the truth from a web of lies. My kind has also been called the Truth Movement or Truthers. While I don’t really like those terms, I do resonate with the word truth. Striving for the truth is one of my highest values, as it should be for any conspiracy researchers, yet of course we don’t have monopoly on the truth, nor are we metaphysically more connected to it than regular people. Let’s just say conspiracy theorists tend to spend more time in pursuit of the truth than Joe Average.

Alt-Right’s primary concern seems to be self-preservation and determination. They are more like warriors and builders who actively work toward practical change for the better in the real world, contrasted with conspiracy researchers who tend to be more passive and scholarly.

Some years ago I heard people like David Icke and Max Igan say that we, the people of the earth, need to unite in order to defeat the New World Order. I agreed that this is what we need to do, but I was quite skeptical how this vague notion of a somewhat abstract enemy could unite people who mostly know each other only through the internet. To this day, I don’t think that conspiracy research has been a properly unifying force, and in many cases it has done the opposite. Some people fight tooth and nail over whether one single incident was a false flag or a hoax, while in fact they cannot know the full truth by merely looking at videos and reading articles on their computers. The rise of nationalism though, or the Alt-Right, in recent years looks like a force that managed to unify people in the real world, and it seems to me that it is offering a proper challenge for the New World Order. Race, religion and culture are a better unifying force than abstract intellectual principles. This is why I admire the Alt-Right.

However, I do see some potential pitfalls the Alt-Right may fall victim to. While I like the way they are taking an active role in creating the kind of world they want to see, I sometimes also see right-wingers choosing to see the world the way they prefer than how it actually is. In other words, they don’t care about the facts as much as proper conspiracy researchers do. I’ll illustrate this with examples to prove that I’m not making it up.

In Daily Shoah episode 59 (around 2h 41min) the guys (I’m not sure which voice belongs to whom) are talking about false flags, and how they can understand how anarcho-capitalists might want to say that mass shootings and terrorist attacks are false flags, because it fits their narrative, but it does not the narrative of white nationalists. From the conspiratorial standpoint the question is what is the truth, not what fits my narrative, but for Alt-Right it seems to be what fits their narrative. However, I’m not saying the Daily Shoah’s approach is necessarily wrong though. Take the Paris Friday the 13th terrorist attack for example. I’m personally not convinced it was perpetrated by Muslims, and I am more inclined to believe it was a false flag, but I don’t know all of the facts. It might have been either way. Even if that particular attack was not perpetrated by Islamists, it still is an undeniable fact that the Muslim invaders have committed other heinous crimes in Europe, so I don’t see much sense in going out of my way trying to prove that Muslims were innocent of that one attack, while many other cases do exist.

Another example is from the National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast – Become Who We Are (around 56min), an Alt-Right meeting, when Richard Spencer says that “data, empiricism, the truth. These things are really overrated.” He’s referring to the fact that its easier to influence people with music and art than showing them facts and statistics. I hate to admit it, but he’s right.

These are just two examples of how the Alt-Right does not seem to care about the truth as much as conspiracy researchers, but I’ve gotten a similar impression from other videos and articles. I also understand their viewpoint. They look at the world like a soldier whose task is to win the war. You promote the story that helps you win the war, whether its true or not, and hide the facts that hinder you. It makes sense, to a degree.

However, the potential downfall is that you have to be able to distinguish the truth from the narratives you find convenient lest you fall victim to them yourself. Let’s take 9/11 for example. While the Alt-Right did not exist back then in the same sense it does now, the common right-wing reaction to the terrorist attacks is summed up in the movie American Sniper; America was attacked, patriotic soldiers go die and kill the bad guys for what they did. I can agree with the sentiment, but the unfortunate fact is that it is questionable whether Afghanistan or Al-Qaida had anything to do with 9/11, Iraq certainly had nothing to do with it, and even if Al-Qaida was involved the American patriots should have recalled that it was an American creation from the 80s. Moreover, the real culprits of this attack were in the US government and Mossad. It is in situations like these you need a proper conspiracy researcher to point out the facts so you don’t end up working for your enemy, i.e. Israel.

Alt-Right people tend to see their enemies in these three categories; Muslims, Jews and Cultural Marxists. Some identify only two of them as enemies, while others identify them all as such. While any conspiracy nut understands its not that simple. There are other, hard to define organizations at play. Yet I do like the Alt-Right approach to fighting the enemy they can see, instead of passively theorizing in front their computers on the nature of the enemy, the Alt-Right should be reminded what Sun-Tzu said about knowing the enemy.

Like I said earlier, the Alt-Right is focused on winning the war, while conspiracy theorists’ goals are often not so well-defined. This means the Alt-Right people tend to focus on immediate issues that either present a new threat to them, or things that are opportunities to help their cause. Conspiracy theorists certainly sometimes do that, but often they, like myself, discuss issues that have very little foreseeable practical application, such as the Flat Earth debate, moon landing hoax, shapeshifting reptilians, UFOS, spiritual matters and so on. I agree with the Alt-Right in the sense that the main focus should be on practical issues, yet unless we know the truth about a certain issue, we cannot know beforehand whether it will be useful or not. My comment on this matter is that I do understand why many people see these things as a waste of time, and I don’t begrudge them for it, but I do see potential value in exploring the unknown and exposing decades old conspiracies.

In conclusion, both the Alt-Right and conspiracy research community are on the same side. I hope we can find middleground, co-operate and all that. Yadda yadda.



Daily Shoah episode 59: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBfmpgepROU

National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast – Become Who We Are: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/11/RIR-151102.php




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