Are Jews genetically different?

It being Christmas Eve and all, it’s natural to discuss everybody’s favourite topic, the Jews. It’s an old source of controversy whether Jews are a race or a religion, but just by looking at what they believe they are a race. Another point of contention is, since they are a race, are they somehow significantly different to us? I’ll first address the issue of them being a race, and the other, more difficult question.

Jews consider anyone born of a Jewish mother to be a Jew. This by itself suggest some sort of ancient understanding of hereditary genetics, and that Jews see themselves as a race. Christians, Muslims and Buddhists don’t think that one is born into the faith, but it based on a decision made by the individual, although in practice they usually do raise their children to adopt their religion.

Modern Israel too has been criticized for for being a racist “apartheid” state.  They wish to keep their country Jewish, and it does not merely mean that they want people who live in Israel to convert, but they want their citizens to be racially Jewish. Even the black Jews from Ethiopia, the Falashas, are not considered proper Jews in Israel despite Ethiopians being Semites. Jews definitely seem to think of themselves as a race.

Many scientific studies have been conducted on the genetics of Jews. Their outcomes are contradictory at times and it appears that no-one has been able to pinpoint what the Jewish race actually is, but the overall consensus with these studies seems to be that Jews are a race. There’s a pretty long article on Wikipedia about it, and as it is Wikipedia it should be treated with a grain of salt, but at least it cites plenty of scientific studies. I’ll highlight a few interesting details in the article.


The Wikipedia Article

One common conception is that Askernazi and Sephardic Jews are very different from each other, or that Sephardic are the real Jews and Ashkenazi are somehow racially diluted. The Wikipedia article however refutes that by quoting Nicholas Wade:  “‘Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews have roughly 30 percent European ancestry, with most of the rest from the Middle East.’ He further noticed that ‘The two communities seem very similar to each other genetically, which is unexpected because they have been separated for so long.'” Despite Ashkenazis having been in Europe for centuries, if not Millennia, they are still racially similar to the Middle-Eastern Sephardics.

Another study suggests that Jews and Palestinians are closely related: “In a study of Israeli and Palestinian Muslim Arabs, more than 70% of the Jewish men and 82% of the Arab men whose DNA was studied, had inherited their Y chromosomes from the same paternal ancestors, who lived in the region within the last few thousand years.” However, a bit later it said: “In relation to the region of the Fertile Crescent, the same study noted; ‘In comparison with data available from other relevant populations in the region, Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Crescent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors.'” If I get this right, the original ancestors are closely related to Kurds, Turks and Armenians, who eventually mixed with the Palestinian Arabs? Possibly the Arabs lived in Palestine and the pre-Jews invaded, or the pre-Jews lived there and were invaded by the Arabs.

Map of the Fertile Crescent:

Later on the article offers some minor evidence that Jews are indeed mutants differing from regular people: “A study of haplotypes of the Y chromosome, published in 2000, addressed the paternal origins of Ashkenazi Jews. Hammer et al. that the Y chromosome of most Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews contained mutations that are also common among Middle Eastern peoples, but uncommon in the general European population. This suggested that the male ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews could be traced mostly to the Middle East.” Of course, the article does not elaborate what these mutations are and how they affect people, but I doubt it is anything significant.

Wikipedia refers to one study that seem suggest that Judaism being inherited through the mother is false:  “Studies of mitochondrial DNA of Jewish populations are more recent and are still debatable. However, it seems that there are no maternal lines common to all Jewish people.”

The article is also dismissive of the theory that Ashkenazis have descended from the Turkic-Khazars. I am suspicious of this theory as well.

Anyway, I just discussed a few details in the article I found relevant. I suggest you read the rest yourself if you are so inclined.


Other Sources

Two fairly recent competing theories on the Jewish race are the ones brought forward by Harry Oster and Eran Elhaik. Ostrer, who I think is not Jewish, simply seems to be saying that Jews are a race. Elhaik, however, who is a Jew, is pushing the Khazar-theory. Elhaik calls Ostrer and his supporters “liars” and “frauds”.

The problem with the Khazar-theory is that it is mostly promoted by Jews. It was invented by the Jewish Arthur Koestler, and nowadays the two of the people with a scientific background who promote it are Jews, Eran Elhaik and Shlomo Sand, the author of The Invention of the Jewish People.

There is however one fairly recent study by geneticist Martin Richards whose findings contradict Ostrer’s was discussed in Science. His study suggests Ashkenazis might have originated in Italy. The article discussing the study states:  “Jews have traditionally considered that the mother determines the ethnic identity of her children. If being Jewish is defined as genetically descending from the Israelites through the maternal line, then many Ashkenazi Jews fail the test, according to this data.” According this this study then, Sephardics and Ashkenazis aren’t of the same race, it seems. The study also offered more evidence to disprove the Khazar-theory.

So all that can be said is that the road discovering the truth about Jewish genetics is confusing and perilous.


Parasitic Jews

It has been argued here and there that Jews have a genetic disposition for subversions and parasitic behaviour. I certainly agree that Jews have achieved this negative stereotype by their actions, but I cannot say whether this is due to their culture, religion or race. I think it is possible that Jews have such a genetic quality, but I am skeptical of it. I think the subversive actions the Jews have perpetrated on the West are mostly due to their position as an outsider. They are similar to Gypsies that they are outside to the native European cultures and don’t share our values, and therefore do not respect our laws and customs, but I wouldn’t say that Gypsies have a genetic propensity for kleptomania. It is more a cultural thing.

However, I looked a bit into the notion of genetic inheritance from the mother. Men have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome, and women have two Xs. Men inherit one Y from their fathers, and one X from their mothers. Women inherit an X-chromosome from both. The UK NHS website explains that if a woman has a mutated X-chromosome it is unlikely to affect them, since the effect tends to be recessive. If one of the Xs is normal, the woman is normal. These women can, however, become carriers of a harmful mutation, and if their son was to inherit the mutated X-chromosomes he would be affected by it. Yet a boy would not inherit the harmful X-chromosome from his father since he gains Y from his father, but daughters of the man would inherit the X-chromosome and become carriers.

This suggests then the theoretical possibility that being Jewish is a mutation that passes from mother to son. I am of course not a geneticist, so I my interpretation could be wrong. Moreover, even if I’m right, this is still just a theoretical possibility. As far as I know this has not been proven to be a fact.



I’m still more inclined to think that the subversive behaviour exhibited by Jews by can be explained by other means, such as them simply being a cultural outsider with preference for their own people, much as the same as the Gypsies, or possibly the trauma caused by circumcision shortly after birth, or the persecution complex inherited in verbal tradition.

Moreover, if one was to argue that Jews are genetically predisposed for certain type of behaviour, I would say that white people, or particularly Anglo-Saxons or Germanic people are genetically predisposed to obey the Jews. How else do you explain the unquestioned support the Jews have gotten from Europeans and Americans over the years? The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail also referred to some researcher who had suggested that all Europeans noble families were of Judaic descent. I don’t have the book at hand now, so I cannot check who said it, but interesting idea, to say the least.

I want the Jews to be removed from power as much as everyone else, but it does no good simply repeating the same clichés. There is the question of how did the Jews attain the position they’re in? I think the answer lies in looking at us. What is wrong with men of European stock to allow this to happen?



I discovered that a man called Michael Bradley suggests that Jews have descended from neanderthals. I don’t know how valid his claims are, but it is at least evidence supporting those who say that Jews are genetically different from the rest of us.

He has at least written a book called The Iceman Inheritance, and here’s an interview with him:

John de Nugent has also written about this topic:



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