Maybe you shouldn’t take the Red Pill either

Everybody probably knows the famous scene from the movie The Matrix where Morpheus gives Neo the choice between the blue pill and the red pill. The blue pill puts him back into his fake, seemingly pleasant life, whereas the red pill makes him “stay in Wonderland”. This is supposed to mean Neo wakes up from the fake computer generated reality. But is that really so?

A bit before Neo takes the red pill, Morpheus utters a couple of interesting lines: “You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees. . . .because he’s expecting to wake up.” Another is: ” Let me tell you why you’re here. You know something. What you know, you can’t explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. Something’s wrong with the world. You don’t know what, but it’s there. Like a splinter in your mind. . . .driving you mad. lt is this feeling that has brought you to me.” Perhaps Morpheus isn’t a friendly guru there to help Neo through an arduous waking process, but to make sure Neo stays asleep. Morpheus means sleep after all. The red pill isn’t the right choice, since Neo’s still getting drugged. He still falls back asleep into a fake reality. The right choice would be to refuse both pills.

The blue pill represents descent into apathy and comfort. You accept you are a slave, but rejoice that your cage is at least gilded. Whereas the red pill gives you the illusion that you are awake and fighting against your enemy, whereas you’re probably still stuck in the matrix in one of the pods. They’re just using your aggressive energies to fuel their machines. In effect Neo is a guy who had potential to free himself from the matrix, but he was lured by the false prophet Morpheus into an illusory battle, although he really is just asleep in pod. Neo was a failure, not the Chosen One. The whole bit about him gaining super powers and being a threat to the matrix is a fantasy fed to him by the matrix to please his ego. To give him the sense of satisfaction that he is fighting for humanity, although he really is just a delusional prisoner like the rest.

Why is this important enough then for me to rant about over 15 years after the movie came out? Countless conspiracy theorists have used several scenes from the movie to illustrate their point, and recently the Alt-Right has adopted the term “red-pilling”. Although I’m not sure what exactly does it entail in detail, like the White Genocide, or the Jewish Question perhaps? The red pill, in my opinion, represents being told a part of the truth, but with important details left out. It is given to people who notice something is wrong and want to do something about it, however instead of figuring out all of the facts by themselves, they accept a ready-made scenario. This can be misleading.

I do think this is applicable especially to the Alt-Right. I think there are many decent people there and they are energized to fight for a good cause, but you have to be sure who your friends and enemies are first. And in this day and age it’s not such an easy to thing to figure out. Most certainly there are many stories and claims that are blatantly wrong when you delve into the realm of conspiracy theories as well. Shills, cointelpro and all that.

Don’t buy into any of their false narratives. Don’t follow any group-think or echo-chamber. Don’t take their drugs. Be sober and intellectually independent.


The Matrix (1999) – The Pill scene:


The Firmament

The Bible describes a firmament separating earth from the heavens. The firmament seems to be some sort of solid barrier or dome that is around or above the earth. This differs significantly from the modern scientific view according to which the earth is surrounded by the atmosphere with different gases, but nothing solid.

The notion of the firmament has risen in relevance mainly due to the Flat Earth debate that has emerged fairly recently. Although if the firmament actually exists, it does not necessarily imply the earth is flat. A round, bubble-like firmament could encase the earth as well a dome might encase of flat earth. Therefore I won’t be discussing the shape of the earth in this post.

I think I should point out I am not a flat earther, nor a round earther. I am a truth seeker, and I do find the current flat earth debate relevant as there are many questions as to the nature of our world. If you think it is dumb merely to entertain the possibility that the earth might be flat, please forever hold your speech.


The Firmament and the Stars

Let’s see what the Bible says about the firmament.

Genesis 1:
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
One interesting point is that according to the Bible there is supposed to be water above the firmament, i.e. in outer space. Is that why in science fiction shows like Star Trek and Star Wars they fly around in space ships and starships, and have a starfleet? Speaking of stars, what is the relation of the firmament to them?
Genesis 1:
14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,
18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.
The Bible says that the stars and the “two great lights”, presumably the sun and the moon, are in the firmament. The firmament is often depicted something like this (along with the flat earth):
There is one detail I do not agree with. The image shows the sun, the moon and the stars beneath the firmament, not inside it. This is my interpretation of the firmament with the sun, moon and the stars within it (and you can clearly recognize my superior artistic ability):


According to my understanding of the biblical description, what we call space (with the sun, moon and stars) is the firmament. The firmament is not behind them. Behind the firmament should be water. When we look up at the night sky and see stars and constellations we are seeing inside the firmament.


What is the Firmament made of?

The book of Job, which is supposedly the oldest book in the Bible describes the firmament as follows:

Job 37:18 Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?
Other translations of the Bible describe the firmament as ” a mirror of cast bronze” or a “cast metal mirror”. The Hebrew word used here is “raqiya” or “raqia”,  which is an “extended surface, (solid) expanse (as if beaten out”, according to Biblehub. Robert J. Schadewald describes the meaning of “raqia” as follows: “In ancient times, brass objects were either cast in the form required or beaten into shape on an anvil. A good craftsman could beat a lump of cast brass into a thin bowl.” Most of this biblical information is, by the way, from Rob Skiba’s brilliant flat earth research site Testing the
So the firmament that allegedly covers the heavens is a glass-like or metallic expanse. It is reflective like a mirror, or possibly transparent even. Do we have any evidence of such a thing? As far as I know, no-one has flown up there and said they’ve seen the firmament up there, but there is evidence of on the ground of mysterious glass-like debris.
Tektites “are gravel-size bodies composed of black, green, brown or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial, meteorite impacts.” It is, according to modern science, glass from the skies.
There is also mysterious glass in the Libyan desert. I’ve heard theories it’s there, because of a nuclear detonation in the ancient world. It’s possible, or it could be from the firmament. I’m by far not the first person to make the suggestion that tektites or the Libyan glass are from the firmament, but I do find it compelling evidence. To be sure, however, we’d have to send a trustworthy explorer or probe up in the stratosphere to be sure whether there actually is glass in the sky or not. NASA or the space agencies are not a trustworthy source.
Although I’m not a Christian and not obliged to believe the Bible, I’ve began to notice in recent times that the Bible seems to be more accurate in describing reality than most of the so-called science in modern times. I do think it is possible that the firmament does exist. If it does not it could explain why NASA has faked their moon landings, and why it’s impossible, or at least even harder than thought before, to go into outer space.



Libyan desert glass:

Glass sky, Libyan Desert Glass, indeed this could be an answer !! :

Dutch men wear miniskirts, Finns patrol the streets, in response to migrants’ sex assaults

The nationalist group, the Soldiers of Odin, was formed already last year to protect Finns from migrants, but it has become known since the new year’s attacks in Cologne, Germany, and also Helsinki in Finland. I just discovered that Dutch men aren’t just sitting on their asses either as Muslims are harassing their women; they’re wearing miniskirts in support of… something. Maybe they want to get victimized too?

Dutch men.

Finnish men.

Dutch men.

Finnish men.


I’ve never been so proud to be a Finn before. The minor hang-up I have with the Soldiers of Odin is that Odin is not a Finnish deity, but a Norse one. However, I like Asatru and that stuff so I don’t mind.

As far as I know the Soldiers of Odin patrol the streets and try to keep the peace. They’re not there to attack the migrants or harass them. They want to protect people from the migrants. Sounds good. I maybe I’ll join them.

The Dutch men wearing miniskirts in public to show they care, or to show they’re pussies. Really, Netherlands? Really? What are they thinking? Are the men envious they’re not harassed too? Fucking disgusting.

Hyvä Suomi!



Fears grow over Finland’s far-right vigilante group ‘Soldiers of Odin’ as the country struggles to deal with huge influx of migrants:

Dutch men put on mini-skirts to support victims of sex attacks:

Common Filth Radio – Episode 72 (ANDROGYNOUS BLOB) :

Marco Polo did not go to China

Marco Polo, assuming he actually existed, went to Cathay during the 13th century. We are usually told that Cathay was the name that Europeans used to use for China. That appears to be false, however.  According to Marco Polo Cathay was the name of a kingdom in northern China, whereas Wikipedia claims he called the kingdom in southern China, Manji (or Mangi). The belief that Cathay and China were two separate kingdoms was fairly common even back in the 17th century.

Wikipedia states that the word Cathay originates from Khitan. I find this assertion plausible enough. The Khitan were, according to main stream history, a nomadic people who used to live around the area of modern Mongolia and Manchuria. I am not sure if I agree.



Let’s take a look at an alternative view on history. A youtuber called newearth, who bases much of her videos on the New Chronology by Anatoly Fomenko, says that there used to be a huge empire ruled by survivors from Atlantis or Hyperborea (basically the Aryans) called in western Europe as Tartaria or the Tartar empire just a few centuries ago. Main stream history claims that Tartaria was basically a name for the geographical area in northern and central Asia inhabited by various nomadic people. According to newearth this is false. Tartaria was an empire inhabited by white Christian people. I know this sounds nonsensical to anyone who hears this information for the first time, therefore I suggest you look deeper into the matter yourself.

Newearth explains that Genghis Khan and the Mongol Golden Horde were part of this white Tartarian empire. They were not the ancestors of the Asiatic people we know today as Mongols. The meaning of the word Mongol or Mogol was different centuries ago. The words Tartar, Mongol, Scythian, and probably also Khitan refer to the same people, or maybe they are different groups of the same people, like Germans, Swedes, Danes and English are all members of the Germanic people.

I cannot say for a fact whether this view of history is correct, but I find it plausible, and I will continue this essay assuming it is.


Cathay and China

Let’s get back to Cathay and China. Newearth has provided a link to a file with images of various old European maps, which you can find below. I had a look at some of the maps and made a few observations.

First of all, most of the maps from the 16th century clearly mention Tartaria. Many of them depict Cathay (or Cathaio) and China as separate areas. Have a look of these maps.

Francois De Belleforest 1575 Abraham Ortelius 1572

Tartaria can be seen on the left, and Cathaio and China on the right.

There are a few maps that do not seem to differentiate between Cathay and China, or at least I didn’t see Cathaio on them, but clearly the old European name for China was China.

The Wikipedia article has a map by John Speed that even describes Cathay: “Cathaya, the chief Kingdome of the Great Cam”. Cathaya was an important kingdom in an empire, it woud seem.

John Speed Cathaya

The modern conception that Cathay is a quaint way of writing China is false. There’s an airline from Hong Kong, that I’ve flown several times, called Cathay Pacific. They should not use it. There is no connection, especially since Hong Kong is in the south. Beijing is closer to the old Cathay, so it would not be completely out of place for them to use the name.

In the turn of 16th and 17th century many Europeans believed that Cathay and China were separate nations. It was the Jesuits who managed to convince people they were not. Wikipedia mentions several Jesuits were working on this.



The Wikipedia article on Marco Polo says that he called southern China, Manji, Mangi or Manzi. Another article describes Manzi (蠻子) as being Chinese for “southern barbarian”. However, I’m gonna call bullshit on that.

First of all, I didn’t see any map depicting southern China as Manji. There is the thing that the maps I’ve been looking at were made 300-400 years after the death of Marco Polo, so it is possible that Manji was used during the 13th century, but not later. Yet the one map on the Wikipedia article on Polo that shows Mangi even further north than Cataio. China is called China, and Mangi is in the north next to Xanton, which is probably an old name for Changchun.


The area is modern Manchuria. There is one mention of Mangi I found in the old map collection. There could be more that I missed since the picture quality isn’t the best and there are lots of names, but one map by Gerard De Jode has this image.


I don’t see China or Cathay on the map, but Mangi is up in the north. Both references to Mangi that I’ve seen on maps say it was in the north, so I’m inclined to believe that’s where it was.

What is this Mangi/Manji then? I don’t know, but I have a few ideas. the first thing that came to my mind when I read the word was that the word for swastika  in Japanese is Manji (まんじ). The swastika is a symbol used by the Tartars and certainly by the Aryans. I cannot say whether there really is a connection, but I find it possible.

Mangi also seems to be in the area called Manchuria or Manchu. Mangi, Manchu. Sounds similar, doesn’t it? Whatever the origin of the word Manchuria, Mangi probably refers to the same thing.


Marco Polo

Before I finish, let’s take a look at Marco Polo again. He supposedly traveled to the court of Kublai Khan in Cathay. I see no particular reason to doubt that. However, I don’t think Cathay was China, and Kublai Khan wasn’t an ancestor of the modern Mongols. He was a white Christian Aryan Tartar.

Wikipedia mentions reasons why some people suspect he didn’t go to China: “he fails to mention the Great Wall of China, Chinese characters, chopsticks, or footbinding.” If he wasn’t in China, he naturally wouldn’t know about those things.

Wikipedia even states that Kublai Khan asked Polo to bring a letter to the pope and go get consecrated oil from Jerusalem. Apparently Polo did so. The concecrated oil is a Christian thing. If Kublai Khan was an Asian pagan, why would he be so interested in that? I can understand if he was curious, but sending someone to go all the way to Jerusalem for oil sounds a bit excessive.

When Marco Polo returned home to Venice, he was imprisoned for some reason. He dictated stories of his travels to another inmate, sort of like Hitler, and that became The Travels of Marco Polo.

This is conjecture, but I think the reason Polo was imprisoned is that there was some sort of cold or hot war between Europe/Vatican and the Tartars. He was colluding with the enemy, so he was punished.



I don’t think Marco Polo traveled to China, but to the Aryan kingdom of Cathay. This stuff doesn’t sound as far fetched as one might initially think, if you really start looking into history. Much of what were told about it is a lie. Of this I am sure, but the hard part is figuring out the truth.

My aim is not to promote any kind of racial supremacist agenda either, nor to take history away from the Chinese. Especially if the account of the Aryan Tartar empire is true, it would ultimately make Europeans look worse, since clearly some of our ancestors have played a part in genociding them and erasing their history.

One thing popped into my mind. Perhaps the words Cathay and Cathar are related to the same group.



I found another map with Mangi by Sebastian Munster from 1588. Mangi is separate from Cataio and China, in the north and next to Xanton.

Mangi Munster



I found a mention of a possible connection between Cathay and Cathar in a book called A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Arranged in Systematic Order: Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation , Discovery and Commerce, By Sea and Land, From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time from 1824 by Robert Kerr. It says the provinces of northern China were called “Cathay and Tehar Cathar, or Cathay, which produces tea” by Arabic merchants. So according to this book Tehar Cathar was the tea-producing section of Cathay.





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Old maps:

The Return of the King

We are all waiting for the return of the king. The idea has been plaguing me in the back of my mind for a while, but today as I was listening to the Red Ice interview of Mike Walker who wrote the play The Return of Odysseys it hit me. The play is unsurprisingly about the return of the Greek king-hero to his kingdom after a long journey.

The West has people of various classes fed up with the kakistocracy ruining the world. Ever since 9/11, the amount of conspiracy theorists, alternative researchers and historical revisionists have increased exponentially. They would basically be the scholar class. Then there are libertarians and anarcho-capitalists who have their own ideas of a better functioning society. They are the merchants. Recently the Alt-Right has gained a lot of traction. They would be the warriors (at least sounds like it based on their rhetoric). We have people of different classes and abilities who know things are wrong, and we want to fix it, but what we don’t have is leadership. We are waiting for the king to appear.

Nicholas de Vere, who claimed to be of the Aryan-Merovingian royal bloodline, said in his book The Dragon Legacy: “What few recognize, however, is that for centuries the perceived presentation of royalty and nobility has, to a large extent, been a fraud perpetuated by a dressed up merchant class elite who have no real entitlement to their positions. This farce, with its inherent tyranny and social abuse, has been endured through the ages, while the true bloodline families have been suppressed and supplanted by traders and brokers disguised in crowns and mitres.” While I do not know whether or not de Vere was actually a member of any true royal bloodline, I do find the statement plausible.

Egalitarianism and democracy are a lie that only lead to weakness and degeneracy. We understand that (at least some of us do). But for a few centuries we’ve gotten used to the idea of electing leaders, and we don’t have any true aristocracy, so the problem is the absence of leadership. Who will lead? The only solution I see is the return of the king, or kings, i.e. the Aryans.

All white people are not Aryans. The Nazis were looking for the Aryans, but they were not Aryans themselves. White nationalists or Alt-Righters larping are not Aryans. Only presumably the Aryans themselves and their enemies know who they were and why they disappeared.

We can only infer their identity based on stories and myths. They were the Aryans who came to ancient India. They were the Viracochas of South America. They built many of the ancient monuments around world that we today could not reproduce. There is actually plenty of physical evidence of this advanced global culture in the so-called pre-historic world for anyone willing to pay attention. But then they disappeared. Now we need them back.

There is the saying that when the student is ready, the master will appear. We are ready. However the return will happen is up to debate. Perhaps the Aryans are the so-called Nordics of Ufology and they’re gonna reveal themselves. Perhaps dormant Aryan genes in certain individuals will activate for them to take lead. Perhaps we collectively somehow form a natural hierarchy where certain individuals take lead. Christians would view the return as the Second Coming of Christ.

We need leadership, and not fake, controlled-opposition leadership. And I think we will receive it. The return of the king will be a spiritual and a practical process. I think Tolkien foresaw what was happening and what should happen.



Mike Walker – The Return of Odysseus:

The Electric Universe = The Mind of God?

In recent years the notion has arisen that the universe is electric and electricity is the controlling force in the universe opposed to commonly held theories on matter and gravity. Most famous of these is of course the Thunderbolts Project by David Talbot who has been mentioned many times in the alternative media. Recently also Robert Otey stated in his Red Ice interview that the universe is electric, although I think he disagreed with some cosmological ideas that the Thunderbolts Project has. Although I cannot say for a fact whether their theories on the electric universe are correct or, I will theorize on the spiritual implications of this if they are correct.


Telekinesis and Telepathy

When I was a child I was interested in all sorts of weird and science fictiony stuff like aliens, UFOs, telepathy and telekinesis. However, since the adults and scientists said all of those things are humbug I was inclined to believe them, since I was just a kid. What did I know? I did however sometimes theorize what if. What if the scientists are wrong? One idea I had when I was 12 was that perhaps telepathy and telekinesis could work on the basis of electromagnetism.

I knew already back then that scientists claim that the brain produces electric impulses and they transmit thoughts. I also knew that there are things such as electro-magnets. Therefore if our brains were capable of producing electricity and electricity was able to be used to move objects, perhaps we could somehow project the electricity in our brains onto other objects to move them telekinetically. However, if all matter is already electric, then we don’t even have to project the electricity in our brains, we just have to manipulate the electric fields of other objects with our brains. If the mind was capable of this sort of manipulation, then it would not be a stretch to suppose that telepathy was possible as well, since thoughts too are electric impulses or transmitted by them. Perhaps the Force in Star Wars is merely electricity.


Astrology and Remote Viewing

The electric universe could also provide a scientific basis on the belief in astrology. If all planets and celestial bodies are made of electricity, as are our thoughts, then it is conceivable that their movements could have some sort of ripple effect that affects our minds. I cannot comment on the specifics of how this works though. It is often cited that the full moon really does make people go crazy, as crimes and such increase during that time. As far as I know there is no scientific explanation for why this happens. The electric universe model could offer one.

If the physical world is actually an interconnected sea of electricity, then it might offer an explanation for Remote Viewing as well. If both thought and matter are merely different forms of electricity, then they could explain how remote viewers allegedly can project their minds thousands of kilometers away and see what is happening. According to conventional logic, the only way to see what is happening in another place is to walk, drive or fly there. Perhaps there isn’t such a big difference between moving your body and your mind after all.


Mind of God

I would say that the electronic universe model suggests that the world is a program in the mind of God, or a pantheon of gods, if you so prefer. If thought is electricity and the universe is electric, then we would all be thoughts of God, or a composite of a collection of several thoughts.

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, if we picture God as a computer hard drive with numerous different files and programs in it, our universe would be a program running on it; a server God is running for our sake. There could be many different servers like this one on the hard drive, or maybe there is just one.



Most of the things I’ve said here are hypothetical, of course, but I am convinced that the atheistic/materialistic sciences have already proven themselves as a false religion. Not everyone got the memo though. I am eager to see new scientific models that do not exclude the spiritual or the divine. The electric universe seems to me to be such a model, and this model is supposedly based on observation rather than mere theories, which is certainly a good thing.



The Electric Universe:

Robert Otey – Unscientific Cosmogony: Gravity, Quantum Physics & Einstein:

Was there a proto-Christian-Islamic religion?

Anatoly Fomenko is a highly controversial Russian mathematician whose ideas on history call pretty much everything into revision. According to my understanding he claims that fraudulent historians have invented one thousand years of history that modern history books present as fact, but they are fiction.

I heard about Fomenko some years ago, and was intrigued by the implications of his ideas, however I did not feel like I was ready to go down that rabbit hole. A week ago or so I heard Robert Otey mention Anatoly Fomenko in his Red Ice Creations interview, which prompted me to look into the Russian’s ideas in further detail. Through Otey’s Youtube channel I discovered another Youtube channel, newearth, run by a Russian woman (I believe). She seems to share Fomenko’s view of history.

I am a beginner when it comes to Fomenko’s theories on history, and I have not read any of his books yet, so I cannot say whether his ideas are complete fiction or not. However, it is an obvious fact to any keen observer that our perception of history is skewed at best, and often we have been fed lies on what has happened. For this reason alone, Fomenko’s ideas are at least worth looking into. However, in this post I will focus particularly on one video by newearth on religion. More particularly Christianity and Islam.

The video is part of newearth’s WHEN THE ATLANTIS AND HYPERBOREA SURVIVORS WAKE UP-series. Episode 8; “the survivors, 8 – the Stolen History of the Religions, religious history documentary”. The video claims that both Christianity and Islam, the cross and the crescent were part of the same religion, but it was split into two separate parts, and the followers on these religions have forgotten the connection. This depiction does not differ entirely from the common notion that they are Abrahamic religions, and ultimately worship the same God. However, conventional explanations say that first there was Judaism, then roughly 2000 years ago Christianity sprang from the Judaic tradition, and 1400 years ago Islam came to be. Newearth’s idea, I think, is that there was this original religion that truly did represent lofty, spiritual values and it was both Christian and Muslim, but then the connection was severed, and two bastardized versions of the original religion was born.

Assuming there is any truth to this, the implications are groundbreaking. First of all, mending the rift in Christianity would not mean uniting Catholics and Orthodox. In Islam it would not mean uniting the Sunni and Shia. It would mean re-uniting Christianity and Islam. The common view is that the (used to be) Christian West and the Islamic Middle-East are enemies now, as they used to be during the Crusades and Jihads. If this were actually a lie, and the conflict between the West and Islam would basically be one schizophrenic person fighting with himself by not realizing he is split in two.

Newearth’s video presents some evidence to back up her claims, such as old paintings of Ottoman (Turk) troops using both Christian crosses and Islamic crescents, and Russian czars having Arabic writing and excerpts from the Koran on their helmets. None of this is conclusive evidence, of course, but worth considering.

It should be noted how the conflict between Islam and the West has been artificially manufactured by Jewish and, let’s say, secret society interests in the West. Many of the Islamic terrorist groups have been propped up by Israel/the West. Islamic countries have been invaded and attacked by the Jews and Western secret societies. And it is because of these manufactured conflicts that Europe is being flooded with Muslims who commit all sorts of crimes. While I am very angry at some of the scum that has arrived in Europe, it should be noted that the real enemy are not these “rapefugees” or economic refugees. They are footsoldiers used by the enemy. They should not be ignored, and we should protect ourselves from them, but not lose sense of the bigger picture. Yet the solution to our problems might turn out to be more diplomatic in the end.

Myself I am not a Christian, and there has always been some part of Christianity that I’ve recognized as innately false, but in recent years I’ve grown more understanding of Christianity and people who subscribe to the religion. On the other hand, there is some aspect to Christianity that is truthful. The same could probably be said of Islam, although in the West we’ve mostly forced to come into contact with it’s false and negative aspects (and then there are those who see the negative aspects, but pretend they don’t exist). I can’t fault Muslims who look at the West and see it as a Godless wasteland, since that is true to a degree. Modern pagans scoff at Christianity as a fairly recent religion, an exotic invader to Europe. Perhaps that is a false assumption. At the core, pagan “pre-Christian” religions and the proto-Christian-Islamic religion may be more related than we think. Newearth too suggested in her video that all religions may come from the same source. Certainly evidence exists elsewhere that Christianity is older than we are usually told, such as the recently deceased Acharya S’s book The Christ Conspiracy.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough. This all very hypothetical of course, but the fact is many of our conflicts have been artificially manufactured, and much of our history is a lie. To uncover the truth we must venture into the unknown, and the fringe of the fringe.



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