The Faustian West

People of European stock, or the “White” people, do have enemies to be sure, and many of them would be happy to see the White Genocide become a reality, yet at the heart of the matter I would it is not really a White Genocide, but White Suicide. It’s us who are allowing it to happen, and we’ve been working on it for a long time.


Faustian Demon

There’s a psychological or spiritual malady in us that makes us resent ourselves for being infected by it, and also makes us want to look away from it and focus on something else, give us a distraction. Spengler called the West a “Faustian culture”, i.e. having made a deal with the devil in order to gain power. The Western man has lost contact with nature and replaced that with constant strive for technological progress. Spengler probably meant the Faustian pact to be allegorical, but I leaning toward the pact to more literal, even though the demon might be one of our own creation.

John Lash speaks of the same phenomena in “Not in His Image” where he bases his argument that extra-terrestrial Archons have infected our minds on ancient Gnostic literature. Paul Levy describes the phenomenon by the Native American term Wetiko. I do not know where this spiritual malady originated, whether it was brought by an evil invader, or we created it ourselves, but I certainly do agree it exists.

This malady makes us uncomfortable in silence, when we are alone with ourselves. We always have to have something to do. Work, movies, music, video games, projects to work for. Like Carl Jung put it: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” It is not only that we avoid looking into our demon-tainted soul, but doing so we allow the demon to use us to cause havoc.



Like I said earlier, we have many enemies: invading Islamist forces, Jewish control over the media, science and so on, manipulation by secret societies. However, I will argue that those enemies would not have attainted such influence over us had we not allowed them to do so.

For one, half of the Western people see no problem with invading Islamists, and to accuse Jews of doing something bad is anti-semitic hatred, and believing in secret societies is crazy conspiracy theory. They are willingly ignorant of these threats to their existence, because on one hand they have created the problem themselves and therefore don’t want to face their own mistake, and on the other, subconsciously they understand these threats spell their doom, and they welcome it.

The other half of the West (yes these are very rough generalizations) understand the threat we are facing, and are willing to fight it. However, they wish to externalize the threat, and talk about “Jewish tribal breeding strategies” and such, or Islamic barbarism, without taking into account how they themselves, or their ancestors have worked to build up these threats. It’s easy to blame the Jews or the Illuminati for this or that, but it’s difficult to admit where you have worked against your own self-interest. In effect, fighting against these threats gives us an excuse not to look at root cause of the problem, which is ourselves.

On one side the Western people welcome their own destruction since they subconsciously know they are being possessed by this demon, whereas the other side wants an external enemy to fight against so they don’t have to face the real enemy.


The West always shoots itself in the Foot

I’ve heard it mentioned many times that native Englishmen are a minority in London, and when I visited the Heathrow airport I noticed that the vast majority of employees are Indian or Pakistani. Also the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris had a lot of Africans working in it, although the ratio with native French people was more equal. Why is this the case then? I would say it is imperialism. Britain colonized India over a hundred years ago, and now Britain is overrun by Indians. France colonized parts of Africa, and now their country is overrun by Africans (both Black and Arabic ones). How does that work? I cannot say I describe the whole process, but I would say it has something to do with making these racially, culturally and religiously foreign nations part of their empires will naturally make it easier for people from those countries to migrate to Europe.

Let’s take the Rotherham scandal in England. Pakistani immigrants raped hundreds of British girls during a period of over ten years. The authorities knew about it, but didn’t do squat. While of course the Pakistani men bear a lot responsibility for these crimes, the root cause is that the British men did nothing to protect their girls. The main problem is not that the foxes eat your chickens, but that you allowed foxes to guard the henhouse. The Pakistanis wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the Brits making it possible. In fact, Pakistan wouldn’t probably even exist if it wasn’t for the British empire. The region was controlled by the Sikh empire from 1799-1849 until it was defeated by the British East India Trading Company in the Anglo-Sikh wars.

I see the White Man’s Burden-ideology at its core to be an excuse not to focus on the problems at home, and do something else somewhere else to distract one’s attention from the Faustian demon.

The modern state of Israel too would not exist if it wasn’t for the support of the British and Americans. Europeans have known for centuries that the Jews are troublemakers to say the least, yet they were allowed into this position of power. Israel could not wield the power over US foreign policy if Israel did not exist. I don’t think the Jews are the manipulative masterminds they are sometimes made out to be. They are devious and deceptive, but their lies need a willing audience to take effect.

Even the colonization of America by Europeans is, at least partially, due to the unwillingness to fix problems at home, and instead escape from them and ultimately bring the problems elsewhere. Without going into what happened in America between Europeans and the natives, the motive for colonizing the Americas was based on escapism. Many pioneers and colonists went to America escape the religious persecution in Europe. Instead of fixing problems at home, they escaped to America. I understand the sentiment myself. I’d like there to be a pure and pristine continent, or perhaps a planet in Alpha Centauri, where I could escape to start anew, but the problem would migrate with myself.

The post-World War times have plenty of examples of Westerners creating problems for themselves that they can fix later. Look at America setting up Saddam Hussein in Iraq only to declare war on him later. Same thing with the Taliban, or Gaddafi.

The New World Order is not a conspiracy, but an openly declared political agenda, as it has been announced by countless people such as David Rockerfeller, Henry Kissinger and George Bush senior. Yet people who have pointed this out time and time again have been ridiculed and ignored. In effect, Westerners have been complicit in this agenda by their silence.



It is clear that Westerners have been complicit in the crimes against themselves time and time again. The argument that we’ve been manipulated by the Jews or the Illuminati works only to a certain limit. It’s like the maxim George W. Bush couldn’t say: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The people of the West have been fooled countless times. It’s not that our enemies are so smart or powerful, but we’d rather buy their lies since it gives us the excuse not to take responsibility for our own actions. I suggest we change that. I don’t want Islam to overrun Europe, I don’t want Jews to control over us, and I don’t want the New World Order to become reality. It’s not enough to fight against these threats as we have to recognize there is something psychologically wrong with us that keeps creating enemies for us to fight.

Apparently Spengler believed that for the Faustian man there is no redemption. All he can do is face the inevitable end without courage and dignity. While I do agree that we have to have courage and dignity, but I think the demon can be exorcised. However, that is more difficult than falling battle against overwhelming odds like Davy Crockett.


P.S. It is possible that other people than Westerners are also affected by the same mind virus, but it manifests differently. Arabs, for example, might be affected as well, but their virus manifests as religious fanaticism instead of desire for “progress”.



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2 thoughts on “The Faustian West”

  1. We’re reaching the end of the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age or Iron Age, this is the age of the jews where their ideas and money dominate and inspire others (Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Hollywood, Banks,..).

    The Vulcan Demon Yahweh will slayed by the Aryan Savior Kalki and new Golden Age will start.

  2. I often wonder who the ‘god’ was who tilted the earth to flood and freeze it the last time? Certainly we’re at a point once again where no existence is better than our current reality. As an antinatalist I prefer the no planet scenario, this way I can also give the bliss of release to our animal friends too. At least we should get rid of our current society. It’s almost completely without merit anymore.

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