Mayor of Cologne betraying the Germans as Muslims assault women

It shouldn’t be news to anyone what happened last new year’s eve at the train station in Cologne, Germany. A horde of Muslim immigrants harassed and raped women and committed other crimes. I just heard what the newly elected mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, said about the whole affair, which was basically that be a good victim. Smile as you’re being harassed.

First let’s look at some of the background. Henriette Reker was allegedly stabbed last October just day before the mayoral election in Cologne. Not surprisingly she got the pity vote and got in. The alleged attacker is a 44-year old “unemployed painter and varnisher and had been living off welfare payments.” His alleged motive was anti-immigration sentiment, as Reker is blatantly anti-German, I mean pro-mass immigration. I use the word “alleged” a lot, since to my knowledge they still have not released any picture of the attacker, nor his name. For all I know he does not even exist. Four other people were allegedly injured in the incident as well, but I haven’t heard what happened to them. I haven’t seen any mention of eye witnesses to the incident. No evidence that the attack actually happened except Reker’s and the media’s word. If Margaret Thatcher was the Iron Lady, Reker must be the Titanium Lady since despite being nearly 60 the stabbing did not seem to bother her much, and she recovered without complications pretty quickly.

The whole story sounds hokey and I blogged about it back when it happened. Nothing has changed my skeptical attitude on it. And all I can say, if she really was stabbed, it’s too bad for Cologne she survived.

Now back to current day. Reker has commented on the assaults by the Muslim horde on new year’s eve, and basically said for women to deal with being harassed and raped. She suggested a “code of conduct” for women such as keeping at an arm’s length from strangers and other useless crap. Of course she’s not going to actually do anything about the fact that Muslims are running amok doing stuff like this. That’s not her job. She’s there to make sure the victims are happy, or at least quiet.

Infowars reports that 300 women held a demonstration in Cologne against Chancellor Merkel, who like Reker is promoting Germany to be overrun by Muslim hordes.

The thing that bothers me about this is how the media focuses on how the women should deal this harassment, and how they’re protesting against it. How about the German men? What are they doing? It shouldn’t be role of the women to protect themselves, but of the men. We all know how German men would have handled crap like this in the 1930s and 40s. Let go of your false guilt and throw these invaders out. If the Muslims want German women, give them Merkel and Reker. Everybody wins.



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2 thoughts on “Mayor of Cologne betraying the Germans as Muslims assault women”

  1. it’s almost funny how opposite to the 90s hyperfeminism this is. From men being all demon seed, to now german girls being responsible for not being harrassed. It’s really crazy.

  2. Obviously assuming it’s not all media constructed nonsense. A lot of the photographs around the event look a bit ‘constructed.’…It’s a pity, Koln is my favourite city in germany.

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