Was there a proto-Christian-Islamic religion?

Anatoly Fomenko is a highly controversial Russian mathematician whose ideas on history call pretty much everything into revision. According to my understanding he claims that fraudulent historians have invented one thousand years of history that modern history books present as fact, but they are fiction.

I heard about Fomenko some years ago, and was intrigued by the implications of his ideas, however I did not feel like I was ready to go down that rabbit hole. A week ago or so I heard Robert Otey mention Anatoly Fomenko in his Red Ice Creations interview, which prompted me to look into the Russian’s ideas in further detail. Through Otey’s Youtube channel I discovered another Youtube channel, newearth, run by a Russian woman (I believe). She seems to share Fomenko’s view of history.

I am a beginner when it comes to Fomenko’s theories on history, and I have not read any of his books yet, so I cannot say whether his ideas are complete fiction or not. However, it is an obvious fact to any keen observer that our perception of history is skewed at best, and often we have been fed lies on what has happened. For this reason alone, Fomenko’s ideas are at least worth looking into. However, in this post I will focus particularly on one video by newearth on religion. More particularly Christianity and Islam.

The video is part of newearth’s WHEN THE ATLANTIS AND HYPERBOREA SURVIVORS WAKE UP-series. Episode 8; “the survivors, 8 – the Stolen History of the Religions, religious history documentary”. The video claims that both Christianity and Islam, the cross and the crescent were part of the same religion, but it was split into two separate parts, and the followers on these religions have forgotten the connection. This depiction does not differ entirely from the common notion that they are Abrahamic religions, and ultimately worship the same God. However, conventional explanations say that first there was Judaism, then roughly 2000 years ago Christianity sprang from the Judaic tradition, and 1400 years ago Islam came to be. Newearth’s idea, I think, is that there was this original religion that truly did represent lofty, spiritual values and it was both Christian and Muslim, but then the connection was severed, and two bastardized versions of the original religion was born.

Assuming there is any truth to this, the implications are groundbreaking. First of all, mending the rift in Christianity would not mean uniting Catholics and Orthodox. In Islam it would not mean uniting the Sunni and Shia. It would mean re-uniting Christianity and Islam. The common view is that the (used to be) Christian West and the Islamic Middle-East are enemies now, as they used to be during the Crusades and Jihads. If this were actually a lie, and the conflict between the West and Islam would basically be one schizophrenic person fighting with himself by not realizing he is split in two.

Newearth’s video presents some evidence to back up her claims, such as old paintings of Ottoman (Turk) troops using both Christian crosses and Islamic crescents, and Russian czars having Arabic writing and excerpts from the Koran on their helmets. None of this is conclusive evidence, of course, but worth considering.

It should be noted how the conflict between Islam and the West has been artificially manufactured by Jewish and, let’s say, secret society interests in the West. Many of the Islamic terrorist groups have been propped up by Israel/the West. Islamic countries have been invaded and attacked by the Jews and Western secret societies. And it is because of these manufactured conflicts that Europe is being flooded with Muslims who commit all sorts of crimes. While I am very angry at some of the scum that has arrived in Europe, it should be noted that the real enemy are not these “rapefugees” or economic refugees. They are footsoldiers used by the enemy. They should not be ignored, and we should protect ourselves from them, but not lose sense of the bigger picture. Yet the solution to our problems might turn out to be more diplomatic in the end.

Myself I am not a Christian, and there has always been some part of Christianity that I’ve recognized as innately false, but in recent years I’ve grown more understanding of Christianity and people who subscribe to the religion. On the other hand, there is some aspect to Christianity that is truthful. The same could probably be said of Islam, although in the West we’ve mostly forced to come into contact with it’s false and negative aspects (and then there are those who see the negative aspects, but pretend they don’t exist). I can’t fault Muslims who look at the West and see it as a Godless wasteland, since that is true to a degree. Modern pagans scoff at Christianity as a fairly recent religion, an exotic invader to Europe. Perhaps that is a false assumption. At the core, pagan “pre-Christian” religions and the proto-Christian-Islamic religion may be more related than we think. Newearth too suggested in her video that all religions may come from the same source. Certainly evidence exists elsewhere that Christianity is older than we are usually told, such as the recently deceased Acharya S’s book The Christ Conspiracy.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough. This all very hypothetical of course, but the fact is many of our conflicts have been artificially manufactured, and much of our history is a lie. To uncover the truth we must venture into the unknown, and the fringe of the fringe.



Anatoly Fomenko: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoly_Fomenko

Robert Otey – Unscientific Cosmogony: Gravity, Quantum Physics & Einstein: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/12/RIR-151230.php

the survivors, 8 – the Stolen History of the Religions, religious history documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3d2fn_3hWI&list=PLJk0yT4erxuSEyHu-0wfUQ0WulbjtWJOu&index=7

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2 thoughts on “Was there a proto-Christian-Islamic religion?”

  1. Isn’t that freemasonry again? They first of all create a syncretistic cult that is ‘older than humanity’ one that can be expanded to include extraplanetary seed religions…. it’s also highly plausible that christianity is freemasonic given st paul, the gospel of st john, the book of enoch, Jesus dying at 33 etc…

    Also given that they tell us the universe itself is 13.7 billion years old (two of the most occult numbers going) and ‘dinosaurs’ are 66.6 million years dead, is it not almost entirely certain that all our historical narratives and chronologies are heavily weighted in favour of scecret society vested interests?

    I watched the Otey red ice video too…As an intellectual excercise I’d say it’s almost trivial to rearrange the history of religions over 2000 years, given the whole atlantis thing, given the hidden knowledge in freemasonry of global geography ‘before’ far away countries had been visited by europeans…

    The older I get, the more I think very little of the ‘mundane’ worldview is remotely accurate…

  2. I have my own reasons for giving credence to the flat earth theory…there are gems of ‘hidden’ knowledge in there… 2 things have bugged me since long before it became a thing on the internet- civic manhole covers have the 33 degrees thing encoded in them…it’s the sort of plain sight joke freemasons do with public architecture all the time, and also the interpretation of the islamic sycel moon art…under a glass moon again.

    if you’d told me as kid that nasa and dinosaurs were kind of made up, I’d have laughed…that was my whole childhood. So a rewrite of relatively recent history seems almost underwhelming in comparison.

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