The Return of the King

We are all waiting for the return of the king. The idea has been plaguing me in the back of my mind for a while, but today as I was listening to the Red Ice interview of Mike Walker who wrote the play The Return of Odysseys it hit me. The play is unsurprisingly about the return of the Greek king-hero to his kingdom after a long journey.

The West has people of various classes fed up with the kakistocracy ruining the world. Ever since 9/11, the amount of conspiracy theorists, alternative researchers and historical revisionists have increased exponentially. They would basically be the scholar class. Then there are libertarians and anarcho-capitalists who have their own ideas of a better functioning society. They are the merchants. Recently the Alt-Right has gained a lot of traction. They would be the warriors (at least sounds like it based on their rhetoric). We have people of different classes and abilities who know things are wrong, and we want to fix it, but what we don’t have is leadership. We are waiting for the king to appear.

Nicholas de Vere, who claimed to be of the Aryan-Merovingian royal bloodline, said in his book The Dragon Legacy: “What few recognize, however, is that for centuries the perceived presentation of royalty and nobility has, to a large extent, been a fraud perpetuated by a dressed up merchant class elite who have no real entitlement to their positions. This farce, with its inherent tyranny and social abuse, has been endured through the ages, while the true bloodline families have been suppressed and supplanted by traders and brokers disguised in crowns and mitres.” While I do not know whether or not de Vere was actually a member of any true royal bloodline, I do find the statement plausible.

Egalitarianism and democracy are a lie that only lead to weakness and degeneracy. We understand that (at least some of us do). But for a few centuries we’ve gotten used to the idea of electing leaders, and we don’t have any true aristocracy, so the problem is the absence of leadership. Who will lead? The only solution I see is the return of the king, or kings, i.e. the Aryans.

All white people are not Aryans. The Nazis were looking for the Aryans, but they were not Aryans themselves. White nationalists or Alt-Righters larping are not Aryans. Only presumably the Aryans themselves and their enemies know who they were and why they disappeared.

We can only infer their identity based on stories and myths. They were the Aryans who came to ancient India. They were the Viracochas of South America. They built many of the ancient monuments around world that we today could not reproduce. There is actually plenty of physical evidence of this advanced global culture in the so-called pre-historic world for anyone willing to pay attention. But then they disappeared. Now we need them back.

There is the saying that when the student is ready, the master will appear. We are ready. However the return will happen is up to debate. Perhaps the Aryans are the so-called Nordics of Ufology and they’re gonna reveal themselves. Perhaps dormant Aryan genes in certain individuals will activate for them to take lead. Perhaps we collectively somehow form a natural hierarchy where certain individuals take lead. Christians would view the return as the Second Coming of Christ.

We need leadership, and not fake, controlled-opposition leadership. And I think we will receive it. The return of the king will be a spiritual and a practical process. I think Tolkien foresaw what was happening and what should happen.



Mike Walker – The Return of Odysseus:


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