Left-wing street propaganda in my Finnish city

The city of Turku has been awash with extreme leftist propaganda posters and stickers for years. At first I didn’t think much of it, but in recent years I’ve began to realize how delusional many of the people who spread this stuff are. My awakening to the dangers of Cultural Marxism has developed gradually. I remember seeing a poster a long time ago that said something like “Oppose sexist and homophobic violence” or “oppose racist and homophobic violence”. I thought that’s dumb, since it implies the person who wrote it supports other kinds of violence, but I figured the writer just didn’t understand what they were saying. Now I realize many of these delusional leftists actually are promoting violence against people who disagree with them.

I’ve taken pictures over the months of some of the street propaganda I’ve seen. Here is some Communist propaganda.

DECENT WORK FOR WOMEN IS ESSENTIAL FOR EQUALITY! SKP stands for the Finnish Communist Party.


It says: Right-wing populism and fascism must be stopped. For justice, equality and love.
This ad from the Communist youth league (or something to that extent) is promoting a classless society.

Here is some anti-fascist propaganda.

For the working class, against fascism. This is from the Varisverkosto (Crow network) extreme leftist organization.
Fascism is a crime against humanity.
I don’t know who the people in the picture are.
The person in the picture might be Olli Immonen, a politician for the Finns party. I doubt he actually owns any Nazi SS uniform.
Smash fascism.

I’ve also seen a few stickers with a picture of a fist crushing the swastika with the depiction: “Crush fascism” or “crush nazism”. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that.

The anarchists-commies show their propaganda too.

Hate the State. Abolish capitalism.

I’ve also seen a couple of graffiti by “Anarcho-feminists” who want to crush the patriarchy. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture either. Then there’s stuff like this.

This a carnival against racism.
This picture was taken at night, so it’s not very clear. It has a picture of Snow White holding a rifle. “Fight sexism & homophobia.”

Other cartoon characters have taken the extremist cause as well.

It says “Together against fascism”.
Even My Little Pony is pulling its weight.
“Freedom on the line. Demonstration against Nazi-pigs in Helsinki December 6. (Finnish independence day) in Helsinki.” Angry Birds are fighting the fascists too, and apparently Mr T. is a bird.

And of course there the internationalist classic emerged last summer:

Refugees welcome
It’s funny how the people spreading this stuff don’t even have enough originality to create their own propaganda, but the same picture has been seen all over Europe.

Seeing all this anti-fascist, anti-nazi, anti-racist and anti-sexist propaganda you’d think the streets of Turku are overrun with Nazis. However I haven’t seen a single Nazi here throughout all the years I’ve been here. It would be quite difficult to do, since Nazism was pretty much wiped out in 1945. I haven’t seen any Neo-Nazis either. I did see two bald guys a few months ago in a bar, who might have been skinheads, however, I emphasize they might have been.

I have seen a poster or sticker of a nationalist group called Patriootti (Patriot) on a couple of occasions. However, compared to the overwhelming amount of extreme leftist propaganda, their amount is insignificant.

Patriootti.com. I didn’t take this picture myself, I found it on the internet.

This city, nor Finland in general, are sexist like, let’s say Saudi-Arabia, nor have I heard of anyone gotten beat-up for being gay either. These extreme leftists are like Don Quixote, fighting against non-existent enemies.

They are quite delusional. There are no Nazis, nor fascists here. There’s no rampant sexism or gay-bashing here either. What is obvious though is that we have an infestation of Marxists. These people either hallucinate and think they see Nazi soldiers walking on the streets, or they think that anyone who does not share their ideology is a fascist or a Nazi.

One of the groups that has spread these propaganda stickers around is Varisverkosto (Crow network). Their website says: “Varis is a Finland-wide network aiming to destroy organised fascism and remove its social breeding ground. We oppose fascism in all its forms politically, ideologically and physically.” What fascism? Care to elaborate where exactly are these fascists breeding?

Later on they explain that “Fascism is the product of capitalism in crisis. As liberal and parliamentary methods of control fail, they are replaced by methods of ‘law & order’ – that is, open violence and supervision. The remnants of a world view based in equality and freedom are being replaced by the most reactionary ideas such as racism, nationalism, sexism and hostility against all that is perceived as alien.” So if you’re a nationalist, you’re a fascist? I got it. Also by their own admission, these people should fight against themselves, since they want to destroy “hostility against all that is perceived as alien.” I would say that they perceive nationalism as “alien”. These are people with no identity, and can only find joy in destroying that others find valuable.

Varis describe their imaginary enemy further: “Today’s fascism is typically two-sided. On one end there are violent street movements, which most often operate in a neo-nazi environment. On the other end there are parliamentary parties and “NGOs” that strive to become presentable and acceptable. These parties and NGOs do all they can to persuade people that they are not far-right.” I know there have been some people in Finland who identify as neo-Nazis, and some possibly still exist, however they are a small minority that normal people do not wish to associate with. But then again Marxists don’t care about facts or reality. Anyone they deem as neo-Nazi is a neo-Nazi. There is no fascist parliamentary party in Finland.

The far-right is not a looming problem in Finland, as it is not in most of Europe. The far-left, though, clearly has numerous mindless drones willing to chase after any fantasy fed to them. These people are dangerous if given power.



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Richard Spencer should be tarred and feathered

Rirchard Spencer is a leading figure in the Alt-Right, and he possibly even coined the term Alt-Right.  I hadn’t been that well versed in his ideas before as I had only heard a couple of his interviews. He seemed like an intelligent and intellectual person, but I hadn’t looked too deeply into the ideas the he promotes until yesterday when I was listening to the Alt Right 2016 discussion at Red Ice Radio with John Morgan, Greg Johnson, Daniel Friberg, Richard Spencer & RamzPaul.

Listening to the discussion made me realize Richard Spencer is a stooge for the New World Order, or at best he’s a narcissistic pseudo-intellectual who’s in it for the fame. He supports an empire for White people, and opposes ethno-nationalism, which he thinks is about hating the White neighbour. He seems to be against the idea that the countless different ethnic groups in Europe should have their own nation states, instead there should be grand White country for White people. Basically he seems to be for the European Union, but only for White people. Greg Johnson called Richard out on his ideas, and said he vetoes Richard’s idea, and that reality vetoes his idea. Well done, Greg.


Vagueness of Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer says there should be no division in the race, and is aghast for example that Whites are killing Whites in the Ukraine. He seems to think Ukrainians need his White New World Order to fix their problems. The host Henrik Palmgren pointed out that one reason for the troubles in Ukraine is due to outside meddlers such as Victoria Nuland, which is something I agree with. I’m still not clear on what Spencer means by White. Is it anyone who just looks White, is someone who is half-White, half-Asian White, how about if they’re 1/4 Black, or are people White only if they can prove their White ancestors for six generations or what? At best his idea of this White collective is a vague notion. Spencer admitted in the discussion that he’s a “dreamer”, a Utopian thinker. This alone renders his ideas irrelevant. The time for Utopian notion is over, we need practical solutions.

In fact, Richard Spencer sounds like a Cultural Marxist with the exception that he is pro-White, whereas Cultural Marxists hate White people. The similarity is that Cultural Marxists treat their favourite victim groups like women, minorities and Muslims as some sort of Borg-collective. Spencer’s idea on the White race bears a striking resemblance.

Max Marco writing for Noose: The Online Fascist Zine in his article Contra Altright also notes Spencer’s vagueness. He describes Spencer as “a weak, pandering, fence-sitting coward who tries to play all sides of key issues while maintaining plausible deniability when held to any stance or standard”. I can’t help but agree. Marco describes Spencer as someone who seeks to direct attention away from the Jewish Question and exposing the lies told about the Holocaust.



Rirchard Spencer is also blatantly pro-homosexuality. The most obvious example is the fact that Matthew Heimbach was excluded from Spencer’s Become Who We Are conference for his anti-homosexual views.

Carolyn Yeager criticizes Spencer for having the openly gay Jack Donovan as the main speaker in his conference. On top of that Donovan is a former priest in the Church of Satan. I don’t think him being gay would make a big difference if Jack Donovan was a 9/11 or Sandy Hook researcher, for example, but he is supposedly an expert on masculinity and what it means to be a man. I’m sorry but being gay disqualifies you from being a role-model on being a man.

John de Nugent also questioned Spencer’s stance on homosexuality by asking if he’s “a homosexual, homophile or really straight?” De Nugent notes that Spencer is allegedly married and has a year old child, however he questions whether this is true or not. He asks: “Has anyone SEEN the supposed ‘wife and kids’ of Richard Spencer, who supposedly lives out in a small town in Montana.” De Nugent also points out why the issue of homosexuality is relevant: “the Jewish agenda knowns as transhumanism is pro-homosexual”. I would say that transhumanism is more an agenda of Satanists and Jews serve their interests, but that is a minor detail in this case.

A conservative Youtuber called Common Filth has criticized the Altright for being gay in several of his videos. At first I was skeptical of this, but at least Richard Spencer’s allegiances seem to prove that Common Filth is onto something.

Richard Spencer’s Wikipedia page does not mention that he is married. I couldn’t find mention of this in his Radix Journal or National Policy Institue websites either. I did find claims that he is married elsewhere, though.


Spencer’s “wife”

A few different websites mention that Richard Spencer is supposedly married to a Canadian-Russian woman called Nina Kouprianova (alternative name Nina Byzantina). Kouprianova has a couple of different websites. One is for discussing “Russia, Eurasia, meta- and geopolitics, culture”, and the other is about photography. I didn’t find any mention of her being married either.

She has however written a few articles in Spencer’s Radix Journal website, so Kouprianova and Spencer clearly are associates of some sort. This makes it even more curious, if Spencer and Kouprianova are married, why don’t they just state it clearly? If Nina is Richard’s wife, him withholding this information surely isn’t to protect her, since she is already a writer for his website. If they’re not married, where did the internet rumour that they are originate from? I don’t know what the truth is but there are clearly holes in his background.


Spencer’s liberal anti-conservatism

To come back to Richard Spencer’s New World Order ideology, he published a video, When Conservatism Dies, fairly recently. Most of the video is sophistry that has little content, but sounds smart, but I managed to ascertain a few of Spencer’s ideas from it. First of all, he says a couple times in the video that a “New Order” is rising. By itself it does not necessarily mean anything sinister, but in the video Spencer comments that some conservative politician or commentator has described Donald Trump as a bringer of chaos. Spencer agrees with this and says that Trump disrupts conventional politics, which allows for the New Order to be born, or something to that extent. To my mind it’s quite obvious Spencer is all for the old Order out of Chaos.

Spencer also says something like conservatives and Republicans stand for White protestant values, and he is happy to see conservatism destroyed. I disagree. I don’t think that the conservatives and Republicans no-longer stand for the White protestant values. This is the main reason why Altright is gaining traction. My understanding is that the majority of supporters of Altright support traditional and common sense values, and since no-one in main stream politics are standing for those things, people are turning to the Altright. Spencer, on the other hand, seems to agree with the Cultural Marxists that the old must be destroyed for the something new. He does not define clearly what this new things is either. You’re just supposed to take his word for it that this New Order is something you want. Richard Spencer is a Marxist revolutionary of a new breed.



My humble opinion is that the genuine people in the Altright should either politely show Rirchard Spencer the door, or get some tar and feathers for him. Even if my view of him is too conspiratorial for your taste, I still say he is a sophist at best with little or no practical ideas behind his words.



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Cultural Marxists are pushing their agenda in East-Asia as in the West

One thing I’ve heard people who harp on about White Genocide say is that the Marxists are pushing their multiculturalism only in the West, that only White countries are expected to increase their diversity. This is incorrect. The Cultural Marxists are pushing their foul ideas in East-Asia as they are in the West. I’ll focus on Japan and South Korea in this post. I’ll write about China later.



The Marxists are very clearly promoting their ideas in Japan. An Al Jazeera article by Alanna Schubach from 2014 mentioned that “Hidenori Sakanaka, the head of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute, said that a social revolution is necessary, in which Japan is reconceived as a multiethnic nation”. The Marxists are promoting censorship of free speech, or ban on “hate speech”, in Osaka. This apparently backed by the U.N. The article describes the writer’s Marxist ideology as follows: “even mainstream Japan is, at best, ambivalent about multiculturalism and has resisted loosening its immigration laws despite a rapidly aging citizenry. An ordinance outlawing hate speech would be a significant step toward tolerance, and Osaka, known for being a comparatively lively and liberal city, would be an appropriate leader to soften attitudes about difference.”

Miss Japan of 2015 was the half-black Ariana Miyamoto. She also was chosen to represent Japan in the Miss Universe pageant. The person behind this decision was Inès Ligron, who just happens to be Jewish. She’s also very influential in the fashion world as is promoting prostitute-like attire for models. “In 1998, she was appointed the Japan National Director of the Miss Universe Organization owned by New York real estate mogul Donald Trump & NBC Universal INC.”

Marxists have been pushing multiculturalism in the academic sphere as well. Chris Burgess discussed in the Asia-Pacific Journal in 2007 how certain other academics have called Japanese ethnic homogeneity a myth. This reminds me of claims that Britain has always been “multicultural nation”. It is a way of trying to influence people to accept multiculturalism into their country today, if they perceive that this is the way things have always been. Burgess’ conclusion is that Japan “does not appear to be particularly multicultural, and he he adds that “This begs the question of whether those writing in the ‘multicultural Japan’ vein are not being descriptive but rather prescriptive: not saying what Japan is like but what it should, ought to, or must be like.”

These are just a few examples of Marxists pushing their ideology in Japan. Many other articles on this can be found simply by Google.


South Korea

An article in The Diplomat claims that:

“Few countries take multiculturalism as seriously as Korea does. While most countries have vague and ambiguous multicultural policies consisting of either forcing immigrants to assimilate to the local culture or allowing immigrants to integrate while keeping their traditions, Korea has come up with a new concept: tamunhwa.

Tamunhwa means multiculturalism in Korean, and the basic idea is for Koreans to learn as much as they can about immigrants’ original culture while setting up as many cultural immersion programs as possible for immigrants. With foreign residents now accounting for nearly 3 percent of the population of a country that long defined itself as homogenous, Koreans are taking multiculturalism seriously.”

This sounds like a governmental agenda to push multiculturalism onto people rather than something organic from the regular people. The article also states that Korea has two demographic problems: Koreans being too well educated, so there is a lack of unskilled workers and women from the countryside attending universities, and the farmers having lack of wives, which leads to decreasing birth rates. The solution to this is of course immigration; importing unskilled workers and women as brides. How about just shutting down the universities and letting people do something useful with their lives?

Korea.net has an info-piece titled “Transformation into a Multicultural Society”. This makes it sound like multiculturalism is something to be proud about. It is also mentioned that: “Foreigners are also starting to take a more prominent role in their adopted country. For example, Jasmine Lee is a Filipina- Korean who is currently serving as a member of the Gender Equality and Family Committee of the 19th National Assembly”. Gender Equality committee sounds Marxist as hell.

The UPI website has an article named “South Korea’s population becoming more diverse, but tolerance lagging”. The mere wording is Marxist. The article quotes the aforementioned Jasmine Lee: “There’s negative perception regarding multiculturalism . . . Even in Europe, [Koreans say] multiculturalism has failed, so why would a small country like South Korea succeed?” I don’t think she answered her question, yet she is still pushing the ideology since clearly it’s just something she has to do.

Later on the UPI article quotes Cindy Lou Howe, “an American filmmaker of African-American and Korean heritage” saying: “And multiculturalism is going to be one of those things. Whether or not Koreans are ready, it’s going to happen.” We are the Borg. Resistance is Futile.

A story in East Asia Forum clearly states the subversive goal of international Marxism: “North and South Korea are widely regarded to be ethnically homogenous societies. But with minority populations having grown 
in numbers and importance in both Koreas, demographic homogeneity has become a myth. Yet the importance of ethnic nationalism as an underlying identity of the two states prevents a genuine transition to a multicultural society in both cases.” Naturally you cannot then ask the question whether multiculturalism is such a good idea then? No, you just have to wipe out all national identity so that all will be assimilated into Marxism.

The same as Japan, South Korea is being slowly subverted by Marxist multiculturalism.



The Cultural Marxists do not not only hate the White man and want to genocide them, but they clearly also hate the Yellow man. It is a global agenda for international Marxism. It should be noted that both Japan and South Korea are military “allies” of the United States, or actually subjugated by them. As the US is more or less controlled by Israel, so are Japan and South Korea controlled by it by proxy. America, Europe, Japan and Korea all have the same enemy.

The multicultural Marxism hasn’t been as effective in East-Asia as it has been in the West. One reason most likely is that the Marxists have been manipulating the Western psyche far longer, however I don’t think that’s the only reason. Although the Marxists wish to subvert the East as well as the West, the East has been better at resisting it. It would appear Asians are better at holding onto their heritage than Europeans.

That is not to say that everything is perfect in Asia either. As in the West, we are taught to hate ourselves and believe that our cultures are inherently evil, and look to others for content, similar trends appear in East-Asia as well. In some ways Asian women are taught to admire Western men, and some even have plastic surgery to make themselves look Western. Plastic surgery in general is very popular in South Korea, which denotes the fact that they are not proud to be themselves.

Nationalists all over the world should co-operate to defeat the scourge of international Marxism. They do not only wish to bring about White Genocide, they wish to exterminate all ethnic and national identities.



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Hong Kong authorities causing trouble on Chinese new year day

Yesterday, or today depending on how you look at it, the Hong Kong police decided to pull a crackdown on street hawkers selling food in the popular and over-crowded shopping area of Mong Kok. Unsurprisingly the situation escalated and lead to protests and violence. The police also fired a few warning shots, which in Hong Kong is not that common, especially against unarmed citizens.

The Chinese culture has a proud tradition of selling street food for generations, but in recent years the Hong Kong government has began persecuting these private entrepreneurs on the excuse of health and hygiene. Nowadays you need a licence to sell food, and many hawkers don’t have it, so the police arrests them. However, my belief is that the true motivation is not about protecting the health of the citizens, but control over people’s lives, and big corporations also benefit from it as people need to go to them for food.

The fact that this crackdown happened on the lunar calendar new year day is very telling in my opinion. The lunar new year is one of the most important holidays for Chinese people, and comparable to Christmas in the West as the Chinese usually go visit their relatives during this time. In the past the police usually turned a blind eye to hawkers selling street food during this time, but apparently not this year. I believe this is on purpose to create conflict. Whoever told the police to do the crackdown at this time wanted the situation to escalate. They want the Hong Kong people to be angry at the authorities. I think they want to create some sort of revolution.

Seeing a video of the police hitting a woman who is just trying to get away and is later bleeding on the ground, will no doubt create a lot of justified anger in people. However, I do think the situation has been orchestrated with this reaction in mind.

This is very comparable to the situation in Europe with the governments bringing in the “rapefugees”, giving them privileges and treating Europeans as second class citizens. After the “sex attacks” in Cologne, Germany, last new year, the mayor of the city, Henriette Reker told women to keep the “rapefugees” at arm’s length in order to protect themselves. This advice was apparently taken to heart by the police in the Finnish city of Oulu as a video that allegedly originates from them shows a woman repelling a would-be rapist by using Reker’s technique. Anyone who isn’t braindead understands that these techniques aren’t very effective, and is quite rightfully angry at the authorities for suggesting this. This too and many other blatant insults toward the European people, I believe, are deliberate attempts at creating anger.

I believe that for whatever reason the globalist/internationalist/Jesuit-Masonic/Jewish/Illuminati conspirators, or whatever expression you prefer, have on their schedule for this year the agenda of creating great conflict in many first world countries. They’re possibly even trying to stir up a civil war.

While I am in favour of furthering any and all sane nationalist movements, and uniting and organizing people to topple the malevolent governments we have, we must be temperate and not fall into their tricks either. We must not let them goad us into any unnecessary extremes.



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The Reason why regular people shy away from looking at conspiracies

I’ve understood since I was a child that people conspire. That is the reason why we have the word conspiracy; to describe something that exists. All words describe something that exist, whether it exists as an object (like chair or cat), or as more complicated concept (like love or war), or it exist as a fictional object (like dragon or orc). The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes conspiracy as follows: “a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal”. I’d add that it’s a secret plan to do something immoral, harmful or illegal. This is something that people have been doing since time immemorial. There is nothing ridiculous or crazy about “believing in conspiracies”. It’s crazy not to believe in the human capability to conspire.

When I was a teenager I began to notice how people began to shy away from talking about conspiracies. For some unknown reason it wasn’t socially acceptable. I didn’t really understand why, but I played along to get along. Now 20 years or so later I understand the aversion to conspiracy facts a bit better, but not completely.

One obvious reason why discussing conspiracies is frowned up is that they’re so prevalent in the modern world. The name of the game is for anyone with any power to conspire against you to manipulate you, from governments and corporations to the media and various other organizations. Governments conspire against each other to come on top and against their citizens so the politicians can remain in power. Corporations manipulate people with advertisements. 20 years ago when Windows 95 was released the ad-campaign was so effective in America that some old ladies went to buy the software even though they had no idea what it was. Main stream media’s main purpose is to manipulate people’s opinions and perceptions.

It is in the interest of these groups that you do not spend too much time thinking how they are manipulating you, therefore the whole notion of conspiracies is presented as something ridiculous.

However, I think the main reason why modern people find the concept of conspiracies so abhorrent is that we’ve been taught to view the world from the short attention span of a goldfish. When I was 19, most people around me didn’t want to make plans for the future. At best, they worried that they had enough money to get drunk the next weekend, and possibly get laid. Nowadays there is no need to think things in long-term. You can get food in the supermarket, in some countries they’re open even at midnight. Both primitive hunter-gatherers and medieval farmers had to have some idea how they would survive the next season. Even modern politicians are elected for a relatively brief time, 4-6 years. They’re expected to base their input this period of time, or if they want to get re-elected they should focus on sucking-up to the constituency toward the end of their term. In the medieval world the king usually was the until the end of his life.

Another example of short-term thinking is that everyone is expected to only care about money or pleasure. Why would people device complex conspiracies to manipulate from the shadows, since they can get instant gratification easily without doing so? Well, not everyone only cares about these superficial things. Religion is one reason for long-term goals. The construction of the church, Sagrada Familia, in Spain started 1882, and it’s still unfinished. They’re attempting to finish it by 2026. Christian missionaries who went in to Asia or Africa probably didn’t expect to convert everyone in their lifetimes. People who believe in their religious ideology are willing to work for a goal whose end result their will not live to see. The same goes for political ideologies or patriotic people willing to die for their country.

It should not then be such an outlandish notion that some agendas pushed by conspirators are expected to take decades, possibly even centuries. The New World Order agenda has been around for decades as can be seen from the numerous video clips on the internet with politicians like George Bush senior, Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair describing it. The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for the “Eurasian-Negroid race” has been around for nearly a hundred years.

The idea of trying to dominate the world by the way of conspiracy is also regarded as something silly and belonging in science fiction. However, just look at the British empire in the 19th century on whom the sun never set, or Alexander the Great in the ancient world. They clearly were trying to dominate the world. Look at modern United States doing much of the same (under the leadership of Israel and who knows else). Take a look at multinational corporations like McDonalds and Starbucks. Their agenda is to dominate the markets in as many countries as possible. World domination is nothing new or ridiculous. It is not merely consigned to the world of cartoons like Pinky and the Brain. People have attempted it for millennia, and they will be attempting in the future. Why then is it “crazy” to suggest that the people behind the New World Order agenda have been conspiring in order to further their goals? Although perhaps the New World Order should not be called a conspiracy, since it is an agenda many political figures have talked about openly. The conspiracy part is the suppression of open discussion on it in the media.

Any rational person who looks at the world, and has a basic grasp of language, i.e. knows that conspiring does not necessarily entail “men in smoky boardrooms” but working toward a secret plan,  cannot escape the fact that there are various conspiracies in our world that affect us. Anyone who honestly looks at 9/11 cannot dismiss the obvious conclusion that the US government was at least partially involved in the terrorist attacks. Anyone looking at modern feminism cannot escape the fact that it has very little to do with actual women’s rights. Most “environmentally friendly” campaigns have very little do with protecting nature from human malfeasance.

When you begin to notice these conspiracies that are happening against your best interest, you have two choices: face the truth and start digging deeper, or feign ignorance. At this point the individual intuitively understands he will no longer view the world the same day he once did, i.e. he will commit a certain type of mental suicide in the process as many of his beliefs are shaken. Many people are not willing to go that far. This is why they choose to shut it out and pretend everything is fine. The foreboding sense of fear you experience when you realize you have an unknown enemy is another thing some people prefer to shut out.

In recent years more and more people are getting more aware of the ever-present manipulation and lies, yet many of them still view the concept of conspiracies crazy and on the fringe. I don’t quite get the reason for this. Perhaps they have the mental image of a “crazy conspiracy theorist” and don’t want to become like him, so they are willing to entertain conspiratorial ideas as long as it’s just a few “ideologues” lying in their self-interest, or the conspirators are just dumb and don’t understand what they’re doing.

The other side of the newcomers into this world of weirdness from the main stream are people who only believe in certain types of conspiracies, such as Jewish conspiracies. If you talk to them about the underhanded stuff done by Jews, they’re all ears, but talk about non-Jewish conspiracies and they dismiss you as a wacko. No doubt there are Jewish conspiracies, but there are many types of conspiracies in the world, and I don’t think Jews have the monopoly on the act of conspiring.

I would say that even Joe Average believes that the contemporary world is full of lies, dishonesty and immoral behaviour. That is precisely the kind of environment that breeds conspiracies. Why can’t they just put and two and two together?



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The Arch of our Terrestrial Holodeck

I’ve been reading through the book Cryptoterrestrials by the abruptly deceased Mac Tonnes. He presents the hypothesis that the UFO phenomenon does not originate from outer space, but there is a hidden humanoid species on Earth. Tonnes also suggests that the cryptoterrestrial race might have difficulty manifesting in the physical world, and for that reason they are trying to capture our imaginations by using psychedelic methods to allow themselves into our reality.

That got me thinking about the power of the mind, and to what extent thought might actually be able to influence reality. For some reason it got me thinking about the firmament that according to the Bible is holding up the sky. While these things may seem very much unrelated, but I figured maybe they aren’t. Perhaps the firmament is a kind of amplifier for thoughts, that can make thought into reality.

Needless to say, but this is all very far-fetched and hypothetical. It might just mean that I have a hyper-active imagination, but I want to put this idea out nonetheless.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation there’s the computer generated environment in the Holodeck. The Holodeck is controlled by the Arch. Perhaps this Arch is somehow symbolical of the firmament.


Another name of the firmament is the vault of heaven. A vault is basically a kind of arch. Arches are a fairly commonly used symbol with possibly an esoteric meaning. There are famous sites like Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the golden arches of McDonalds and Royal Arch Freemasonry. I suggest that the meaning of the arch may be a very significant one; it creates physical reality.

Let’s take a look at Genesis 1:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.

14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,

18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

At first God creates and heaven and earth, there already is water in the world, and then he creates light and divides it from the darkness. Note that the sun and the moon are created later. Light exists before the sun.

I interpret the creation of heaven and earth to mean the creation of the concept of spiritual and profane. Division of light from darkness is creation of Yin and Yang or 0 and 1. There are only abstract concepts and no physical objects. Although water is a physical thing, but perhaps it is a conduit between the spiritual and the physical. I take the firmament to be the first physical object to exist. It divides the (salt?) waters from the (sweet?) waters. Then God creates land and plants and the rest.

Perhaps God him/her/itself made the firmament as a tool to create the physical world we live in. Psalms 19 says:
1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Perhaps “the heavens” are analogous to a computer CPU, and the firmament is like a 3D printer. God inputs a program into the computer, pushes start and the firmament prints out the physical additions to the world.

The book of Enoch has the following to say about the firmament:

1 Enoch 18:1. I saw the treasuries of all the winds: I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation and the firm foundations of the earth. 2. And I saw the corner-stone of the earth: I saw the four winds which bear [ the earth and ] the firmament of the heaven. 3. And I saw how the winds stretch out the vaults of heaven, and have their station between heaven and earth: these are the pillars of the heaven . 4. I saw the winds of heaven which turn and bring the circumference of the sun and all the stars to their setting. 5. I saw the winds on the earth carrying the clouds: I saw the paths of the angels. I saw at the end of the earth the firmament of the heaven above. And I proceeded and saw a place which burns day and night, where there are seven mountains of magnificent stones, three towards the east, and three towards the south. 7. And as for those towards the east, 〈 one 〉 was of coloured stone, and one of pearl, and one of jacinth, and those towards the south of red stone. 8. But the middle one reached to heaven like the throne of God, of alabaster, and the summit of the throne was of sapphire. 9. And I saw a flaming fire. And beyond these mountains 10. is a region the end of the great earth: there the heavens were completed. 11. And I saw a deep abyss, with columns of heavenly fire, and among them I saw columns of fire fall, which were beyond measure alike towards the height and towards the depth. 12. And beyond that abyss I saw a place which had no firmament of the heaven above, and no firmly founded earth beneath it: there was no water upon it, and no birds, but it was a waste and horrible place.

Enoch saw the abyss, “a waste a horrible place”, that didn’t have the firmament above, nor earth beneath it. Perhaps there was nothing there as there was no printer there to create anything.

I know my interpretations of these ancient texts may be a bit too liberal, and I may be making up things that aren’t there. Nevertheless, I thought I should mention my ideas. There is a difference between the Holodeck Arch in Star Trek and my theory of the firmament being a printer as well that the Arch is used to control the Holodeck, and the projectors are elsewhere. The difference between God using the firmament, whether you consider God to be the creator of everything, or some advanced race of aliens, or something else, is that God can fairly effortlessly use the firmament to create things. Humans clearly cannot wield it as effortlessly as Jedis in Star Wars use the Force, or the main character in Dark City uses his tuning powers. Yet I do think that collectively the consciousness of people can have profound effects, as is evidenced by the 100th monkey syndrome.

ENOCH AND THE STILL FLAT EARTH: http://testingtheglobe.com/enoch.html

NASA wants you to know it is a joke as it claims there is Red Ice on Pluto

I just saw on the Red Ice Creations website the news that the New Horizons probe by NASA had found that the planet, or dwarf planet, Pluto has red ice and blue skies. The news is originally from October 2015.

This is the picture that several media outlets have put out regarding the news:


This is a glaring rip off of the alternative media Red Ice Creations logo. Even the Red Ice website comments on it: “Red Ice, oh yeah …and this is the shot they took for the story“.


They found red ice and they use the Red Ice Creations logo. This cannot be a co-incidence. I take it as a clear reference to Red Ice Creations. It could be that they are trying to invoke Pluto in some occult sense to affect Red Ice Creations. Astrology.com describes Pluto’s attributes: “This planet is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth.” Additionally the website says: “This planet rules destruction, death, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, viruses and waste.” Maybe they’re invoking Pluto to destroy Red Ice.

Other possible explanation for this is that the guys at NASA are just having a laugh. They don’t really care about what they’re doing. They know that people with a skeptical mindset don’t trust anything that NASA does, whereas others will buy anything that they claim. Then again, the reference to Red Ice could have been done by a whistle-blower who is saying you’re better off listening to Red Ice Creations rather than NASA or any other official channels. Whatever the reason behind this is, it is obvious they’re deliberately referring to Red Ice Creations.

I didn’t find the exact same picture of the NASA website, but there is this picture which resembles the Red Ice logo, but is not such as an obvious rip off:


What can be understood from this inside joke is that NASA clearly has very little to do with actual space exploration or science. Perhaps they once earnestly did try to explore outer space, but found themselves incapable of doing so, and therefore faked the moonlandings, since they failed to actually go to the moon. Since then they may have thought it’s much easier to fake things than try to do it for real. This is just one example of countless cases of disingenuous data that NASA puts out. There difference is that there is some sort of message included in this one. Or who’s to say other stuff from them doesn’t have embedded messages too, but we just haven’t noticed them.



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