NASA wants you to know it is a joke as it claims there is Red Ice on Pluto

I just saw on the Red Ice Creations website the news that the New Horizons probe by NASA had found that the planet, or dwarf planet, Pluto has red ice and blue skies. The news is originally from October 2015.

This is the picture that several media outlets have put out regarding the news:


This is a glaring rip off of the alternative media Red Ice Creations logo. Even the Red Ice website comments on it: “Red Ice, oh yeah …and this is the shot they took for the story“.


They found red ice and they use the Red Ice Creations logo. This cannot be a co-incidence. I take it as a clear reference to Red Ice Creations. It could be that they are trying to invoke Pluto in some occult sense to affect Red Ice Creations. describes Pluto’s attributes: “This planet is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth.” Additionally the website says: “This planet rules destruction, death, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, viruses and waste.” Maybe they’re invoking Pluto to destroy Red Ice.

Other possible explanation for this is that the guys at NASA are just having a laugh. They don’t really care about what they’re doing. They know that people with a skeptical mindset don’t trust anything that NASA does, whereas others will buy anything that they claim. Then again, the reference to Red Ice could have been done by a whistle-blower who is saying you’re better off listening to Red Ice Creations rather than NASA or any other official channels. Whatever the reason behind this is, it is obvious they’re deliberately referring to Red Ice Creations.

I didn’t find the exact same picture of the NASA website, but there is this picture which resembles the Red Ice logo, but is not such as an obvious rip off:


What can be understood from this inside joke is that NASA clearly has very little to do with actual space exploration or science. Perhaps they once earnestly did try to explore outer space, but found themselves incapable of doing so, and therefore faked the moonlandings, since they failed to actually go to the moon. Since then they may have thought it’s much easier to fake things than try to do it for real. This is just one example of countless cases of disingenuous data that NASA puts out. There difference is that there is some sort of message included in this one. Or who’s to say other stuff from them doesn’t have embedded messages too, but we just haven’t noticed them.



Pluto has RED ICE and Blue Skies:

Pluto Has Red Ice And Blue Skies:

New Horizons images show Pluto has blue skies and red water ice:

Pluto: A World of Blue Skies and Red Ice:


Pluto’s Blue Atmosphere in the Infrared:


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