Hong Kong authorities causing trouble on Chinese new year day

Yesterday, or today depending on how you look at it, the Hong Kong police decided to pull a crackdown on street hawkers selling food in the popular and over-crowded shopping area of Mong Kok. Unsurprisingly the situation escalated and lead to protests and violence. The police also fired a few warning shots, which in Hong Kong is not that common, especially against unarmed citizens.

The Chinese culture has a proud tradition of selling street food for generations, but in recent years the Hong Kong government has began persecuting these private entrepreneurs on the excuse of health and hygiene. Nowadays you need a licence to sell food, and many hawkers don’t have it, so the police arrests them. However, my belief is that the true motivation is not about protecting the health of the citizens, but control over people’s lives, and big corporations also benefit from it as people need to go to them for food.

The fact that this crackdown happened on the lunar calendar new year day is very telling in my opinion. The lunar new year is one of the most important holidays for Chinese people, and comparable to Christmas in the West as the Chinese usually go visit their relatives during this time. In the past the police usually turned a blind eye to hawkers selling street food during this time, but apparently not this year. I believe this is on purpose to create conflict. Whoever told the police to do the crackdown at this time wanted the situation to escalate. They want the Hong Kong people to be angry at the authorities. I think they want to create some sort of revolution.

Seeing a video of the police hitting a woman who is just trying to get away and is later bleeding on the ground, will no doubt create a lot of justified anger in people. However, I do think the situation has been orchestrated with this reaction in mind.

This is very comparable to the situation in Europe with the governments bringing in the “rapefugees”, giving them privileges and treating Europeans as second class citizens. After the “sex attacks” in Cologne, Germany, last new year, the mayor of the city, Henriette Reker told women to keep the “rapefugees” at arm’s length in order to protect themselves. This advice was apparently taken to heart by the police in the Finnish city of Oulu as a video that allegedly originates from them shows a woman repelling a would-be rapist by using Reker’s technique. Anyone who isn’t braindead understands that these techniques aren’t very effective, and is quite rightfully angry at the authorities for suggesting this. This too and many other blatant insults toward the European people, I believe, are deliberate attempts at creating anger.

I believe that for whatever reason the globalist/internationalist/Jesuit-Masonic/Jewish/Illuminati conspirators, or whatever expression you prefer, have on their schedule for this year the agenda of creating great conflict in many first world countries. They’re possibly even trying to stir up a civil war.

While I am in favour of furthering any and all sane nationalist movements, and uniting and organizing people to topple the malevolent governments we have, we must be temperate and not fall into their tricks either. We must not let them goad us into any unnecessary extremes.



Hong Kong police fire ‘warning shots’ as violence flares with protesters over Mong Kok street hawker crackdown on first day of Chinese New Year: http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-crime/article/1910845/hong-kong-police-fire-warning-shots-violence-flares

Finnish Police releases absurd Rape Defense Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6kjvWKuVkE


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