Cultural Marxists are pushing their agenda in East-Asia as in the West

One thing I’ve heard people who harp on about White Genocide say is that the Marxists are pushing their multiculturalism only in the West, that only White countries are expected to increase their diversity. This is incorrect. The Cultural Marxists are pushing their foul ideas in East-Asia as they are in the West. I’ll focus on Japan and South Korea in this post. I’ll write about China later.



The Marxists are very clearly promoting their ideas in Japan. An Al Jazeera article by Alanna Schubach from 2014 mentioned that “Hidenori Sakanaka, the head of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute, said that a social revolution is necessary, in which Japan is reconceived as a multiethnic nation”. The Marxists are promoting censorship of free speech, or ban on “hate speech”, in Osaka. This apparently backed by the U.N. The article describes the writer’s Marxist ideology as follows: “even mainstream Japan is, at best, ambivalent about multiculturalism and has resisted loosening its immigration laws despite a rapidly aging citizenry. An ordinance outlawing hate speech would be a significant step toward tolerance, and Osaka, known for being a comparatively lively and liberal city, would be an appropriate leader to soften attitudes about difference.”

Miss Japan of 2015 was the half-black Ariana Miyamoto. She also was chosen to represent Japan in the Miss Universe pageant. The person behind this decision was Inès Ligron, who just happens to be Jewish. She’s also very influential in the fashion world as is promoting prostitute-like attire for models. “In 1998, she was appointed the Japan National Director of the Miss Universe Organization owned by New York real estate mogul Donald Trump & NBC Universal INC.”

Marxists have been pushing multiculturalism in the academic sphere as well. Chris Burgess discussed in the Asia-Pacific Journal in 2007 how certain other academics have called Japanese ethnic homogeneity a myth. This reminds me of claims that Britain has always been “multicultural nation”. It is a way of trying to influence people to accept multiculturalism into their country today, if they perceive that this is the way things have always been. Burgess’ conclusion is that Japan “does not appear to be particularly multicultural, and he he adds that “This begs the question of whether those writing in the ‘multicultural Japan’ vein are not being descriptive but rather prescriptive: not saying what Japan is like but what it should, ought to, or must be like.”

These are just a few examples of Marxists pushing their ideology in Japan. Many other articles on this can be found simply by Google.


South Korea

An article in The Diplomat claims that:

“Few countries take multiculturalism as seriously as Korea does. While most countries have vague and ambiguous multicultural policies consisting of either forcing immigrants to assimilate to the local culture or allowing immigrants to integrate while keeping their traditions, Korea has come up with a new concept: tamunhwa.

Tamunhwa means multiculturalism in Korean, and the basic idea is for Koreans to learn as much as they can about immigrants’ original culture while setting up as many cultural immersion programs as possible for immigrants. With foreign residents now accounting for nearly 3 percent of the population of a country that long defined itself as homogenous, Koreans are taking multiculturalism seriously.”

This sounds like a governmental agenda to push multiculturalism onto people rather than something organic from the regular people. The article also states that Korea has two demographic problems: Koreans being too well educated, so there is a lack of unskilled workers and women from the countryside attending universities, and the farmers having lack of wives, which leads to decreasing birth rates. The solution to this is of course immigration; importing unskilled workers and women as brides. How about just shutting down the universities and letting people do something useful with their lives? has an info-piece titled “Transformation into a Multicultural Society”. This makes it sound like multiculturalism is something to be proud about. It is also mentioned that: “Foreigners are also starting to take a more prominent role in their adopted country. For example, Jasmine Lee is a Filipina- Korean who is currently serving as a member of the Gender Equality and Family Committee of the 19th National Assembly”. Gender Equality committee sounds Marxist as hell.

The UPI website has an article named “South Korea’s population becoming more diverse, but tolerance lagging”. The mere wording is Marxist. The article quotes the aforementioned Jasmine Lee: “There’s negative perception regarding multiculturalism . . . Even in Europe, [Koreans say] multiculturalism has failed, so why would a small country like South Korea succeed?” I don’t think she answered her question, yet she is still pushing the ideology since clearly it’s just something she has to do.

Later on the UPI article quotes Cindy Lou Howe, “an American filmmaker of African-American and Korean heritage” saying: “And multiculturalism is going to be one of those things. Whether or not Koreans are ready, it’s going to happen.” We are the Borg. Resistance is Futile.

A story in East Asia Forum clearly states the subversive goal of international Marxism: “North and South Korea are widely regarded to be ethnically homogenous societies. But with minority populations having grown 
in numbers and importance in both Koreas, demographic homogeneity has become a myth. Yet the importance of ethnic nationalism as an underlying identity of the two states prevents a genuine transition to a multicultural society in both cases.” Naturally you cannot then ask the question whether multiculturalism is such a good idea then? No, you just have to wipe out all national identity so that all will be assimilated into Marxism.

The same as Japan, South Korea is being slowly subverted by Marxist multiculturalism.



The Cultural Marxists do not not only hate the White man and want to genocide them, but they clearly also hate the Yellow man. It is a global agenda for international Marxism. It should be noted that both Japan and South Korea are military “allies” of the United States, or actually subjugated by them. As the US is more or less controlled by Israel, so are Japan and South Korea controlled by it by proxy. America, Europe, Japan and Korea all have the same enemy.

The multicultural Marxism hasn’t been as effective in East-Asia as it has been in the West. One reason most likely is that the Marxists have been manipulating the Western psyche far longer, however I don’t think that’s the only reason. Although the Marxists wish to subvert the East as well as the West, the East has been better at resisting it. It would appear Asians are better at holding onto their heritage than Europeans.

That is not to say that everything is perfect in Asia either. As in the West, we are taught to hate ourselves and believe that our cultures are inherently evil, and look to others for content, similar trends appear in East-Asia as well. In some ways Asian women are taught to admire Western men, and some even have plastic surgery to make themselves look Western. Plastic surgery in general is very popular in South Korea, which denotes the fact that they are not proud to be themselves.

Nationalists all over the world should co-operate to defeat the scourge of international Marxism. They do not only wish to bring about White Genocide, they wish to exterminate all ethnic and national identities.



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