Left-wing street propaganda in my Finnish city

The city of Turku has been awash with extreme leftist propaganda posters and stickers for years. At first I didn’t think much of it, but in recent years I’ve began to realize how delusional many of the people who spread this stuff are. My awakening to the dangers of Cultural Marxism has developed gradually. I remember seeing a poster a long time ago that said something like “Oppose sexist and homophobic violence” or “oppose racist and homophobic violence”. I thought that’s dumb, since it implies the person who wrote it supports other kinds of violence, but I figured the writer just didn’t understand what they were saying. Now I realize many of these delusional leftists actually are promoting violence against people who disagree with them.

I’ve taken pictures over the months of some of the street propaganda I’ve seen. Here is some Communist propaganda.

DECENT WORK FOR WOMEN IS ESSENTIAL FOR EQUALITY! SKP stands for the Finnish Communist Party.


It says: Right-wing populism and fascism must be stopped. For justice, equality and love.
This ad from the Communist youth league (or something to that extent) is promoting a classless society.

Here is some anti-fascist propaganda.

For the working class, against fascism. This is from the Varisverkosto (Crow network) extreme leftist organization.
Fascism is a crime against humanity.
I don’t know who the people in the picture are.
The person in the picture might be Olli Immonen, a politician for the Finns party. I doubt he actually owns any Nazi SS uniform.
Smash fascism.

I’ve also seen a few stickers with a picture of a fist crushing the swastika with the depiction: “Crush fascism” or “crush nazism”. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that.

The anarchists-commies show their propaganda too.

Hate the State. Abolish capitalism.

I’ve also seen a couple of graffiti by “Anarcho-feminists” who want to crush the patriarchy. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture either. Then there’s stuff like this.

This a carnival against racism.
This picture was taken at night, so it’s not very clear. It has a picture of Snow White holding a rifle. “Fight sexism & homophobia.”

Other cartoon characters have taken the extremist cause as well.

It says “Together against fascism”.
Even My Little Pony is pulling its weight.
“Freedom on the line. Demonstration against Nazi-pigs in Helsinki December 6. (Finnish independence day) in Helsinki.” Angry Birds are fighting the fascists too, and apparently Mr T. is a bird.

And of course there the internationalist classic emerged last summer:

Refugees welcome
It’s funny how the people spreading this stuff don’t even have enough originality to create their own propaganda, but the same picture has been seen all over Europe.

Seeing all this anti-fascist, anti-nazi, anti-racist and anti-sexist propaganda you’d think the streets of Turku are overrun with Nazis. However I haven’t seen a single Nazi here throughout all the years I’ve been here. It would be quite difficult to do, since Nazism was pretty much wiped out in 1945. I haven’t seen any Neo-Nazis either. I did see two bald guys a few months ago in a bar, who might have been skinheads, however, I emphasize they might have been.

I have seen a poster or sticker of a nationalist group called Patriootti (Patriot) on a couple of occasions. However, compared to the overwhelming amount of extreme leftist propaganda, their amount is insignificant.

Patriootti.com. I didn’t take this picture myself, I found it on the internet.

This city, nor Finland in general, are sexist like, let’s say Saudi-Arabia, nor have I heard of anyone gotten beat-up for being gay either. These extreme leftists are like Don Quixote, fighting against non-existent enemies.

They are quite delusional. There are no Nazis, nor fascists here. There’s no rampant sexism or gay-bashing here either. What is obvious though is that we have an infestation of Marxists. These people either hallucinate and think they see Nazi soldiers walking on the streets, or they think that anyone who does not share their ideology is a fascist or a Nazi.

One of the groups that has spread these propaganda stickers around is Varisverkosto (Crow network). Their website says: “Varis is a Finland-wide network aiming to destroy organised fascism and remove its social breeding ground. We oppose fascism in all its forms politically, ideologically and physically.” What fascism? Care to elaborate where exactly are these fascists breeding?

Later on they explain that “Fascism is the product of capitalism in crisis. As liberal and parliamentary methods of control fail, they are replaced by methods of ‘law & order’ – that is, open violence and supervision. The remnants of a world view based in equality and freedom are being replaced by the most reactionary ideas such as racism, nationalism, sexism and hostility against all that is perceived as alien.” So if you’re a nationalist, you’re a fascist? I got it. Also by their own admission, these people should fight against themselves, since they want to destroy “hostility against all that is perceived as alien.” I would say that they perceive nationalism as “alien”. These are people with no identity, and can only find joy in destroying that others find valuable.

Varis describe their imaginary enemy further: “Today’s fascism is typically two-sided. On one end there are violent street movements, which most often operate in a neo-nazi environment. On the other end there are parliamentary parties and “NGOs” that strive to become presentable and acceptable. These parties and NGOs do all they can to persuade people that they are not far-right.” I know there have been some people in Finland who identify as neo-Nazis, and some possibly still exist, however they are a small minority that normal people do not wish to associate with. But then again Marxists don’t care about facts or reality. Anyone they deem as neo-Nazi is a neo-Nazi. There is no fascist parliamentary party in Finland.

The far-right is not a looming problem in Finland, as it is not in most of Europe. The far-left, though, clearly has numerous mindless drones willing to chase after any fantasy fed to them. These people are dangerous if given power.



Olli Immonen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olli_Immonen

Varisverkosto: http://varisverkosto.net/mika-varis/


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