Pathological Narcissism or Altruistic Narcissism?

The term Pathological Altruism has been around for at least a few years to describe how people, particularly of European descent, get suckered in to do harm to themselves with the pretense of doing something morally laudable. While I do find the term fairly accurate in explaining the mindset of the West, yet there is a hint of one underlying attribute that I do not agree with; Westerners are so caring that it gets them in trouble. This may not apply to everyone who uses the term Pathological Altruism, but I have heard at least some people use in this manner. As if Europeans are more friendly than say Middle-Easterners and they’re abusing our good nature. Ultimately I do not think that is the case.

I propose the term Pathological Narcissism instead to be at the root of our so-called altruism. It refers to the delusion that a Pathological Narcissist believes the world functions exactly as they think, compared to a normal person who of course has their own beliefs on things, but is capable of assessing information and changing their minds based on new evidence.

One evidence of this phenomenon I’ve been particularly annoyed with for years is the delusional way people put their faith in politicians. Although the fruits of the labour of pretty much every major politician in recent decades has been poverty, war and injustice, the people still think the politician is trying their best to make things work, since that is what they would do in the situation. They cannot fathom that the values and world-view of these politicians differ greatly from that of the average hard-working man and woman. That’s why so many are unwilling to come to terms with the fact that the people in their governments often despise their subjects and actively seek to harm them. Look at the US government participating in 9/11 to kill thousands of their own citizens and countless more in the Middle-East. Look at the German politicians who welcome third-world immigration with the explicit purpose of exterminating their own people. Yet most people are unwilling to come to terms with the fact that their governments are run by evil and sadistic people, since Joe Average himself would never conceive of doing anything as morally reprehensible as politicians do every day.

The root of this psychological problem is not that the people are so kind and compassionate, but that they are narcissistic. They think the world revolves around them, and other people behave according to the same parameters as they do.

Take a look at the White Man’s burden from the 19th century to educate the “savages”. Supposedly Europeans knew better how other people should live. Look at modern Europe being invaded by hordes of Muslim immigrants who commit crimes every day. Yet Joe Average shuts his mind from it, since apparently non-Europeans are still the “noble savage” and not responsible for their actions. They somehow incapable of true malice, since they are not truly sentient beings, and the crimes they commit are due to our bigotry. This insanity is the result of our own narcissism, a very twisted form of masochistic narcissism, but narcissism nonetheless. Or this the far left view on the matter in Current Year.

The far right view, currently a minority but it is growing, is that Whites are somehow incapable of sin, and it is because of the influence of these other races, mainly Jews, Africans and Arabs, that things are going to hell in a handbasket. While the inordinate control over the media, finance and many other avenues by Jews, and the crimes committed by “refugees” from MENA countries, are a legitimate concern, we should ask ourselves why is this happening? Why didn’t we stop the disaster before it got out of hand? However, Whites being a victim supposedly gives us a moral upper hand. We can focus on blaming others for screwing up our own societies, and ignore our own culpability.

Both the far right and left are wallowing in their self-righteousness. Leftists sacrifice themselves for the good of others, whereas the right finds justification for anything as long as it’s in the name of their race. However, the leftists ultimately care only about euphoria they get by their facetiously charitable actions regardless of what the end result is. And the right-wing is happy to defend the West from a Muslim invasion, yet they ignore how we created the whole situation in the first place. Both parties derive narcissistic satisfaction from their struggle.

Wikipedia says: “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and often others.” I think this describes the Western mindset pretty well. It does not just apply to greedy corporate CEOs or hedonistic socialites, but especially to our sense of morality. As long as I feel I’m doing the right thing, I’m doing the right thing. No matter the consequences. The West has poured billions of dollars into monetary aid into Africa, but has it actually accomplished anything there? As far as I know, many places of Africa are starving and they’re suffering from AIDS and war. Yet we just feel morally so good giving them money, it doesn’t matter if our efforts actually yield any results. It’s like of a man has only one arm and you want to help him, but you cannot grow him a new arm, so you cut your arm off as well.

Now that I think of it, maybe Altruistic Narcissism would be a better description for this phenomenon than Pathological Narcissism? Whatever it is at the root of our Pathological Altruism lies deep-rooted narcissism.


P.S. If you think Trump is going to fix things, you’re wallowing in narcissistic delusion and projecting attributes onto him that he does not possess.



Narcissistic personality disorder:



That Cancer, Victim Complex

That Dragon, Cancer is a computer game about a couple whose young son is dying of cancer that has recently raised some controversy. One of the developer, Ryan Green, wrote an article on his blog how Let’s Play videos on Youtube and streams on Twitch are potentially harming the game developers financially. For those who do not know what Let’s Plays are, they are videos of people playing computer games online. The video is focused, mainly, on the game, not the player.


Let’s Play videos

The problem, according to the developer, is that the game is very linear, more an interactive movie, it seems, than a game and he states: “We have seen many people post our entire game on YouTube with little to no commentary.” The article hints that for this reason their  “studio has not yet seen a single dollar from sales“. If I wanted, I don’t think I’d have to go on further with this topic, as the issue is that the game is too linear and boring for people actually to spend time and money on, and the developer knows it. Ryan Green writes that Let’s Play “can especially benefit those who make competitive or sandbox games.  However, for a short, relatively linear experience like ours, for millions of viewers, Let’s Play recordings of our content satisfy their interest and they never go on to interact with the game in the personal way that we intended for it to be experienced. ” However, I do want to dig deeper into this topic.

Green’s article is fairly well-written and the tone isn’t simply that an entitled developer wants more money, but I’ve heard this argument on Let’s Plays before. Some developers, I think Nintendo is one such company, have sought to earn profit from other people’s videos. This idea is greedy and nonsensical, since a Let’s Play video is in effect either a work art or entertainment, or journalism. Watching a video of a game someone else is playing is vastly different to playing a game yourself. The game is a tool in the making of the video, an important tool, but a tool nonetheless.

Let’s say that I make a video of myself running in my local park wearing Nike-clothes, and I post it on Youtube. It becomes a hit and I make a lot of money on the ad-revenue. On the basis of the argument that a game developer deserves money from a Let’s Play of their game, then my local municipality would deserve a part of the profits since I use their park, Nike would deserve their share because of the clothes, the manufacturer of my camera should get something too, and why not give money to the factory that built the computer I use to upload the video as well. It’s the same thing. There are videos on Youtube of make-up artists making themselves look pretty, and recording the different steps in the process, and showing what sort of make-up they use. Shouldn’t the company just be happy for the free advertisement?

The difference between uploading a movie and video of gameplay is that the movie is the full product, and a game video should only be a sample of the product. Looking at a video of my new car is not the same as driving the car. The same goes for games. If your game is not interactive enough that it makes little difference whether you watch a video or play it, then the fault lies with the game. It is uninteresting. You cannot change reality by guilt-tripping people, or by legislation.


The Cancer itself

I’m a gamer, but I haven’t played That Dragon, Cancer. I noticed when it appeared on Steam a couple of months ago. It stood out by being different, but when I took a deeper look of it, it seemed like it wasn’t really a game, but an interactive movie designed to pull your heart strings. I hate stuff like that. If you like it, you’re free to do so, but I have no interest of buying or playing it.

Today I happened to see the first impressions game journalist Total Biscuit’s video on the topic, and then I checked out a couple of videos of the game. It seemed like I was right, the main purpose of the game is to pull your heart strings, and it’s a “game”, not a proper game that is about gameplay. Although technically there is a possibility that I might actually enjoy That Dragon, Cancer were I to try, but I seriously doubt it.

I find the motivation of the developers to even make that game somewhat questionable. Their child died of cancer. It’s a tragedy. I get it. So what? All of human existence has been, and will be, filled with tragedies. Why should I care about this one particular tragedy? Should we compare tragedies, is their tragedy greater than the one I’ve experienced, or how about the Yazidi-girl in Iraq who was raped by ISIS? Is her fate worse? I’m sick and tired of people trying to gain victimization points.

Since I haven’t played their game, I cannot be sure, but it seems like That Dragon, Cancer is about the inability of the parents to get over the death of their child. Tragic to be sure, but why air this out in public? Why make a commercial product of your child’s death? How about settling the issue with your family and friends, or a priest or psychiatrist? This sounds like a private matter.

My two cents on it are that the religion of the 21st century is the victim complex. Being a good victim is more valuable than gold. Social Justice Warriors complain how cishet White men have victimized everyone else, the Jews complain how Whites and Muslims have genocided them, the White men complain how the Jews and the Muslims are trying to genocide them. I don’t think the developers of That Dragon, Cancer are after money as much as they want attention. Making a good game wasn’t as important as showing how painful it all was. In the end, it’s only a celebration of death and weakness. And I’m sick of it.

If you really care about cancer, how about doing something positive to fight it? How about working to expose how the pharmaceutical industry can’t or won’t do anything to really cure cancer, only to alleviate its symptoms and make money. Chemotherapy does nothing. Look at the fruits of their labour, not their honeyed words. How about the alternative cures. Hemp oil allegedly can cure cancer. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard  it from several sources, so I’d say it’s worth looking into if you or someone you know has cancer. Look into other alternatives. If you really care, don’t just regurgitate your feelings of guilt and fear.

This advice should also apply to Total Biscuit, who is also dying of cancer; don’t trust the main stream of “medicine”. Look into alternatives.

When a tragedy happens, most people unaffected by it just like to throw money at it as they feel guilty they were not the victim. One example of this was when the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident occurred in Japan five years ago, so many people in the West were willing to donate money to help them. Giving money to something is not the same as actually doing something, making an effort. It only serves to alleviate your sense of guilt. Like Martin Luther King, who may have been a communist but it does not change the factuality of his words, said: “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.”

I read through some of the comments on Ryan Green’s blog. One particularly annoyed me:

Will North

This is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this world; this guy hasn’t played the game or seen videos, i.e. doesn’t really know what is going on, but he’s just going to give them some money because he feels bad. This is the attitude that is ruining the world. It is not the racist right-wingers who hate others, the greedy capitalists, or even dishonest politicians, but people who only act on their feelings of self-serving compassion.



In my view, the heart of this matter is the victim complex religion of our day. Everyone wants to advertise their traumas in public to garner points. This what “Je suis Charlie” was all about. This what making games about your dead child is all about. It’s not about money, it’s about attention.

There was one comment in the That Dragon, Cancer blog that I liked. It’s unnecessarily mean, but it’s also honest:


I’m a heartless bastard and proud of it.



On let’s plays:

That Dragon, Let’s Play [Strong Language]:



In memory of Germanwings Flight 9525

Exactly one year ago, March 24, 2015, a Germanwings plane allegedly crashed in the French alps killing 150 people. The supposed cause was that the “killer co-pilot” Andreas Lubitz had purposefully crashed the plane into the mountain. The truth is, however, that it is unlikely the plane ever crashed the mountain, and that Lubitz was framed for the disappearance of the plane.


No Evidence of a Crash

I wrote several pieces on this incident in the days following it occurrence, and back then I already realized the whole story was questionable. The facts are there is no proper evidence to show the plane actually crashed in the alps, nor are there any evidence of bodies. The pictures given to the media only show rubbish on the mountain, with a few plane parts scattered here and there, but certainly no trace of a plane, nor was there any evidence of blood or corpses. One of the black boxes, or the flight recorders, that are designed to withstand heavy impacts, were in this crash heavily damaged and the memory card was missing from the other one.


The pictures only show rubbish, not proper debris from an actual crashed plane. No trace of dead people either.



On top of this, the French president, Hollande, was priming the minds of people to accept that all of the passengers were dead just couple of hours after the crash, i.e. before the salvage crew had been able to verify whether or not there were survivors. This is common practice in false flags. While the public is still in shock, tell them any story that sounds plausible and they will hold onto it later. Also the president of the alps council, Gilbert Suivan, knew the plane had “disintegrated” just a couple of hours after the alleged crash. First of all, the plane should not simply disintegrate if it crashed into a mountain, how could monsieur Suivan know it so early on? This suggests it was a cover story to hide the truth of what happened to the plane.

The bodies of the victims were all allegedly smashed into tiny bits, yet they haven’t provided any evidence of this. Moreover, this sounds more like some cartoon logic like in South Park or Happy Tree Friends where characters just explode like a balloon of blood. On top of it all, the description is contradicted by the images that allegedly show debris from the plane, yet show absolutely no blood or guts.

The salvage crew allegedly recovered 40 cellphones from the wreckage, but The Telegraph quotes a French prosecutor saying they are “very damaged, apparently making their recovery particularly difficult”. How convenient.

They have not provided any evidence that the plane actually crashed in the alps. When applying your critical thinking faculties, you can come to no other conclusion that the authorities are lying and covering something up. It’s the same as with the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, you’re just supposed to take their word for it. No trace of the plane’s fuselage, no bodies, the black boxes were damaged and the memory card stolen, and even the cellphones are all broken.


Andreas Lubitz

Andreas Lubitz was the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane, and allegedly purposefully crashed it into a mountain. This story originated from speculations by the prosecutor or other officials, and afterwards the evidence that they recovered simply seemed to fit this narrative. This sounds very much like he was framed. If you do an honest investigation, you look at the evidence first and then try to figure out what happened. Lubitz was quite clearly the fall guy, the lone nut, to act as the fall guy for this conspiracy.

The media has speculated that he may have been depressed, there are allegations that Lubitz was losing his sight, he had seen 41 different doctors before he “snapped”, and supposedly had a diary that showed his “descent into depression”. Some of these allegations might be true, but not all I’m sure. For he most part they serve to frame him for something he did not do. It is easy to recognize Lubitz as the fall guy by looking at the physical evidence, or lack thereof. Obviously there was a bigger conspiracy at hand. Even if Lubitz was depressed or losing his sight, he cannot make the plane disappear into thin air.


Other victims of the “crash”

Allegedly 150 people, including Lubitz, died in the crash. I don’t think the plane had crashed, as there is no evidence of this. I think the plane was hi-jacked and the passengers taken prisoner. For what purpose, I do not know. Another possibility is that the plane never even took flight. I am not suggesting that this is what happened, but I do think it is a possibility. Can we be sure that the crew had disappeared? Have all of those people really died or is it just something that the media claims had happened?

There were some alleged family members of the victims in the media who behaved like “crisis actors” or Disingenous Relatives of Victims. This suggests that at least some of the alleged victims did not die, but others might have genuinely died. You can see my article from last year on this for more detail.

I do not know whether the whole thing was a hoax, and if it was, what would be the purpose behind it, or a hi-jacking of the plane, but framed as a crash to prevent people looking for the victims. I am sure though, that this was a cover-up, and the authorities and the media have not provided any evidence that the plane actually crashed in the alps.

The alternative media as well, at least he bigger outlets in the alternative media, have ignored this conspiracy for the most part. Many independent youtubers and smaller websites have dealt with this, but overall the alternative media did squat to try and expose the conspiracy. I suppose they want to sound credible and not delve too deep into crazy conspiracies, but I just see them as weak and cowardly, caring more about their reputation than the truth. The alternative media, has become much like the main stream media, in that their primary concern is pandering to a populist audience. Keep the message simple and memeable or the idiots will tune out.



The Germanwings plane did not crash in the French alps, or if it did, the authorities covered up the facts. The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was the fall guy, similar to Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination. Just focus on this one dubious character, and ignore the big picture. If this sounds far-fetched, I challenge you to look into the matter yourself. All you need is some critical thinking and basic understanding of physics to know that a plane should not disintegrate like in the pictures.

And I suggest you stop giving your money to the alternative media. For the most part, it’s becoming as institutionalized as the main stream. They don’t want to take risks in fear of alienating Joe Average. Their disinterest in events like this prove it well enough.




Germanwings crash: Andreas Lubitz searched online for suicide and cockpit doors:

Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz saw 41 doctors in years before crash:

Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz kept diary that shows his descent into depression:

Germanwings crash “crisis actors”:

Hard Proof Germanwings Crash is a Hoax – Orchestrated by Zionists:


The Brussels Terrorist Attacks were a Joke

Yesterday three explosions occurred in Brussels, Belgium, killing at least 30 people. Naturally, a radical Islamic group identified itself as the attacker, this time it was ISIS.

I happened to catch the news on a Finnish main stream media TV channel. They said Europe was shocked by the attacks. Already back then I thought it was a cynical joke. There is nothing shocking about a terrorist attack. There is nothing new or unusual about it. It’s not shocking if a man went to drink alcohol in a bar on Friday night and the next morning he has a hang-over. It’s not shocking that the sun goes up in the morning. It is to be expected. Ever since 9/11 fifteen years ago, no-one in a position of power has done anything to prevent terrorism. They have done the exact opposite, though. They have waged war in Islamic countries without any just cause, and then imported people from those countries into Europe. No wonder they are pissed. And of course Western governments have blatantly funded terrorist groups like ISIS.

Today I saw a Daily Mail article on Red Ice Creations website saying that an American teen has been at three different terror attacks, and survived. He was allegedly at the Boston Bombing in 2013, the Paris attacks last year and the Brussels bombing yesterday. The article just said he was lucky.

The Boston Bombing was a blatant false flag/hoax, which can be verified by anyone who wants to bother. I am not entirely sure whether the Paris attacks were a false flag or not, but they were allegedly perpetrated by ISIS (or ISIL) and therefore were a Western/Zionist terror attack by proxy. The same goes for the Brussels attacks.

Then there is this American teen who was at all of these self-inflicted wounds. This is a joke, and the people behind these attacks want you to know it. It is a “fuck you” in your face. This should be proof enough that there was foreknowledge. The guy is a Mormon missionary by the name of Mason Wells. Mason. That says it all. I wonder who is behind terrorism?

The interior minister of Belgium, Jan Jambon, had said that it’s the fault of Belgians that the Islamic terrorists allegedly perpetrated these attacks. While this guy, and every politician like him, i.e. every politician, pisses me off and I hope the Belgians bring out the guillotine, however I think he is half-correct. Not that Belgians, or Europeans, should be more accommodating for Muslims. I think we’re too accommodating to people from societies with backwards beliefs. Moreover, far before 9/11 happened, there were several conspiracy researchers saying that our countries are not ruled by people who work in our best interest. They work for secret societies, and ideologies and religions we do not share, nor do we know much about.  This can be ascertained simply by looking at the fruits of their labour. You don’t even have to research convoluted conspiracies, if you don’t want. However, people of this White Master Race simply laughed the researchers off as crazy conspiracy theorists and went on consuming. We’re too smart for common sense.

People of European stock brought this upon themselves. The terrorism, the violence, and the rapes. It could have all been prevented decades ago. It would have been easier to prevent the problem before it got out of hand. But that’s not how we do things over here. It’s not dramatic enough to fix something before it’s a disaster. We seem to yearn for the Battle of Armageddon or Ragnarök.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop reacting to all the shiny objects they dangle in front of us, and start acting? Don’t believe in their false prophets like Trump, UKIP and other people who work for the system? Don’t play by their rules. Don’t take the blue pill, nor the red pill.



The French government tweeted this picture to show solidarity with the Belgians:

I’m sure this will stop terrorism. It’s not a joke at all. Rome too was built by tweeting motivational pictures.



THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, survived Brussels attacks, Boston and Paris bombings:

Belgian Official Says Terrorism is the Fault of Europeans for Not Being Nice Enough to Moslems:

Alt-Right just seems getting gayer; i.e. Common Filth did nothing wrong

Greg Johnson, a prominent figure in the alt-right, wrote on his website, Counter-Currents, that “[t]he Alternative Right is subject to occasional gay panics”. This is supposedly unjustified, and the prominence of homosexuality in the alt-right should just be ignored.

Johnson seems to think the reason behind these “gay panics” is either old testament-style biblical views or the leftist idea of homophobia. He writes: “Generally, this slur originates from the Left, where homosexuality is supposed to be a good thing. But gay panics presuppose ‘homophobia,’ one of the Left’s sins.” I’m not quite sure what he means by this. It sounds like he is trying to steer attention away by hinting you act like a leftist if you’re concerned about homosexuality.

Then Johnson goes on the cite a fairly recent “gay panic” when Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach were disinvited from Richard Spencer’s NPI conference for anti-gay views. However, Johnson claims this reason for banning them from the conference is not true, and the two Matts are motivated by “narcissistic rage”. Greg Johnson is either blatantly dishonest or ignorant. At least the reason for barring Heimbach from the conference was his anti-gay views. Richard Spencer has admitted as much.

Spencer wrote in his Radix Journal that the SPLC found the conference LGBT friendly. Then he quotes the SPLC site saying Heimbach was “‘booted’ from the NPI conference for his anti-gay views.” Although these aren’t Spencer’s words, he did not contradict them, nor say that the SPLC was making it up. Later on he even states:

“Our conferences will include people who hold many different views on religious, social, sexual, historical, and political matters. We do not exclude anyone for, say, being a Buddhist, Pagan, Catholic, or atheist, or for being passionate about gay issues or thinking that they are not important. We hope that such questions can be discussed respectfully at our conferences.

NPI will, however, exclude those who show reckless disregard with the media, or those who’ve made morally indefensible public statements. Such people make our movement look bad. We choose not to grant them a platform.  It’s as simple as that.”

Apparently having “anti-gay views” in public is “morally indefensible”, according to Spencer.

There are very good rational reasons to be skeptical of those publicly engage in or promote homosexual behaviour, and this has nothing to do with the Bible or any ideology. It’s based on biology and psychology. The sexual union of two men cannot produce offspring, they cannot start a family. Also the natural option for raising a child is for it to have a mother and a father. Of course it does not always work out like this for each individual, but promoting other types of family structures is irresponsible, in my opinion.

The youtuber, Common Filth, stated months ago that the alt-right has many overtly homosexuals characteristics to it. He has been proven right, once again. Greg Johnson, on the other hand, is not only promoting homosexuality, but is being dishonest about it. He is making out those who speak out against it to be narcissists, and misrepresenting the facts about why the anti-gay Matts were barred from the conference.



Gay Panic on the Alt Right:

The Rainbow Coalition:

The Deity of our Time: The Goddess of Justice

The Greek (a person using that name) from Ochelli and the Greek has mentioned something along the lines of that the deity of our time is the goddess of Justice who is a cruel being. He pointed out when that deity becomes more popular the word justice becomes more prominent in society. This I find an intriguing observation since nowadays we have Social Justice Warriors and their like causing havoc in the name of the misguided idea of justice.

The idea that our elites worship a goddess known by many names, such as Semiramis, Isis, Ishtar or Columbia, is nothing new, but the association of the goddess with justice is rarely mentioned. I find some of the comments made by The Greek to be insightful, whereas some simply seem like he’s giving off slight hints about something to make him seem more knowledgeable than he actually is.

I decided to look more into the goddess of justice, and this is what I’ve found out so far.

A very interesting character from Greek mythology is Astraea. Wikipedia describes her as follows: “She was the virgin goddess of Innocence and purity and is always associated with the Greek goddess of justice, Dike”. It’s also stated that she became the constellation Virgo, and she is symbolically associated with Dike, since the constellation Virgo is close to Libra.

Let’s take a look at Dike then. According to Wikipedia: “She is depicted as a young slender woman carrying a physical balance scale and wearing a laurel wreath while her Roman counterpart (Justitia) appears in a similar fashion but blind-folded. She is represented in the constellation Libra which is named for the Latin name of her symbol (Scales). She is often associated with Astraea, the goddess of innocence and purity.” I’m not sure what is meant by Astraea and Dike being “associated” with each other. Are they the same character, different aspects of the same character, or sisters or what? The article on Dike mentions that Astraea is an epithet of Dike, but is later Astraea described as her “companion”.

According to Wikipedia  Dike was a daughter of Zeus and Themis, and Astraea was a daughter of Astraeus and Eos. This suggests they are a different character. Dike’s Roman equivalent is mentioned as being Justitia, but no such equivalent is mentioned for Astraea. (I originally messed up and said both are daughters of Zeus and Themis, but I edited it.)

I do find the argument that she is the goddess of our time convincing though. Wikipedia shows a picture of “Dike Astraea” from the courthouse at Vermont with the following description above it: “Goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgement”. This is what a lot of people, who act as if they were possessed, think they are striving for, although in fact their actions bring opposite results.

Moreover “[a]ccording to legend, Astraea will one day come back to Earth, bringing with her the return of the utopian Golden Age of which she was the ambassador.” Additionally, “Dike lived upon Earth during the Golden and Silver ages, when there were no wars or diseases, men raised fine crops and did not yet know how to sail. They grew greedy, however, and Dike was sickened.” The followers of this goddess clearly want to bring about their Marxist golden age, and in some sense they seem to think that we already live in some sort of golden age, as they believe the government can conjure up unlimited resources from thin air to fuel all sorts of socialist fantasies.

Then there’s one more piece of evidence I will present. When I googled “Astraea”, the search engine suggested “Astraea Foundation”. I wondered what’s that, and turns out it’s the “Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice”. I was speechless. The frontpage of the foundation says “Despite undeniable progress and increased dialog around LGBTQI human rights, we a long way to go. The homophobia, racism, and classicism embedded in laws and culture worldwide put our communities at risk.” This sums up the religion of the modern age perfectly.

Astraea is a goddess of innocence and virginity. In the ancient world losing your virginity usually meant getting married and having children. Perhaps then this Astraea goddess was a lesbian goddess. Her “virginity” meant that she would not have children, and her “innocence” meant that she would not grow up. This how the natural aristocracy of today with transgenders and homosexuals behave; they will not grow up and start a family, nor will they have children, especially if they castrate themselves. Dike is pretty much the same word as “dyke” after all.

Although there is another possibility. Perhaps Dike Astraea is not truly as perverse as the modern followers of her are. Their goddess might be a corrupted aspect of the true goddess of innocence and justice, or the dark forces ruling over our world might be trying to pervert her as they have perverted most other things. Or perhaps what is now happening is that the wheat are being separated from the chaff. The corrupted individuals are allowed revel in their debauchery in order to reveal their foul nature before the goddess does mete out genuine justice.

Dike Astraea is not the only goddess of justice, though. Dike’s mother, Themis, does have similar duties, nor am I sure whether Dike Astraea is the same as Semiramis/Isis/Ishtar/Columbia, but I’ll discuss that at a later date. I suppose that this has something to do with the triple goddess of maiden, mother and crone, however I have to look into that more.



Ochelli and The Greek:



Astraea Foundation:

The Circle

I was listening a program with Ochelli and The Greek at American Freedom Radio, when the latter man mentioned the Greek goddess Circe and its connection to the word church. This reminded me of a topic that has been going around in my head for a few months now. Let’s jump in.

Circe is a goddess of magic in Greek myth. Wikipedia describes her as follows: “Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of potions and herbs. Through the use of magical potions and a wand or a staff, she transformed her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals.”

The word church comes from the old English cirike, circe. Some sources claim the word’s etymology originates the Greek kyriakon (adj.) meaning “of the lord”. This supposed refers the lord’s house. However this interpretation is supposedly false, and I certainly don’t find it credible. A more likely etymological background for the word church is “circle”.

A man called Steven writes on the Bein’ a Berean website that what is called in the New Testament a church, is in the original Greek ekklesia which means “congregation”. However, King James I, known for commissioning the King James Bible, wanted the translators to use the word “church” instead of “congregation”. Although that wasn’t the first bible to use the word church.

Moreover, Steven points out that King James I was also a Freemason, possibly even the originator of the worldwide lodge system, and a homosexual. He even mentions that a circle with a dot inside is a Freemasonic symbol. I believe the conspiracy researcher Freeman has stated that the logo symbolizes apotheosis, i.e. man becoming God.

This is the logo of the company Target, that is behind Walmart. They wish to become gods, I suppose.

Then there is the derogatory term for Jews, “kike”. Etymonline states a possible origin for the word as follows: “Philip Cowen, first editor of ‘The American Hebrew,’ suggests a source in Yiddish kikel ‘circle.’ According to him, Jewish immigrants, ignorant of writing with the Latin alphabet, signed their entry forms with a circle, eschewing the ‘X’ as a sign of Christianity. On this theory, Ellis Island immigration inspectors began calling such people kikels, and the term shortened as it passed into general use.”

This reminds me of another company logo, the Circle K.

The kike circle. Then there’s the Red Ice interview where Dennis Fetcho talked about the Kosher tax. Certain products that have a U or a K on them are taxed by Jewish rabbis.

Then there’s still the word “circus” which comes from the same Latin word meaning “ring, circular line”. A circus is a circle in which performers entertain you. The ring also reminds me of the squared circle of a boxing or “pro-wrestling” match. And of Masons, of course.

All of these words are related to the circle and the goddess Circe; church, kike and circus. What it all comes down to is that the kikes and Freemasons give bread and circuses to distract us, and we go to their churches (or at least used to) to go around in circles trying to find spirituality, or we go buy in their stores for more distractions, while in the background they worship their goddess Circe. Circe transformed men into animals, and that’s certainly happening to many people nowadays. I suppose all of this is some sort of alchemical attempt at attaining godhood to be by Circe’s side.



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