Multiculturalism in China

This a continuance to my previous post on how the Cultural Marxists are pushing multiculturalism in Japan and South Korea. This time I discuss China. The push from the Marxists seems weaker in China than the two aforementioned countries, yet Mao’s Cultural Revolution about 50 years ago and the capitalism of the last couple of decades have eroded the Chinese identity somewhat already.



A BBC article discusses how the Chinese view multiculturalism. The journalist mentions a trip to Shanghai where he was shown around by a Chinese student. The student mentioned other Chinese who studied in America and ended up marrying Americans. Then the journalist writes: ” I told her that I had recently seen such a mixed couple in Hong Kong, a Chinese woman with a black American. This was clearly not what she had in mind. Her reaction was a look of revulsion. I was shocked. Why did she react that way to someone black, but not someone white? ”

Racism is bad, ‘mmkay. This seems to be the gist of the “problematic” view the Chinese have when it comes to multiculturalism; they don’t think everyone is equal. And that is a thought-crime, of course.

The article admits that 9 out of 10 Chinese belong to the Han race, and that China has existed as a single country for over 2000 years. The reason for this is: “[W]hereas all the other great empires of the world have long since broken up, China remains united. Why? In one word – the Han. The Han identity has served as the glue which has kept a geographically and demographically vast country together. Without that shared identity, China would long ago have fallen apart.” So a strong, unified national identity is strength, even the BBC admits it, yet it’s bad because the Han have a “relative lack of respect for difference”. Minorities like the Tibetans and Uighurs from Xinjiang are expected to integrate. And, of course, since the Chinese ” attitude has been to regard those of darker skin as inferior”.

The Cultural Marxists really look down on Black people. They seem to view Blacks as inherently retarded or something, and the only use they have in the world is to make others feel guilty for their ableism, i.e. not having been born Black.

The lowdown of this BBC article is then that the Chinese have a unified identity, which gives them strength, but it’s bad because they don’t like Black people.


How Multiculturalism works in China

The Huffington Post writes that officially China consists of 56 different ethnic groups, and although China presents itself as a  “united socialist multiethnic state”, but this is a lie. The Han oppress the minority groups: “The areas populated by minorities like the Tibetans and the Uighurs still experience extreme poverty.” “Tibetan children face corporal punishment and abuse by authorities for wearing traditional dress and singing Tibetan songs.  More recently, the Muslim Uighur population has clashed with authorities. Resentment has grown towards the government which discourages the practice of Islam. At job fairs in the mineral-rich region, signs often read, ‘Uighurs need not apply.'”

Presumably the journalists just want the government to promote the culture and faith of these minorities, but it doesn’t occur to them that independence from the central government could be an actual solution. Free Tibet is so 1990s. Nowadays everything has to be controlled by an inclusive central government.

An article on the La Trobe University website notes that when the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949 “as a ‘unified multiethnic country’, comprising 55 distinct ethnic minorities and a single Han majority. It followed the model of the Soviet Union in creating a complex system of institutions and statutes aimed at promoting the equality, harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity of all these groups.” Also “the 1954 Law on Regional Ethnic Autonomy created an extensive regime of special educational rights and privileges for minorities, including extra funding and subsidies, preferential enrolment quotas, remedial classes, and specialised schools and curricula.” So the Affirmative Action prevalent in contemporary America is literally a Communist idea.

The author points out that despite this the minority communities are underdeveloped, and the Han majority resent these policies, and possibly the minorities as well because of them.

One particular omission regarding these people discussing multiculturalism and mistreatment of minorities in China is that they focus solely on the mistreatment of ethnic minorities, but ignore other types of oppression. The Han Chinese government mistreating the Uighurs or Tibetans is bad, but there’s no problem when the government oppresses other Han Chinese. Hong Kong is being inundated by immigrants from mainland China. The central government has taken steps to suppress the usage of the Cantonese dialect in Guandong and Hong Kong, but since they’re all of the same race, there’s no problem. People of the same race fighting each other is good, people of different races fighting each other is bad.


Multiculturalism and Human Stupidity

An article in The Diplomat mentions how White people are getting preferential treatment in China simply because of their race. Simply having White people in your company gives the impression of being international, so they get hired regardless of their skills. Some White people are getting hired as musicians or English teachers, even if they don’t really know what they are doing, and are getting paid better than Chinese people for the same job, according to the article. I don’t think this is just some Marxist propaganda. I’ve heard similar stories from Chinese I’ve met.

The writer imparts one very interesting account: “white English teachers make considerably more than their bilingual Chinese counterparts and often more than Chinese-Americans too. It doesn’t matter that Chinese-Americans are native English speakers. If parents see an Asian person teaching their children, they often assume the person doesn’t speak English well (even if they themselves speak it too poorly to be able to judge). I once met a Russian who taught at a local English school in Chengdu. He could barely string a dozen words together in English. Nevertheless, he was paid more than four times the average Chinese salary. Naturally, he was white.”

The story is a perfect example of why multiculturalism is a bad idea; human stupidity. Some people, certainly not all, are just stupid and cannot discriminate between the race of a person and the individual themselves. They seem to think that people of another, distant race are all mass-produced cookie-cutter replicas of each other, i.e. some Chinese believe all White people are good at English. While this is a fairly benign form of stupidity, but we can go to Europe for really disturbing examples of this phenomenon. Let’s take the German woman who apologized for the Muslim immigrants that raped her. Since Muslims are all oppressed and cannot help their actions, and they cannot be individuals where some are good and some are bad.

Some people are just so dumb and incapable of seeing the world outside of their own cultural context, so they should not be put in situations where their lack of understanding can cause damage to themselves or others.



Multiculturalism doesn’t seem that strong in China, although Marxists in the West wish to strengthen it. It seems more like a bureaucratic hindrance than a truly nation-threatening problem. That is not to say that China doesn’t have plenty of social problems, but at least they do not seem to be suffering from multiculturalism as much as the West, or even Japan and South Korea.

The White Genocide-crowd who claim that nobody is saying that East Asia should become multicultural has been proven wrong as well. Some Marxists, such as the ones working for the BBC, want the Chinese to be more accepting of Black people for example, but the Chinese don’t seem to care. Once again we should ask why people of European stock are much more deeply afflicted by this “pathological altruism” than others?



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