The Circle

I was listening a program with Ochelli and The Greek at American Freedom Radio, when the latter man mentioned the Greek goddess Circe and its connection to the word church. This reminded me of a topic that has been going around in my head for a few months now. Let’s jump in.

Circe is a goddess of magic in Greek myth. Wikipedia describes her as follows: “Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of potions and herbs. Through the use of magical potions and a wand or a staff, she transformed her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals.”

The word church comes from the old English cirike, circe. Some sources claim the word’s etymology originates the Greek kyriakon (adj.) meaning “of the lord”. This supposed refers the lord’s house. However this interpretation is supposedly false, and I certainly don’t find it credible. A more likely etymological background for the word church is “circle”.

A man called Steven writes on the Bein’ a Berean website that what is called in the New Testament a church, is in the original Greek ekklesia which means “congregation”. However, King James I, known for commissioning the King James Bible, wanted the translators to use the word “church” instead of “congregation”. Although that wasn’t the first bible to use the word church.

Moreover, Steven points out that King James I was also a Freemason, possibly even the originator of the worldwide lodge system, and a homosexual. He even mentions that a circle with a dot inside is a Freemasonic symbol. I believe the conspiracy researcher Freeman has stated that the logo symbolizes apotheosis, i.e. man becoming God.

This is the logo of the company Target, that is behind Walmart. They wish to become gods, I suppose.

Then there is the derogatory term for Jews, “kike”. Etymonline states a possible origin for the word as follows: “Philip Cowen, first editor of ‘The American Hebrew,’ suggests a source in Yiddish kikel ‘circle.’ According to him, Jewish immigrants, ignorant of writing with the Latin alphabet, signed their entry forms with a circle, eschewing the ‘X’ as a sign of Christianity. On this theory, Ellis Island immigration inspectors began calling such people kikels, and the term shortened as it passed into general use.”

This reminds me of another company logo, the Circle K.

The kike circle. Then there’s the Red Ice interview where Dennis Fetcho talked about the Kosher tax. Certain products that have a U or a K on them are taxed by Jewish rabbis.

Then there’s still the word “circus” which comes from the same Latin word meaning “ring, circular line”. A circus is a circle in which performers entertain you. The ring also reminds me of the squared circle of a boxing or “pro-wrestling” match. And of Masons, of course.

All of these words are related to the circle and the goddess Circe; church, kike and circus. What it all comes down to is that the kikes and Freemasons give bread and circuses to distract us, and we go to their churches (or at least used to) to go around in circles trying to find spirituality, or we go buy in their stores for more distractions, while in the background they worship their goddess Circe. Circe transformed men into animals, and that’s certainly happening to many people nowadays. I suppose all of this is some sort of alchemical attempt at attaining godhood to be by Circe’s side.



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