The Brussels Terrorist Attacks were a Joke

Yesterday three explosions occurred in Brussels, Belgium, killing at least 30 people. Naturally, a radical Islamic group identified itself as the attacker, this time it was ISIS.

I happened to catch the news on a Finnish main stream media TV channel. They said Europe was shocked by the attacks. Already back then I thought it was a cynical joke. There is nothing shocking about a terrorist attack. There is nothing new or unusual about it. It’s not shocking if a man went to drink alcohol in a bar on Friday night and the next morning he has a hang-over. It’s not shocking that the sun goes up in the morning. It is to be expected. Ever since 9/11 fifteen years ago, no-one in a position of power has done anything to prevent terrorism. They have done the exact opposite, though. They have waged war in Islamic countries without any just cause, and then imported people from those countries into Europe. No wonder they are pissed. And of course Western governments have blatantly funded terrorist groups like ISIS.

Today I saw a Daily Mail article on Red Ice Creations website saying that an American teen has been at three different terror attacks, and survived. He was allegedly at the Boston Bombing in 2013, the Paris attacks last year and the Brussels bombing yesterday. The article just said he was lucky.

The Boston Bombing was a blatant false flag/hoax, which can be verified by anyone who wants to bother. I am not entirely sure whether the Paris attacks were a false flag or not, but they were allegedly perpetrated by ISIS (or ISIL) and therefore were a Western/Zionist terror attack by proxy. The same goes for the Brussels attacks.

Then there is this American teen who was at all of these self-inflicted wounds. This is a joke, and the people behind these attacks want you to know it. It is a “fuck you” in your face. This should be proof enough that there was foreknowledge. The guy is a Mormon missionary by the name of Mason Wells. Mason. That says it all. I wonder who is behind terrorism?

The interior minister of Belgium, Jan Jambon, had said that it’s the fault of Belgians that the Islamic terrorists allegedly perpetrated these attacks. While this guy, and every politician like him, i.e. every politician, pisses me off and I hope the Belgians bring out the guillotine, however I think he is half-correct. Not that Belgians, or Europeans, should be more accommodating for Muslims. I think we’re too accommodating to people from societies with backwards beliefs. Moreover, far before 9/11 happened, there were several conspiracy researchers saying that our countries are not ruled by people who work in our best interest. They work for secret societies, and ideologies and religions we do not share, nor do we know much about.  This can be ascertained simply by looking at the fruits of their labour. You don’t even have to research convoluted conspiracies, if you don’t want. However, people of this White Master Race simply laughed the researchers off as crazy conspiracy theorists and went on consuming. We’re too smart for common sense.

People of European stock brought this upon themselves. The terrorism, the violence, and the rapes. It could have all been prevented decades ago. It would have been easier to prevent the problem before it got out of hand. But that’s not how we do things over here. It’s not dramatic enough to fix something before it’s a disaster. We seem to yearn for the Battle of Armageddon or Ragnarök.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop reacting to all the shiny objects they dangle in front of us, and start acting? Don’t believe in their false prophets like Trump, UKIP and other people who work for the system? Don’t play by their rules. Don’t take the blue pill, nor the red pill.



The French government tweeted this picture to show solidarity with the Belgians:

I’m sure this will stop terrorism. It’s not a joke at all. Rome too was built by tweeting motivational pictures.



THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, survived Brussels attacks, Boston and Paris bombings:

Belgian Official Says Terrorism is the Fault of Europeans for Not Being Nice Enough to Moslems:


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