In memory of Germanwings Flight 9525

Exactly one year ago, March 24, 2015, a Germanwings plane allegedly crashed in the French alps killing 150 people. The supposed cause was that the “killer co-pilot” Andreas Lubitz had purposefully crashed the plane into the mountain. The truth is, however, that it is unlikely the plane ever crashed the mountain, and that Lubitz was framed for the disappearance of the plane.


No Evidence of a Crash

I wrote several pieces on this incident in the days following it occurrence, and back then I already realized the whole story was questionable. The facts are there is no proper evidence to show the plane actually crashed in the alps, nor are there any evidence of bodies. The pictures given to the media only show rubbish on the mountain, with a few plane parts scattered here and there, but certainly no trace of a plane, nor was there any evidence of blood or corpses. One of the black boxes, or the flight recorders, that are designed to withstand heavy impacts, were in this crash heavily damaged and the memory card was missing from the other one.


The pictures only show rubbish, not proper debris from an actual crashed plane. No trace of dead people either.



On top of this, the French president, Hollande, was priming the minds of people to accept that all of the passengers were dead just couple of hours after the crash, i.e. before the salvage crew had been able to verify whether or not there were survivors. This is common practice in false flags. While the public is still in shock, tell them any story that sounds plausible and they will hold onto it later. Also the president of the alps council, Gilbert Suivan, knew the plane had “disintegrated” just a couple of hours after the alleged crash. First of all, the plane should not simply disintegrate if it crashed into a mountain, how could monsieur Suivan know it so early on? This suggests it was a cover story to hide the truth of what happened to the plane.

The bodies of the victims were all allegedly smashed into tiny bits, yet they haven’t provided any evidence of this. Moreover, this sounds more like some cartoon logic like in South Park or Happy Tree Friends where characters just explode like a balloon of blood. On top of it all, the description is contradicted by the images that allegedly show debris from the plane, yet show absolutely no blood or guts.

The salvage crew allegedly recovered 40 cellphones from the wreckage, but The Telegraph quotes a French prosecutor saying they are “very damaged, apparently making their recovery particularly difficult”. How convenient.

They have not provided any evidence that the plane actually crashed in the alps. When applying your critical thinking faculties, you can come to no other conclusion that the authorities are lying and covering something up. It’s the same as with the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, you’re just supposed to take their word for it. No trace of the plane’s fuselage, no bodies, the black boxes were damaged and the memory card stolen, and even the cellphones are all broken.


Andreas Lubitz

Andreas Lubitz was the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane, and allegedly purposefully crashed it into a mountain. This story originated from speculations by the prosecutor or other officials, and afterwards the evidence that they recovered simply seemed to fit this narrative. This sounds very much like he was framed. If you do an honest investigation, you look at the evidence first and then try to figure out what happened. Lubitz was quite clearly the fall guy, the lone nut, to act as the fall guy for this conspiracy.

The media has speculated that he may have been depressed, there are allegations that Lubitz was losing his sight, he had seen 41 different doctors before he “snapped”, and supposedly had a diary that showed his “descent into depression”. Some of these allegations might be true, but not all I’m sure. For he most part they serve to frame him for something he did not do. It is easy to recognize Lubitz as the fall guy by looking at the physical evidence, or lack thereof. Obviously there was a bigger conspiracy at hand. Even if Lubitz was depressed or losing his sight, he cannot make the plane disappear into thin air.


Other victims of the “crash”

Allegedly 150 people, including Lubitz, died in the crash. I don’t think the plane had crashed, as there is no evidence of this. I think the plane was hi-jacked and the passengers taken prisoner. For what purpose, I do not know. Another possibility is that the plane never even took flight. I am not suggesting that this is what happened, but I do think it is a possibility. Can we be sure that the crew had disappeared? Have all of those people really died or is it just something that the media claims had happened?

There were some alleged family members of the victims in the media who behaved like “crisis actors” or Disingenous Relatives of Victims. This suggests that at least some of the alleged victims did not die, but others might have genuinely died. You can see my article from last year on this for more detail.

I do not know whether the whole thing was a hoax, and if it was, what would be the purpose behind it, or a hi-jacking of the plane, but framed as a crash to prevent people looking for the victims. I am sure though, that this was a cover-up, and the authorities and the media have not provided any evidence that the plane actually crashed in the alps.

The alternative media as well, at least he bigger outlets in the alternative media, have ignored this conspiracy for the most part. Many independent youtubers and smaller websites have dealt with this, but overall the alternative media did squat to try and expose the conspiracy. I suppose they want to sound credible and not delve too deep into crazy conspiracies, but I just see them as weak and cowardly, caring more about their reputation than the truth. The alternative media, has become much like the main stream media, in that their primary concern is pandering to a populist audience. Keep the message simple and memeable or the idiots will tune out.



The Germanwings plane did not crash in the French alps, or if it did, the authorities covered up the facts. The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was the fall guy, similar to Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination. Just focus on this one dubious character, and ignore the big picture. If this sounds far-fetched, I challenge you to look into the matter yourself. All you need is some critical thinking and basic understanding of physics to know that a plane should not disintegrate like in the pictures.

And I suggest you stop giving your money to the alternative media. For the most part, it’s becoming as institutionalized as the main stream. They don’t want to take risks in fear of alienating Joe Average. Their disinterest in events like this prove it well enough.




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