Pathological Narcissism or Altruistic Narcissism?

The term Pathological Altruism has been around for at least a few years to describe how people, particularly of European descent, get suckered in to do harm to themselves with the pretense of doing something morally laudable. While I do find the term fairly accurate in explaining the mindset of the West, yet there is a hint of one underlying attribute that I do not agree with; Westerners are so caring that it gets them in trouble. This may not apply to everyone who uses the term Pathological Altruism, but I have heard at least some people use in this manner. As if Europeans are more friendly than say Middle-Easterners and they’re abusing our good nature. Ultimately I do not think that is the case.

I propose the term Pathological Narcissism instead to be at the root of our so-called altruism. It refers to the delusion that a Pathological Narcissist believes the world functions exactly as they think, compared to a normal person who of course has their own beliefs on things, but is capable of assessing information and changing their minds based on new evidence.

One evidence of this phenomenon I’ve been particularly annoyed with for years is the delusional way people put their faith in politicians. Although the fruits of the labour of pretty much every major politician in recent decades has been poverty, war and injustice, the people still think the politician is trying their best to make things work, since that is what they would do in the situation. They cannot fathom that the values and world-view of these politicians differ greatly from that of the average hard-working man and woman. That’s why so many are unwilling to come to terms with the fact that the people in their governments often despise their subjects and actively seek to harm them. Look at the US government participating in 9/11 to kill thousands of their own citizens and countless more in the Middle-East. Look at the German politicians who welcome third-world immigration with the explicit purpose of exterminating their own people. Yet most people are unwilling to come to terms with the fact that their governments are run by evil and sadistic people, since Joe Average himself would never conceive of doing anything as morally reprehensible as politicians do every day.

The root of this psychological problem is not that the people are so kind and compassionate, but that they are narcissistic. They think the world revolves around them, and other people behave according to the same parameters as they do.

Take a look at the White Man’s burden from the 19th century to educate the “savages”. Supposedly Europeans knew better how other people should live. Look at modern Europe being invaded by hordes of Muslim immigrants who commit crimes every day. Yet Joe Average shuts his mind from it, since apparently non-Europeans are still the “noble savage” and not responsible for their actions. They somehow incapable of true malice, since they are not truly sentient beings, and the crimes they commit are due to our bigotry. This insanity is the result of our own narcissism, a very twisted form of masochistic narcissism, but narcissism nonetheless. Or this the far left view on the matter in Current Year.

The far right view, currently a minority but it is growing, is that Whites are somehow incapable of sin, and it is because of the influence of these other races, mainly Jews, Africans and Arabs, that things are going to hell in a handbasket. While the inordinate control over the media, finance and many other avenues by Jews, and the crimes committed by “refugees” from MENA countries, are a legitimate concern, we should ask ourselves why is this happening? Why didn’t we stop the disaster before it got out of hand? However, Whites being a victim supposedly gives us a moral upper hand. We can focus on blaming others for screwing up our own societies, and ignore our own culpability.

Both the far right and left are wallowing in their self-righteousness. Leftists sacrifice themselves for the good of others, whereas the right finds justification for anything as long as it’s in the name of their race. However, the leftists ultimately care only about euphoria they get by their facetiously charitable actions regardless of what the end result is. And the right-wing is happy to defend the West from a Muslim invasion, yet they ignore how we created the whole situation in the first place. Both parties derive narcissistic satisfaction from their struggle.

Wikipedia says: “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and often others.” I think this describes the Western mindset pretty well. It does not just apply to greedy corporate CEOs or hedonistic socialites, but especially to our sense of morality. As long as I feel I’m doing the right thing, I’m doing the right thing. No matter the consequences. The West has poured billions of dollars into monetary aid into Africa, but has it actually accomplished anything there? As far as I know, many places of Africa are starving and they’re suffering from AIDS and war. Yet we just feel morally so good giving them money, it doesn’t matter if our efforts actually yield any results. It’s like of a man has only one arm and you want to help him, but you cannot grow him a new arm, so you cut your arm off as well.

Now that I think of it, maybe Altruistic Narcissism would be a better description for this phenomenon than Pathological Narcissism? Whatever it is at the root of our Pathological Altruism lies deep-rooted narcissism.


P.S. If you think Trump is going to fix things, you’re wallowing in narcissistic delusion and projecting attributes onto him that he does not possess.



Narcissistic personality disorder:



One thought on “Pathological Narcissism or Altruistic Narcissism?”

  1. They call it the mark of cain: sociopathy, parasitism, soullessness….people who are just mad/bad/evil/usually freemasons 🙂 It’s pretty hard as white european male to think like this since our genetic and cultural heritage is for hard work and self discipline and relative transparency…Not everyone thinks like that, as you say, and usually they’re popular with girls too, which doesn’t help…psychopathy being a darwinian selected trait now more than ever.

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