Miscegenation and Heritage

Alt Right, New Right and people of that ilk are often concerned about the preservation of their race and are against race mixing that leads to miscegenation. I agree with them to them extent that genes, race and inheritance matter, but as I’ve pointed out previously the idea of the White race hasn’t been defined properly. The modern Right seems to have the notion that all people of European origin are somehow in the same in-group. This is simplistic to say the least.

In the old days, people used to be concerned with one’s heritage and family history. Let’s say one’s father had been a war hero this would reflect positively on the son, but possibly others would also expect more from him. Conversely, if a man’s father had been a reviled traitor, his sins would carry onto the son. Perhaps we should embrace this sort notion of inheritance as well, since children tend to inherit biological traits and societal values from their parents. I’m pretty sure this has been known by people for millennia, even before the Theory of Evolution or discovery of the DNA. Children tend to look like their parents after all.

However, the idea promoted by the modern Right seems to be that Americans are somehow inheritors of ancient Rome, for example. Culturally this applies to the majority of Europe and America, since most of Europe adopted the Roman script and Christianity through Rome, but biologically speaking most Americans have not descended from the Romans. They’ve descended from the English.

The notion seems to be that since we’re all described by the attribute White, we’re all in the same group, as if we share significant common attributes. This is modern superstition in my opinion. Did the king of England 800 years ago think of the English peasants as being of his “race”? Did he feel kinship toward them? No, they were viewed as people of lesser heritage. Biologically inferior. This has been the case in most societies. There has been royalty, nobility and the masses. They should not intermarry. To do so would be the old way of viewing miscegenation.

Nowadays the Right seems to be for all sorts of miscegenation among the so-called White people. English, Slavs, Finno-Ugrics, French and Greeks are all White, so they can intermarry all they want, but if you marry a Chinese or an African then you’re a dirty race mixer. I would argue that mixing among these various White races would constitute as race mixing as well. However, I’m not particularly against race mixing as long as you remember your heritage. My problem is that much of the Right seems egalitarian when it comes to White people, but in fact there is great variance between the mental capabilities and moral tendencies among individual White people.

The majority of people, probably regardless of race, basically believes whatever the establishment tells them to do. If today they say: be a good Christian, go to church on Sunday and everyone who does not is immoral, this is what the masses do. Tomorrow the establishment says Christians are evil, oppressive and hypocritical and you should be an atheist, but love Muslims, that’s what people’ll do. Countless people seem to lack the ability to consciously analyze the world and draw conclusions on it. I think the idea of class or caste system is based on this. If the people who do possess the ability to reason intermingle with those who can not, this will most likely dilute the mental abilities of their offspring as well. This is why, I think, there used to be a clear distinction in social classes in the past, and the world is so messed up in modern times because we’re taught to believe that everyone is equal. This is why democracy can not work, since the voice of the informed minority will always be silenced by the animalistic masses.

The point is not that White people are inherently superior than Black people, or vice versa, but that some White people are inherently superior to other White people, and some Black people are inherently superior to other Black people. The problem is that nowadays there is no way to determine the class of a person as these different sub-races have been mixed up so heavily. Moreover, when faced with this sort of information most people would instinctually claim that of course they are natural elite and should be in charge. Pride has this effect on people. Everyone wants to be the Indigo Child or the lost king Aragorn in disguise.

This understanding, I feel, should be at the core of the “racial realism” debate. It shouldn’t be a pissing contest between Whites, Blacks, Jews and Arabs.



What is the White race: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/white-race/

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Recent Celebrity Deaths

I’m going to address the deaths of three celebrities who’ve died fairly recently; David Bowie, Prince and Chyna. While Bowie’s death isn’t so recent, since it happened over 3 months ago, it’s still fairly new. Anyways, I find the deaths of all three somewhat suspicious.


David Bowie

First of all, I don’t think anyone really believes that David Bowie died a normal death. I think deep down even the much of the so called Sheeple find it suspicious, but they’ve been programmed with a reaction dismiss any opinion that blatantly contradicts the mainstream. Bowie released his album titled “Blackstar” and two days later he died of cancer although no-one had heard he had had cancer.

I’m sure plenty of people have already written about the occult symbolism of the black star, or the black sun, which may or may not refer to Saturn. There was hit song “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden decades ago and all that. Just this itself is suspicious, and then David Bowie winds up dead right after the album’s release. The Independent writes: “Even those working on projects with him in the weeks before he died were completely unaware of his condition and expressed their shock at learning he had been so gravely ill.” Supposedly this was because Bowie had decided to keep this secret from others, but if he was only days away from death, you’d think the people working with him would’ve noticed something.

Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, Tweeted after his father’s death: “Very sorry and sad to say it’s true. I’ll be offline for a while. Love to all.” There certainly was no admission that he knew about Bowie’s alleged disease. Jones being offline could mean that he is simply grieving, or perhaps he was supposed to go somewhere to be advised on how to behave in public regarding this issue. I question whether anyone really knew about the “cancer” before Bowie died.



The artist Prince, formerly known as the Symbol, died a few days ago. He is known among the conspiracy theorist circles for talking about geoengineering or chemtrails on TV. Sure, he might have been killed for knowing too much and repeating the information in public, but there are other options as well.

The truly suspicious bit is the fact no-one seems to know why Prince died, but there are loads of different rumours floating about such as flu, drugs or AIDS. Moreover his remains were already cremated according to CNN, yet the Medical Examiner’s office is still working on the autopsy report, and it might take “days or weeks before results are complete”. I don’t know how these things are usually handled, but clearly the authorities don’t have a clue how he died, so shouldn’t they hold off on the cremation in case they have to double-check something?



Chyna was a female wrestler for the WWF (currently WWE) in the nineties and early 2000s. I heard just today she had died a couple of days ago. Her death is suspicious as well.

The Independent wrote earlier that Chyna’s death was treated as “a possible overdose” by the coroner’s office. Surprise, surprise, today The Independent said it was confirmed by her friend that she had been mixing drugs and alcohol, although I suppose the coroner’s office is still working on their official report. I wonder what their conclusion will be? Conclusions seem to be drawn before investigating the death.

The WWE has had other suspicious deaths over the years. Back in 2007 I used to follow wrestling regularly and Chris Benoit supposedly murdered his family and himself, I thought it was a murder with him being framed for it. I don’t know who did it or why, although I suspected the owner of WWE, Vince McMahon, was involved somehow. The death of Eddie Guerrero two years earlier was questionable as well. The months preceding his death, Eddie Guerrero’s character in the arena changed suddenly. I think he had been a heel, a bad guy in wrestling lingo, for a while, but suddenly he befriended Batista, who was popular at that time, and become a face, a good guy. I felt back then that maybe Guerrero knew he was about to die, and wanted to be remembered as a nice guy.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic.


The Reason behind the Deaths?

I do not know why these celebrities died, although I’m very skeptical of the story fed to us by the news. There are plenty of conspiratorial explanations such as “Illuminati sacrifice”, killed off to be silenced or perhaps they didn’t die, but their deaths were faked and they escaped somewhere else, such as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS). Yet the problem with all these scenarios is that they are very hypothetical. The thing is we’ll probably never know the truth, but that’s no reason to believe the official half-truths either.

Just in case all this sounds incredible to someone I should remind how the entertainment industry, and the music industry in particular, is inundated with the occult. Their sole purpose is not to give you circuses (the other part of bread and circuses) and to take your money. There are even more nefarious purposes behind all of it. Just take a look at their occult rituals.

Lady Gaga at VMA 2009 indulging in blood sacrifice
Katy Perry performing a witches’ sabbath in 2014 Grammys
Miley Cyrus twerking to invoke Kali

The people in the music industry are clearly into black magic and occult rituals, and it’s working since countless people listen to their music and go to their concerts.

In this light the idea of celebrities being sacrificed for occult purposes does not sound so ridiculous. I saw a video by someone called pocketofthefuture pointing out the deaths of Prince and Chyna might be linked because of their names. Chyna sounds like China, and Prince refers to royalty, perhaps to prince William or Harry of UK. Perhaps the elites simply want the regular people to keep these concepts in their minds and this by some occult means affects reality by itself. David Bowie’s death would draw our attention to the black sun. As we draw into revere these dead entertainers, the energy might be directed to the abstract concept the names refer to.

I somehow find the idea intriguing that Prince and Chyna were killed simply because of the names they used, and David Bowie for the album name, which was probably decided by someone else. It sounds extremely callous and fitting in the world we live in.



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What is the White Race?

White Nationalists and Alt-Right continuously talk about the preservation of the White race, White Genocide and all that, but I’m still not quite sure what they mean when they say White. As a rough generalization I can understand that the White people refers to people of European descent, yet the various European peoples do not constitute a homogenous group.

I’ve already written about White Nationalism and the White Genocide previously, and I don’t want to repeat everything here, but suffice to say I find the word White when referring to race as ambiguous at best.


Tabula Rasa

The talk of us as White people reminds me of something said in the movie “Malcom X”, which recounted the exploits of the African-American activist. When Malcolm X was in prison he met another Black man who told him to look at what the dictionary says about the words “black” and “white”. I don’t remember the exact definitions stated in the movie, but the Merriam-Webster dictionary gives definitions such as “thoroughly sinister or evil”, “marked by the occurrence of disaster” and  “characterized by hostility or angry discontent”, i.e. the word has negative connotations. White on the other hand is associated with light, purity and positive things. This, according to the character in Malcolm X, affects the self-image of Black people negatively. I agree.

Let’s look at the word “white” then. What connotations does that word have? These are some of the definitions mentioned in Merriam-Webster: “free from color”, “being a member of a group or race characterized by light pigmentation of the skin”, “marked by upright fairness”, “free from spot or blemish: as . . . free from moral impurity” and “not intended to cause harm”. I certainly see the attitude in the Alt Right that White people are inherently more moral or pure compared to other races, or as Common Filth criticizes the attitude “it’s alright as long as White people are doing it”. No person nor race is inherently moral, instead moral behaviour is something each individual must strive to maintain.

What I find most intriguing definition is the first one: free from color, i.e. colorless. The dictionary elaborates on “colorless” by these attributes: “dull or boring : not interesting”. First of all, I see this attitude in especially all of the White women who are obsessed with dating African or Arabic men, since White people, i.e. the woman herself and men of her race, are so dull, so she has to have some color in her life. Moreover, this definition of us as being colorless is like saying we are a Tabula Rasa, a blank slate. We have no identity, no history, but you’re welcome to draw or write anything on us and we will become that. Both the far left and the far right are guilty of this. The Cultural Marxists and Social Justice Warriors focus on the negative sides of our history and paint a picture of cruelty and bloodshed, whereas the Alt Right chooses to fill the slate with Roman high culture.

This is how the Left paints the White man.
This is how the Left paints the White man.
How the Right paints him.

Both views are cherry-picked instances of Western history and culture. It’s predicated on the idea that we are a White Tabula Rasa where anything goes. But this is not true. There is no White race. There are various different White nations.


No White race, but White nations

The English, for example, have many significant cultural accomplishments such as Shakespeare, John Milton, William Blake and Monty Python. The Germans and Greeks have several important philosophers. But we Finns don’t really anything comparable to those. It would just seem odd for me as a Finnish man to brag about my heritage as a White man for something an Englishman has done. We are not the same people. And although Finns lack many of the accomplishments of other European peoples I can take pride in the fact that we lack many of the negative aspects of those Europeans. We didn’t conquer half of the world by imperialism, and although the British empire had positive aspects to it, overall I think it’s one of the worst things that has happened in the world. Nor has Finland ever been as decadent as the Weimar republic was, or modern Germany is. Nor has Finland fallen from the height of European culture that Greece was over 2000 years to the 3rd world country it is now.

Although as this rough generalization I can describe myself as White and compare myself to other Europeans, yet it would be nonsensical to say that the different cultures and histories of Europe form a homogenous collective.

Even Adolf Hitler believed in the superiority of the Germanic “Aryans”. He was not there to uplift the White man, but the Germanic man. He considered Slavs to be subhuman, although nowadays the Anglo-Saxon White Nationalists seem to consider Slavs as part of their race. Hitler was not only proven wrong about his theories about the superiority of the Germanic man by failing to conquer Russia, and nowadays when you compare the Slavic eastern Europe to western and northern Germanic Europe, the Slavs come off as having enough common sense to take care of their own people, whereas Germans and Swedes only care about the rights of the “rapefugees” and the LGBT community.


What is the White race?

My question stands: what is the White race? What do the White Nationalists and Alt Right mean when they want to conserve their blessed White man? I haven’t seen them define what they mean by it. Perhaps someone somewhere has offered a definition, but I haven’t seen it. This isn’t some minor detail I’m nit-picking on, but the most important part of their identity politics, yet they don’t define their terms.

Greg Johnson, in his article on the White Genocide, defines the meaning of the word “genocide”, but not what he means by the White race. In another he states that race is not a social construct, which I agree with. He also points out that different races have observable differences, even among seemingly similar races such as Australian aborigines and Africans. Later on Johnson suggests there are five distinct races: “Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Congoid, Capoid, and Australoid”. The Caucasoid would be the White race then. If the Caucasoid are a single race, why do different ethnic groups within the alleged White/Caucasian race also bare physiological differences? The English, Italians, Finns and Russians are all part of the supposed White race, yet all of them have very different features. How are they all of the same race, yet observably different? I’ve heard Alt Right people mention on a few different occasion that Italians weren’t considered White a century or two ago. Why are they considered White now? Was there are racial shift, or is Whiteness just an arbitrary definition based on the whims and emotions of the speaker?

Wikipedia states that the United States Census Bureau defines White people as follows: “having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who indicated their race(s) as “White” or reported entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Arab, Moroccan, or Caucasian” and so is a wider group than European American.” According to this definition Arabs, Jews and Mexicans would be White. This isn’t what most Alt Right people believe, so this definition clearly does suffice to explain their definition of Whiteness. What is the fabled White race they are intent on protecting? I doubt even they know. The Alt Right aren’t Racial Realists, but Racial Idealists.



I see this recent push for international White Nationalism as just another attempt at replacing nationalism with internationalism or globalism. It has the same goal as Communism or Corpocratism. Only the method is different. If people fall for it, the result would be undermining national sovereignty and identity of each “White” nation in favour of some abstract unified cluster of various races that have some cultural ties to each other, although deep down they are different.

I have no problem with White Nationalists out there in America wanting to create a nation of their own in America, but I have problem with people who promote the agendas of the “small, rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace. It is people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere, who do not have a soil where that have grown up, but who live in Berlin today, in Brussels tomorrow, in Paris the day after that, and then again in Prague, Vienna or London, and who feel at home everywhere. They are the only ones who can can be addressed as international elements, because they conduct their business everywhere.”



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The White Race is Manic-Depressive

I was depressed for many years from my late teens onto my early twenties. On most days I felt depressed, worthless and suicidal, but there were some days I felt like I was really someone special and much better than everyone else. If only I could hook myself into that feeling of excellence I could drag myself out of depression. I suppose this is what you call being Manic-Depressive.

The way out, however, was not uncovering some esoteric aspect of my own divinity, but coming into terms with the fact that I’m a normal person. I’m not the lowest of the low, nor the smartest and most magical chosen one. I’m a guy, and that’s good enough. Usually I was stuck in a pit, but on some days I felt like I was soaring in the skies, so the answer was to find a middle-ground, or just the ground. I should stand on the solid earth, not under it, nor up in the clouds.

This is what I see going on with White people. Both the far left and the far right. The left believes that we are the worst and most despicable people on the earth, because of slavery, imperialism, capitalism and all that. But on some occasions they like to feel like they’re the most compassionate and self-sacrificing by showing their tolerance toward everything, and engaging in their idealistic hobbies of activism. The right on the other hand seems so helpless at times, since we are being genocided by the Semites and the Marxists, and there is nothing we can do but complain about it. On other occasions the right, particularly the Alt-Right, believe that the White race is the best and holiest and we can do no wrong if left to our own devices. Only the presence of these lesser races in our communities is sole source of our problems.

Both sides of the spectrum are Manic-Depressive. Both sides have some sensible arguments, but take it to an extreme, a delusional one. The left, and the despised Social Justice Warriors, start from a reasonable standpoint. Many of the issues that they try to bring to attention I agree with, but halfway through their thought process becomes stillborn. Imperialism was wrong, yes, but that practice ended a 100 years ago or so. The US is practicing neo-Imperialism, but when it’s done under the guise of Obama no-one seems to mind. Capitalism sucks, I agree, but their solution of Socialism or Communism is even worse. And the Feminist criticism of the mystical Patriarchy is like a canary in the coal mine, and more like announcing how the men of the West have become weak and can be pushed around by women.

The right is correct that we have no need to apologize for slavery, racism or any of that stuff, but some, not all, right-wingers are completely oblivious how these sins of our forefathers have doomed us. England practiced colonialism in India, now England is overcrowded by Indians. Same with France in Africa. I’m reminded of Tito Perdue’s interview at Red Ice last December when he said something like the White race is the best, and if New Zealand’s native population was exterminated and replaced by Whites, it would be for the better, although I don’t remember his exact wording. He, and many like him, seem completely oblivious to the fact that ideologies such as these have doomed our race. For some reason White people are unable to focus on taking care of themselves, and instead butt-in into other people’s business. I suppose the answer, or a partial answer, is the depressed nature of the collective unconsciousness of the White man. Meddling in other people’s affairs gives us a distraction away from our own problems.

There is a significant difference between veneration of one’s own heritage and this artificial sense of superiority that only brings destruction onto us and others. The left is no better in this, they despise their own heritage and simply want to destroy it to escape from problems. They have no actual interest in fixing the problems we have caused nor atoning for our real and imagined sins.

The White man is a delusional Manic-Depressive. The solution is not suicide nor escapism, but a realistic act of introspection.



Tito Perdue – The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy – Hour 1: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/12/RIR-151228.php

Satanism and Alt-Right

Certain facets of the Alt-Right heavily push the homosexual agenda onto their followers, although they like to pretend they don’t. Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson are the best examples of this, and while the gay Zionist Jew Milo Yiannopoulos may not be a member of the Alt-Right, he has been flirting with them. Moreover, many of these Alt-Righters are staunchly anti-Christianity. This seems to correspond with the aims of the secret societies ruling over the world. Their spiritual world view have been categorized by various different terms such as Satanism, Luciferianism, Transhumanism, or Dark Occultism. I don’t know which is the most accurate description, but I’ll use Satanism here for the sake of simplicity.

I do not think that the Jewish conspiracy is on the top of the pyramid, rather I  think they are high level managers of the system, not the creators nor controllers of it. But let make this clear; there is a Jewish conspiracy, and dismantling it is a significant part of fixing the problems we are facing in the world.

It should be obvious to anyone how the global Satanist establishment is pushing the LGBT-agenda onto everyone, and they’re also demonizing Christians. They seek to pervert anything decent and natural into a grotesque mockery of its former self, a lot like the Knights Templar did back in the Middle-Ages. The reason they hate Christians must be that certain Christians still hold onto something decent, and won’t willingly give it away, and also there is probably some profound spiritual truth to the Christian doctrine. I, like many others these days, am not a fan of Christianity, but I say that we should be able to distinguish between the man-made institutions of the church and the Christian community, and the stories recounted in the Bible. I do think that the stories in the Bible, or possibly older stories upon which the book is based, are based on significant truths, and in the course of history some individuals have managed to interpret them properly with beneficial effects, while many have misinterpreted them.

For this reason I believe it is important to distinguish between genuine criticism of Christianity and blatant attacks against it. Matt Parrott wrote on the Traditionalist Youth Network site that there is squabbling between Christians and “pagans” in the Alt-Right or similar spheres. He notes that “pagans” needed to be in quotation marks as these are not usually proper pagans, but rather people who use it as an excuse to attack Christianity.

I think that certain facets of the Alt-Right, not all, wittingly or unwittingly serve the Satanists’ agenda. On top of the homosexuality and anti-Christian sentiment, there are other instances where this may not be self-evident, but implied. A week ago or someone called Aylmer Fisher wrote an article on Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal titled “The Pro-Life Temptation” to promote abortion among the Alt-Right. Apparently “the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic”, since poor people, or “the least intelligent and responsible members of society” have the most abortions. I suppose one’s bank account correlates with their IQ and sense of responsibility then.

Fisher argues that “[t]he unborn fetus has no connection to anyone else in the community. If it is not even wanted by its own mother, criminalizing abortion means that the state must step in and say that the individual has rights as an individual, despite its lack of connection to any larger social group.” This sounds like a cold materialist view on life, and reminds of me of the feminist joke meme: “Your rights end where my feelings begin.” Since no-one feels any connection to the baby, it has no value. Fisher seems completely unconcerned by any spiritual implications, or that abortion is murder. The fetus would have developed into a human being, but was killed before it could happen. That is murder, maybe not murder of a human, but of a fetus, which is still a living and developing thing. And quite frankly, I think he only wants more death. He is not as concerned about the purity of his race than giving blood for his blood god.

Although criminalizing abortion wouldn’t stop women from having abortions, so in this sense I don’t think it should be criminalized, but it is still immoral.

Last year a bunch of people from the Satanic temple protested in favour of abortion. I just get the same vibe from Fisher’s article. I think they support abortion because it leads to more death.


A week ago or so, Andrew Anglin wrote on Daily Stormer how some Jews such as Milo Yiannopoulos are trying to infiltrate the Alt-Right. I agree with the general idea of the article, however, at one point Anglin highlights a strategy to direct attention away from the Jewish Question into the concept of “pathological altruism”, that the reason why the West is screwed up is not due to Jewish manipulation, but White people’s own innate empathy.  I think the “pathological altruism” or “narcissistic altruism” of the White man is a greater contributor to our problems than the Jews, but it’s not that both aren’t a factor. There is more than one reason usually when a relationship falls apart.

Anglin says that some people are trying to lead us away from “the corrosive Jewish parasite”. I am not going to disagree with his characterization of the Jew, however, if this is the case, and it’s certainly something that Europeans have believed for hundreds of years, it is not something the Germans discovered to their amazement in the 1930s, so why have Europeans welcomed these parasites to live among us? I see this as evidence that the immune system and common sense of the White man was compromised already before the Jews came to power.

Yet the main point I want to make is that Anglin sees the attempt to replace the Jewish Question with the “pathological altruism” as victim-blaming. This is the classic victim-mentality exhibited by pretty much everyone nowadays. The ultimate goal does not seem to be to strengthen the White man to fight off his oppressors and get rid of the parasites, but to pronounce to the world that we too are victims. We too can have our genocide, the White Genocide, so we can have a White Genocide industry to make money and gain moral kudos points. People should feel sorry for us as they feel for the Africans for slavery and Jews for the Holohoax. I’m sick and tired of this mentality.

What I think is the bottom line of this victim mentality is the classic problem-reaction-solution is this: You feel like a weak victim, you cry about it and then they are going to offer you a solution.


There is, apparently, this campaign in America by the Satanic church to protect children from abuse in school. Protecting children from abuse sounds good, but you should take a look who is offering the solution. What will the cost be? And who created the abuse in the first place?

This, I believe, is at the heart of the victimization we are seeing everywhere. I don’t think the ultimate goal is to genocide every last person of European descent, but to first weaken them physically, mentally and spiritually and then offer them the Faustian pact. Or perhaps that has already taken place and we simply seeing the results of it.

This, I think, is the goal of certain people in the Alt-Right. I don’t think Andrew Anglin is pushing this agenda deliberately, but still he is pushing the victim complex. Despite the bravado, the Alt-Right is best at pointing out how the White man is a victim too, and the solution seems to be homosexuality, or autotheism, worship of oneself through one’s race.



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Is Alison Rapp an MK Ultra sex kitten?

A PR person for Nintendo, Alison Rapp, fairly recently earned notoriety for her promotion of pedophilia on Twitter. Then last month she was fired from Nintendo, not for promotion of pedophilia, but for having another job. Today it’s come out that the second job was supposedly prostitution.

The forumites of a website called Kiwi Farms seem to have uncovered the fact that Rapp had been working as an escort under the pseudonym Maria Mint. Mint’s website profile even has pictures of her, although the face is not shown, but it appears Rapp and Mint have similar tattoos and rings. Even the description of Mint’s personality seems consistent with Rapp’s on the Eros.com escort site: she’s nerdy and likes to talk about the fall of capitalism.

After Alison Rapp was fired, she said on Twitter (according to Destructoid): “To pay off student loans, I started moonlighting under a fake name, and with no real identifiers. An anon found out, told them, and here we are. It was moonlighting Nintendo didn’t like, despite the fact that it was anonymous.” However, Destructoid points out that Nintendo did not approve of Rapp’s second job, and even Rapp said Nintendo does not have a problem with moonlighting. So she was fired, because the second, anonymous job Rapp had was even worse than promoting pedophilia. All of this makes sense in light of the recent revelation about Maria Mint. Therefore I’m inclined to believe that Alison Rapp is indeed the prostitute Maria Mint.

Even before this recent revelation, I found the whole thing about Alison Rapp rather disturbing. She’s a young and attractive woman, not a creepy old man, yet she’s promoting pedophilia. But the thing that hit me was that her Twitter name is “smol pterodactyl”. A pterodactyl is a flying dinosaur, a reptile. Smol apparently is short for “smile out loud”. A smiling reptile. Just that got me thinking about the stuff David Icke has said about the Satanist reptilian elites and their pedophilic rape rituals to siphon energy from children. And now it’s come out that Rapp is also a prostitute.

To me this sounds like Alison Rapp is an MK Ultra sex kitten. There’s even a picture of Maria Mint with cat ears on. She’s probably been subjected sexual abuse ever since she was a child, and therefore thinks pedophilia, and also using sex as currency, is normal.

Mint cat ears
An MK Ultra sex kitten?

This is, of course, conjecture on my part, but I think the big picture makes sense in light of what people like David Icke, Cathy O’Brien and Fritz Springmeier have said about MK Ultra mind control and sexual abuse employed by the Satanic elites. Maybe she is actually possessed by a demonic reptilian entity, or the reptilian thing is just another mind control program, like the sex kitten. The victims aren’t literally turned into kittens, so maybe the reptilian thing is just code for a different type of programming. I suppose we should look deeper into Alison Rapp’s background to prove or disprove my hunch on her.



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Red Ice and the Alt Right

Red Ice Creations was probably the best alternative media site on the internet a few years back, and I was subscribed to them for several years. However, the website’s quality has been gradually going downhill since they joined the Alt Right, maybe six months to a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, I think most of the guests on Red Ice still these days have been pretty decent, but I just see Red Ice slowly heading toward its doom.

One reason for this is that Red Ice has gotten as famous as it is now. There are all sorts of people who see something nice that others have created and assimilate it into their own network. The Alt Right assimilation is just the latest example of this, but in my opinion it has happened before, but Red Ice managed to evade subversion before. In 2014, Henrik Palmgren, the voice of Red Ice Creations, was asked to host the Secret Space Program conference, and he interviewed many, if not all, of the participants. The idea of a Breakaway Civilization of humans out there in space being funded by governmental Black Projects sounds fascinating alright, but I’ve come to regard it as far-fetched and hypothetical at best. I’m suspicious of some people promoting that stuff, while I’m not saying that every presenter in the conference were a disinformant.

I think the Secret Space Program people dragged Henrik Palmgren into their conference both as a way of promoting the conference, but also as a way of subverting Red Ice from objective research into promoting certain narratives.

In recent years Red Ice has shifted their focus from esoteric conspiracy theories to more practical matters. I agree with this, since the problem with conspiracy theories is not the word conspiracy but theory. It’s something theoretical, hypothetical and conspiracy theorists tend to merely discuss issues, instead of doing something about it (myself included). So when I first discovered the Alt Right I was pleased, since they seemed like they were more practically minded traditional and conservative people who get things done. I’ve since come to the understanding that they’re not.

It has been said before by several people, but the inescapable conclusion is that the Alt Right are the other side of the Cultural Marxists. Both groups have a simplified, digital view of the world and they care more about their virtue signalling, edginess and posturing than actually fixing things. The difference is that Cultural Marxists are effeminate and only see the worst parts of Western culture, and the Alt Right are masculine (often their hypermasculinity extends into homosexuality) and see only the best parts of Western culture. There is big difference between promoting European culture and history, and Alt Right’s cookie cutter notion of Whiteness. For this reason I wish that Red Ice renounced their Alt Right associations.

While so far I do despite their Alt Right associates Henrik has been doing a decent job, and making worthwhile interviews, I fear his Alt Right company will drag him down with them. I am more concerned about some of the things his wife, Lana Lokteff of Radio 3Fourteen, has been saying, though.

In her interview with Sencha MacRae, Sencha was going to say something about Donald Trump being controlled opposition, but Lana turned it around and started saying something like Trump is the manifestation of the desire of White people, or something to that effect, I forget the details. I agree with Lana that people are burning to find a leader, but she should realize that Trump ain’t it. He is practically an actor there to misguide you. Being the wife of the head of Red Ice, Lana should be able to recognize this simple conspiracy fact.

Then at the end of her inteview with Walter T. Richmond she was saying something like Americans should return to their homeland of Europe. That just pissed me off. I’m against mass-immigration. I do not want troves of immigrants from any country into Europe, not from Africa or the Middle-East, not even from East-Asia (which I am fond of), and not from America. You created the problems that you face in America, you fix them. Don’t bring them here.

And last, and certainly not least, is Lana Lokteff’s interview with Greg Johnson on gayness and Alt Right. I already made a post pointing out the dishonesty of Greg Johnson in the way he promotes homosexuality. In the interview with Lana he was explaining his views on homosexuality, and they seem reasonable enough, such as the fact that some people simply seem to be born homosexual, and this has been going on since time immemorial so there’s no need to fuss over it. I agree, however this isn’t what Greg Johnson was doing in his article “Gay Panic on the Alt Right”. Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott were excluded from an Alt Right conference, because of anti-homosexual views, and Johnson was pretending this wasn’t the case. If he wants to have a discussion about the role of homosexuality in the Alt Right, I’d be happy with it, but the Alt Right does not do so, instead they outright censor people who speak out against homosexuality, and then pretend like they didn’t. Moreover, they are blatantly anti-Christianity. For a movement that’s supposedly revolutionary and politically correct, they do seem to agree a lot with Obama’s policies of promoting homosexuality and oppressing Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised if some members Alt Right started supporting Satanism a few months from now.

Had the two Matts said something like gays should be sent into concentration camps or drowned in a bog, I’d understand if the Alt Right wanted to exlude them. But I haven’t seen any evidence that they were advocating any crazy, extremist views such as these. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Alt Right wants to promote homosexuality and stifle criticism of it.

The worst part of the interview is that Lana Lokteff was agreeing with Greg Johnson and promoting his message. All I can say about Lana is that I don’t trust her judgement. She may have the best of intentions, but you know what the road to hell is paved with.

Unless Red Ice Creations takes a quick U-turn I expect it to lose relevance in a year or two as it’ll degenerate into some sort of in-group circle jerk of Alt Right. I’m sure their new audience is pressuring them into promoting Trump as well (and of course he is a better option than Hillary, Bernie or Cruz, but that isn’t saying much). I’m sure many decent people are drawn into the Alt Right, especially since the main stream offers little solutions nor sanity, but the Alt Right is not a real alternative. It’s a distraction at best.



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