The White Race is Manic-Depressive

I was depressed for many years from my late teens onto my early twenties. On most days I felt depressed, worthless and suicidal, but there were some days I felt like I was really someone special and much better than everyone else. If only I could hook myself into that feeling of excellence I could drag myself out of depression. I suppose this is what you call being Manic-Depressive.

The way out, however, was not uncovering some esoteric aspect of my own divinity, but coming into terms with the fact that I’m a normal person. I’m not the lowest of the low, nor the smartest and most magical chosen one. I’m a guy, and that’s good enough. Usually I was stuck in a pit, but on some days I felt like I was soaring in the skies, so the answer was to find a middle-ground, or just the ground. I should stand on the solid earth, not under it, nor up in the clouds.

This is what I see going on with White people. Both the far left and the far right. The left believes that we are the worst and most despicable people on the earth, because of slavery, imperialism, capitalism and all that. But on some occasions they like to feel like they’re the most compassionate and self-sacrificing by showing their tolerance toward everything, and engaging in their idealistic hobbies of activism. The right on the other hand seems so helpless at times, since we are being genocided by the Semites and the Marxists, and there is nothing we can do but complain about it. On other occasions the right, particularly the Alt-Right, believe that the White race is the best and holiest and we can do no wrong if left to our own devices. Only the presence of these lesser races in our communities is sole source of our problems.

Both sides of the spectrum are Manic-Depressive. Both sides have some sensible arguments, but take it to an extreme, a delusional one. The left, and the despised Social Justice Warriors, start from a reasonable standpoint. Many of the issues that they try to bring to attention I agree with, but halfway through their thought process becomes stillborn. Imperialism was wrong, yes, but that practice ended a 100 years ago or so. The US is practicing neo-Imperialism, but when it’s done under the guise of Obama no-one seems to mind. Capitalism sucks, I agree, but their solution of Socialism or Communism is even worse. And the Feminist criticism of the mystical Patriarchy is like a canary in the coal mine, and more like announcing how the men of the West have become weak and can be pushed around by women.

The right is correct that we have no need to apologize for slavery, racism or any of that stuff, but some, not all, right-wingers are completely oblivious how these sins of our forefathers have doomed us. England practiced colonialism in India, now England is overcrowded by Indians. Same with France in Africa. I’m reminded of Tito Perdue’s interview at Red Ice last December when he said something like the White race is the best, and if New Zealand’s native population was exterminated and replaced by Whites, it would be for the better, although I don’t remember his exact wording. He, and many like him, seem completely oblivious to the fact that ideologies such as these have doomed our race. For some reason White people are unable to focus on taking care of themselves, and instead butt-in into other people’s business. I suppose the answer, or a partial answer, is the depressed nature of the collective unconsciousness of the White man. Meddling in other people’s affairs gives us a distraction away from our own problems.

There is a significant difference between veneration of one’s own heritage and this artificial sense of superiority that only brings destruction onto us and others. The left is no better in this, they despise their own heritage and simply want to destroy it to escape from problems. They have no actual interest in fixing the problems we have caused nor atoning for our real and imagined sins.

The White man is a delusional Manic-Depressive. The solution is not suicide nor escapism, but a realistic act of introspection.



Tito Perdue – The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy – Hour 1:


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