Cross over Crescent and the ancient World Religion

I visited Tallinn, Estonia, a little while ago and saw a rather interesting symbol on a church. The church in question is St. Mary’s Cathedral, I believe. The symbol I saw is this cross.


It’s an Orthodox cross with a crescent moon underneath, and below the moon is a sphere. I find it curious that a Christian cross and the moon, which is associated with Islam are together on the same symbol, and on top of a cathedral of all things.

Wikipedia offers two different explanations for the “Cross over Crescent” -symbol. First one is that “It is said that this symbol was devised by Ivan the Terrible, after the conquest of the city of Kazan, as a symbol of the victory of Christianity over Islam through his soldiers.” The second one is “B.A. Uspensky offers another view, stating that in pre-Christian times, the ‘Cross over Crescent’ symbolized the sun and the moon, and that in the Christian Era, the cross is a symbol of Christ and the moon is a symbol of the Virgin Mary.” I find the second one much more convincing.


Different Elements of the Symbol

The cross on the cathedral seems like a composite of various different symbols. I’ll break down each individual part.

First, there is the regular Christian cross, which symbolizes either Jesus or the sun according one’s interpretation, or that they are one and the same.



Then there is the Double Cross, or Cross of Lorraine. Wikipedia mentions it was inherited from the House of Anjou, which I believe is related to the Merovingian bloodline. It was also used by the Knights Templar. This cross them would hint to a certain bloodline.



There is the Orthodox cross. The line at the bottom is supposed to represent Christ’s footrest on the cross.

Orthodox Cross

The crescent is associated with the moon and Islam. Alternative interpretations would be that it represents the sickle, i.e. Saturn, or the horns of an animal.



The symbol has the element of the Globus Cruciger, the globe with a cross. It’s better known as the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch from Monty Python. It’s according to Wikipedia a Christian symbol of authority: “The cross represents Christ’s dominion over the orb of the world, literally held in the hand of an earthly ruler”. Globus Cruciger


These different elements are the sun or Jesus/Christianity, a certain bloodline, the moon/Islam, and the authority of the ruler. The Russian mathematician turned alternative historian, Anatoly Fomenko, suggests that Christianity of 12th-16th centuries was a unified entity that later split into several different denominations: “Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.” I think the symbol on the cathedral supports this hypothesis.


Other symbols

Fomenko’s website mentions that a symbol not appearing on the cross on the Estonian cathedral, yet part of the same mythos, is the Star of Bethlehem, the star that guided the three wise men to Jesus. Nowadays the star and the crescent are a symbol of Islam, and the six-pointed star, or Star of David, is known as a Jewish symbol. However, the star may be part of the bigger picture.



The difference between the Star of David and the Islamic star is that the former had six points and the latter has five. Perhaps they refer to two different stars.

Star of David


The symbols of this ancient and forgotten religion are still among us. The countries of many flags use them. Finland and Sweden have the Christian cross, whereas some Islamic countries use the moon and the crescent, Israel uses the six pointed star, Ethiopia has a five-pointed one. China has one big star and four small ones. The United States flag has 50 stars. They’ve also been used in recent history.

Communists use the star, and the hammer and the sickle. Cuba and North Korea have the star. Soviet Union had the hammer and the sickle. The sickle could refer to the moon, and as the star is also used by communists, does this suggest that Islam and communism are somehow interconnected?



Then again the sickle might refer to Saturn, and how about the hammer then? I would say that refers to Vulcan, i.e. Hephaistos, i.e. Tubal-Cain who is revered by Freemasons. Vulcan et al. was a smith who made lightning in his forge. Hephaistos made the thunderbolt for Zeus, or it was made under his supervision. This also reminds me of the Indian vedas and their mystical Vajra. The Norse Thor is also a god of thunder with a hammer. Is the hammer synonymous with a thunderbolt then? That brings to mind the “lightning from heaven”, or Barrack Obama, i.e. Satan, but I think I should move on.

The picture that is starting to emerge is that we are under a one world religion already, and have been for at least centuries. We just don’t know it. I don’t think the religion itself is evil, but the people who are keeping us from understanding its meaning are. The signs and symbols this religion are everywhere, though.


What it all Means

People like Jordan Maxwell and Santos Bonacci have been saying how Christianity was originally an astrotheological religion. The true meaning of this religion has been forgotten or hidden from the rest of us. The founder of the Bahá’í faith, Bahá’u’lláh, also believed that the major religions are all from the same source. I know very little about the founder’s spiritual ideas, but I know the United Nations are using the Bahá’í faith for furthering their globalist schemes. You only need to take a look at Wikipedia and see how they wish to implement a New World Order. Anyone with understanding of conspiracies will be suspicious of any group with this kind of aspirations.

However, perhaps Bahá’u’lláh was actually privy to spiritual information suppressed from the vast majority of people and wanted to make it public. This is why he was imprisoned by the Ottomans. The reason why the United Nations is using the Bahá’í for their own goals may not be that the faith itself was manufactured by them, but it has been hi-jacked by them so others would not freely explore the ideas behind the faith. It may be difficult, or even impossible, to destroy certain crucial spiritual information. The best way to keep people away from it, is to make them willingly turn away from it.

The same probably goes for religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Any critical observer is bound to find both redeeming qualities and deplorable aspects. This might be that each religion is only a part of a bigger truth. It’s like the people have been handed only a 1/3 of a book, yet they are told the whole book is there. It’s impossible to make sense of the whole message like that. The global conspirators cannot get rid of the book altogether, but they can break it into pieces and scatter the pages in different corners of the earth.



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Alleged voter fraud in Austria

Apparently there was an election in Austria, and it seems there was blatant voter fraud in the election. Because of the supposed fraud the left-wing candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen, won, whereas otherwise the right-wing Norbert Hofer would’ve won.

I am not entirely sure yet whether or not the fraud actually took place, but if the information I’ve seen is correct, it is blatant. Supposedly some areas had over 100% voter turnout, i.e. more people voted than actually exist in that area.


I don’t understand German, but based on explanations on the internet and Google Translate there were 9026 voters in that place, but 13262 people voted. There are some other claims related to this election as well that hint at fraud.

Unless this turns out to be some sort of hoax, this information needs to go viral. If the authorities can get away with this in Austria, it’ll be sure it will happen in every other EU country as well. We can’t let them get away with this.



The right-wing candidate Norbert Hofer has dismissed the fraud allegations and admitted defeat. Sounds like controlled opposition to me, or at least like a complete bitch.


Austria’s new president Van der Bellen has apparently said that “Anyone who loves Austria must be shit”. President who blatantly despises his country. Clearly the Jewmasons want to cause a civil war in Europe. They keep insulting the European people until they crack.


From /pol:



Update June 9, 2016:

The Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is formally challenging the results of the election, since there are many irregularities. This is what I like to hear. I doubt that anything will come of it in the end, but at least people are bringing the deception to the surface.


Update July 1, 2016:

It seems the constitutional court has declared the election invalid because of the discrepancies. This is great news. I suppose Austria is going to hold a new election later.



Fraud chart:

The Austrian Election was rigged!!:


Far-right Austrian presidential candidate dismisses voter fraud claims:

‘Whoever Loves Austria Is Sh*t’ – Austria’s New President Hates His Own Country:

The Progressive Left isn’t the sole Culprit in the Downfall of the West

Nowadays it’s very popular to blame the Progressive Left, Social Justice Warriors, or Marxists for our problems. And to a certain extent we should, since they have created many of our problems or allowed troublemakers to enter our countries. However, that’s not the whole story.

The Right, whether it’s the Alt-Right, New Right or just the Right, likes to emphasize the role of the Left in the European Immigration Crisis, for example, yet it wasn’t created by the Left but by the Right. Remember something that happened 15 years ago, an event called 9/11? After that the United States, along with the Coalition of the Willing, invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. He bombed Pakistan and Yemen as well. Obama simply continued Bush’s policies in the Middle-East. In fact, he has bombed twice as many countries as Bush did, most notably Libya and Syria. The US has supported the “moderate rebels”, i.e. ISIS, in Syria which is the main excuse for the Immigration Crisis. However, not all of the refugees are from Syria.

Let’s take a look at this chart from BBC. It notes the top 10 countries in 2015 from which people applied for asylum in the EU.


While I’m not saying that chart is completely accurate, and things may be different in 2016, it still gives a rough picture of what is going on. Syria is the top country for asylum seekers understandably, but numbers 2 and 3 are Afghanistan and Iraq, countries that Bush invaded. In fact, every country in the list have been attacked by the US in the last 20 years, except maybe Eritrea, Nigeria and Iran (and I don’t want to check right now).

Bill Clinton bombed Kosovo and Albania in the 90s. Both Bush and Obama have bombed Pakistan. The US has meddled with the internal affairs of Ukraine creating a civil war of sorts. The United States is the one that has created the Immigration Crisis in Europe, not the Progressive Left. Both political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, have contributed to the situation. It is wrong to blame only one side of the political spectrum for it.

It is true that the Leftists in Europe have opened doors for countless invaders, but these invaders would have no excuse call themselves refugees hadn’t the Right-winger Bush started World War III in the Middle-East. The existence of the Left-Right dichotomy in politics is a joke and a distraction at your expense. I had thought that people had gotten wise to it years ago, but apparently that is not the case as is evidenced by the rise of the Alt-Right. People still prefer to play this game with two competing teams simply for the pleasure of beating the opponent and gloating over it, instead of actually fixing problems. As if Trump was any better than Hillary. As if the far Right is any better than the far Left.

The eagle has two wings, both are working against you. The right one is acting all tough and causing trouble. Once you get tired of it, the left one blames you for the destruction caused by the right one, and tells you to repent and open your doors to parasites. Now everyone is getting fed up with the parasites, so they want the right one back. Apparently the West has not learned this lesson in 2016.



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Knights Templar and Inversion of Values

Despite not being obvious the topic of this post is connected to my previous one on the Angry Video Game Nerd and Ghostbusters.

The Knights Templars were the infamous knights who were supposed to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land with only a band of six knights. They were supposed to be poor, yet became immensely wealthy bankers, and were eventually disbanded and arrested by the king of France for their heretical acts. A lot can be said about the Templars, but I’ll focus on their heresies and how they are making a distinct comeback in modern times.


Despite supposedly being devout Christians they engaged in “trampling, or urinating on the cross; while naked, being kissed obscenely by the receptor on the lips, navel, and base of the spine [or on the anus]; heresy and worship of idols [like a decapitated head, Baphomet]; institutionalized sodomy”. This is hardly Christian behaviour, but inversion of Christian beliefs, and resembles a Black Mass or a Witches’ Sabbath.

I should note that my intention is not to push Christian values onto anyone, since I am not a Christian either, but it should be recognized that there is a distinct difference between someone who is not Christian and does not adhere to their rituals, and someone who seeks to defile them as the Templars did.

Although the Templars were supposedly rounded up 700 years ago their blasphemies are still enacted in society, or rather especially in recent years they’ve been making a comeback. Christ and the crucifix are defaced in many ways. “Art” such as Piss Christ, i.e. a crucifix submerged in urine, doesn’t even faze most people nowadays. Feminists like Femen masturbate using crucifixes in their protests. Christian bakeries are forced to bake cakes for homosexual weddings. Homosexuality is celebrated, and homosexual celebrities are idols to worship. Much of the behaviour that people of the Middle-Ages found abhorrent is seen as normal, or even something to celebrate, in current year.


The Templars worshipped a decapitated head. Some have described it as the head of St. John the Baptist, whereas others claim it was Baphomet. Just last year a statue of Baphomet was unveiled in public in Detroit by the Church of Satan. Although the Baphomet of the Templars may not have been the Baphomet we know as the androgynous goat, since that was supposedly created by Eliphas Levi in the 19th century. However, I’m inclined to believe they are connected, as Satanism and the practices of Templars seem connected.

Nowadays the abhorrent behaviour of the Templars is becoming more and more accepted. I do not think it is an accident, instead their occult beliefs never disappeared, but went underground, and have begun to resurface in recent centuries through secret societies like the Freemasons or Hellfire clubs of the Victorian era. The Bohemian Grove is supposedly heavy with homosexual overtones as well.

For this reason, usually when you look for information on the Templars in the main stream, it’s usually dismissive of their heresies, and tries to paint the French king Philip as a greedy man who just wanted their money and framed them. In 2007 the Vatican even published court documents from the Middle-Ages that claim pope Clement V (pope during the Templar trials) absolved the Templars of charges of heresy. Maybe this is genuine and the pope back then was bought off, or maybe it’s a forgery. Ancient Origins website dismisses the heresies, such as homosexuality and defacing the cross, as merely being normal Gnostic rituals for activating the Kundalini energy and so forth.

I see these apologists as clear evidence that the Templar heresies are still going strong today.

The occult philosophy of the medieval Templars and their modern descendants seek to invert anything that is normal or wholesome. The family unit and heterosexual relationships are “oppressive”. People are taught to deface the flag of their country, i.e. despise their own country and heritage. Men are told to be weak and effeminate instead of strong and resolute. Women aren’t supposed to be feminine. They want you to destroy that which you naturally hold dear, and when you feel empty inside you’ll take whatever they are offering you.

Ultimately, this is a spiritual agenda to corrupt us from the natural path onto something sinister. Whether it’s “science” that tells you there is no God, or higher organizing principle in the universe, to revere or follow we are either told to follow manmade rules, or perhaps the rules of something demonic. We are told to reject God, but encouraged to worship manmade things or aliens. Eddie Bennett gave a great example of this. He used be a member in the Raelian cult, a cult that worships aliens. He stated in an interview with Now You See TV that the cult wanted him to reject the notion of God as his creator and accept aliens as real. This is the trend I see. They want you to either reject God or accept aliens as greater than you. I’m sure they’ll be pushing demon worship publicly soon enough too.

Again, I am not saying the Christian conception of God is the correct one, but I can’t help but notice it’s certainly a more accurate one than the New Age concepts of modernity.

In conclusion, my point is that none of this inversion of values and celebration of debauchery that is going on in the world is by accident, but by design. There are many parallels between what is revered in current year and how the Templars acted hundreds of years ago.



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Backlash against the Angry Video Game Nerd for refusing to watch Ghostbusters

A couple of days ago James Rolfe, AKA the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), released a video saying he won’t be reviewing the new Ghostbusters movie. Today I found out that the liberal media is getting butthurt over his statement. Just because a man states in public that he does not wish to see a new Hollywood comedy loads of people are getting irate over it. Welcome to current year.

I’ve been a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd for 10 years now, and although he doesn’t do many game reviews nowadays I still respect him. He rose to fame by reviewing bad, old video games in a very entertaining manner. AVGN sometimes reviews movies as well, but those are usually more like a nostalgic look to the past whereas his game videos are where he truly shines.

AVGN basically states in his Ghostbusters non-review that the movie will suck, so don’t waste your money on it. That’s should not be a controversial statement. The vast majority of movies shat out by Hollywood in the last 10-15 years have been remakes, reboots or sequels of older franchises. Most of them suck, and even the better ones are brainless entertainment at best. They hardly strive to tell a great, unique story nowadays. So one should anticipate that the new Ghostbusters will suck as well. However, Ghostbusters is more hated even before its release than most movies.

The trailer of the movie has been one of the most downvoted videos on Youtube, because the humour is pathetic. Another reason is that the cast of the four original male characters has been replaced four females. This is not aggravating because everyone is sexist, but that it is blatant Feminist subversion of the entertainment industry. People just want to see a fun movie about busting ghosts, like the original one was, but instead they are spoon-fed this propaganda. Naturally they are pissed off.

AVGN does not even address this Feminist-propaganda issue in his video, yet he gets lambasted by numerous media websites simply for saying that he doesn’t want to pay money for it and suggests that you do the same. An article in the Esquire is titled “You’re Whining About the Ghostbusters Reboot Because You’re Still a Child and Need to Grow Up”. A Salon article rambles on incoherently on the Nerd’s refusal to see the movie. According to Deathandtaxes AVGN is “sitting in a wet diaper”. Another site accuses James Rolfe of “soft sexism”. Slog suggests that Rolfe is mentally masturbating by making his video. And there’s more, but I’ve had enough.

The new Ghostbusters movie hasn’t even been released yet, and there are all of these websites defending it. Why? This sort of fanboy-behaviour would be understandable if people had seen it, but there’s more to it. Actually there are three reason that I can think of: shilling, politics, and social engineering.

The first thing is that if people take AVGN’s advice and do not go see the movie, the studio doesn’t make money. Some of the websites promoting the movie are formally or informally in cahoots with the movie industry, and therefore want people to go see it. They shill for the film company for the benefit of both parties.

The second reason is the political agenda of Marxist-Feminism. The movie obviously promotes it, and there are many useful idiots willing to put themselves on the line for anything that helps their cause, or fight against anything that threatens it.

The third reason for defending the new Ghostbusters movie is the most insidious one, as it is but one example in the ongoing process at social engineering, which in this case is the inversion of values and symbols. Satanists inverting the Christian cross is one example of this. Orwell’s 1984 expressed it as follows: “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” Everything is turned upside down, or replaced with the opposite of the real thing. In regard to Ghostbusters, the original had four men as the lead characters, the new one has four women. Let’s say that they remade Sex and the City where the main characters were all men (although that show sucked and was subversive trash anyway so it wouldn’t matter as much), that would be inversion as well.

Recently in many movies and comic books characters that were originally White are being replaced with Black actors. This is inversion as Black is the opposite of White. I don’t think the ultimate purpose of this is White Genocide or anything like that, although it seems to be a by-product. The ultimate goal of this social engineering is to invert our sense of morality and even sense of reality. This certainly has been done to many Feminists as they think rape can only be committed by those with this vague, seemingly metaphysical trait of “privilege”, and on the other hand women should always be believed no matter what they say. As if women weren’t capable of deception or making mistakes the same as men.

In conclusion, the Ghostbusters movie will suck. Don’t go see it. Call out these soulless shills who’d do anything for their paycheck or insane ideology. And all the best to James Rolfe.


P. S.

Thanks to /pol for making me aware of this issue.



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Ukraine and Australia’s Eurovision Occult Symbolism

The Eurovision contest is over, and Ukraine was declared the winner. Geopolitically it makes sense, I suppose. Everybody is so happy to buy into the narrative of big bad Russia bullying the poor Ukraine, and ignore how Ukraine is America’s bitch.

Anyways, I had figured Russia would be the winner based on the heavy occult symbolism in their show. Russia didn’t win the main contest, but it did win the Marcel Bezençon award along with Australia and Ukraine. I hadn’t even heard of this award before today. I’d wager its purpose is some secret society signalling.

I also hadn’t heard Australia’s song beforehand, so I’ll comment on some of the obvious occult imagery in their show. Later I’ll comment on the Ukrainian show too. Russia’s show I already dealt with in my previous post.

The show starts with a huge letter V pointing at the singer, Dami Im. I’m not sure what it means. Whether it refers to reptilian aliens from the TV show of the same name, the Roman numeral 5, Hebrew numeral 6, NASA’s logo or something else.


Soon we can see that the singer is sitting on the black cube, the same theme as with Russia’s show.


Then a bit later there is this image, the electric colour flashes only briefly. Once again, I’m not sure what it means, but I believe it is important. It sort of looks like the roots of a tree, the tree of life, perhaps. And at the roots would be hell. This is just my interpretation.


Soon after this, the science fiction phase on the show starts. Holographic computer display images start floating in the air, and the singer moves them about. Continuing on the same train of thought, it would suggest that flash of inspiration from a demonic force has allowed us to use this miraculous technology.


Behind the singer and the cube, there appears to be a pillar, or a tree. This could be the tree of life.



The Ukrainian show has very obvious tree themes in it. It stars off with the singer Jamala being surrounded by water. Something going through the birth canal? Baptism of wisdom?


Soon after she comes out of the waters, roots start sprouting from her feet.


Eventually they form a tree. No mistaking that.


And in the end the tree goes away.


I interpret this show to symbolize birthing and creating something demonic, and using their new demonic creation to take control of the tree of life. Perhaps.

I wonder who designed the performances for these artists? Did each country have their own designer, or was there a single person for the whole show?

The Ukrainian song 1944 was about the Soviet’s taking over Crimea back in 1944. I’m all for highlighting the atrocities perpetrated by communists, but that isn’t the purpose of this song, but anti-Russian propaganda. Yet that may not be all of it. The bit sang in Ukrainian is about the singer yearning to return to her homeland of Crimea. One interpretation is of course that Khazar Jews want their land back, as it used to be part of their empire, but I’m skeptical of the Khazar-thing. It just seems there’s something important about Crimea, and taking a good look at the Crimean war from the 19th century might be worthwhile as well.



Winners of the Marcel Bezençon Awards 2016:

Dami Im – Sound Of Silence (Australia) Live at Semi-Final 2 – 2016 Eurovision Song Contest:

Occult Symbolism in Eurovision 2016

I happened to catch a part of the Eurovision semifinals earlier this week, although I really don’t like stuff like that. When I saw the Russian artist’s performance the occult symbolism was just too blatant. I should remind everyone that the winner in Eurovision 2014 was a transgender or transvestite Jesus-look-a-like who sang “Rise like a Phoenix”. This alone should have some bells ringing. So apparently occult Masonic or Illuminati symbolism is nothing new to the Eurovision song contest.

The Russian performer is Sergey Lazarev singing “You are the only One”. His show was filled with occult symbolism. At one point he’s standing on a black cube with a sun inside. It’s the cube of Saturn, and the black sun is inside.


Toward the end of his performance something resembling a stargate encircles the sun. It could possibly refer to CERN as well.


As the portal closes, the singer is standing on a futuristic ziggurat.


Then at the end he stands on a white cube (New Jerusalem?) as a woman holds a fire next to it. Is the woman Prometheus? My interpretation of this ritual is that Lucifer, Satan or merely Man is usurping the power of God.



The performance following Russia was Czech Republic. The performance starts with a purple G floating in the air.


Masonic much?



The performance from Montenegro had a black cube with a pyramid inscribed in it. Montenegro means black mountain, so I suppose they’d say the pyramid is a mountain, but I find it rather ominous looking nonetheless. The atmosphere of most of the performances was sinister and Satanic in my opinion.



I haven’t seen all of the performances nor heard all of the songs, so it’s possible I’m missing something relevant. Based on what I’ve seen I’d guess Russia is going to win as their symbolic signalling was the heaviest.


P. S.

Why are countries such as Azerbaijan and Australia participating in the Eurovision song contest as they aren’t part of Europe? Australia has European culture, so it sort of makes sense, but still the same could be said of the United States as well. Maybe it’s because Australia is part of the British commonwealth. Yet I don’t think Hong Kong participated in the Eurovision contest in the 90ies either. But when it comes to Azerbaijan, there’s nothing European about it as far as I know. Then again there’s little that’s European in Europe nowadays either. So who cares?




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