I suspect a False Flag in May

I’ve seen plenty of predictions for False Flags and other orchestrated events over the years. Usually they don’t happen as predicted, but this time I suspect it might be different. However, this is merely my suspicion.

A Youtuber called Jonathan Kleck has analyzed certain Jaguar car commercials where he suspects the elites are telegraphing their plans, and yesterday he also analyzed the commercial for the Invictus Games sports event in Orlando, Florida, starting next Sunday, which features the Queen of England, Prince Harry and the Obamas. Kleck’s interpretation is that they are planning a nuclear strike of some sort. I’m not sure whether this is the case, but I do think the elites are planning some sort of occult mass ritual in May that will probably take the form of a False Flag attack in America. Not necessarily in Orlando.

I recommend taking a look at Jonathan Kleck’s videos for further information, and I should state my theories on these possibly upcoming False Flags are based on his research, although they are my interpretations.

The Invictus Games are from May 8 to 12. The first day is probably just the opening ceremony, which I suspect to be some sort of occult ritual, as they usually are. Kleck points out in his video their Satanic symbolism. The day after the games finish is May 13, or Friday the 13th. I would say the Invictus Games are a magical ritual to make something happen on the 13th.

A Bud Light beer commercial that Jonathan Kleck analyzed showed a picture of the Hoover Dam, and he interpreted it to represent a clock. I agree, however I interpret it to refer to the date 5/13, May 13th.


The center pillar in the picture represent 12 o’clock. The pillar on the right side is therefore one o’clock or 13. The same pillar is the 5th spoke from the center. That is how I got the numbers 5/13 out of the image. Granted that you might say my interpretation is somewhat liberal, but there are other clues to that date, such as the fact it is Friday the 13th and it happens right after the Invictus Games.

I should remind that last year an image of a truck was projected on the Hoover Dam that some researchers interpret to be a portal, or perhaps it referred to Orion. I’m not sure what relevance it has here, but it might have some.

I also had a look at what the CosmiTec astrology site says about May:

The days around May 13 can be explosive, accident-prone and/or violent.

There is irritability and fanaticism.

Expect sudden reversals and a sudden change of course.

You may be obliged to cancel your plans.

Transportation issues belong to the possibilities and lots of buzz and rumors are going on.”

I wonder if that time will be literally explosive and violent? Then a week later this is about to happen:

The May 21 Full Moon period can be challenging because the Moon is void of course just before the Full Moon takes place at 1° Sagittarius (a degree of police, crimes and/or investigative work).

In numerous instances a void of course Moon prior to a Full Moon suggests that the 48 hours before the Full Moon can be highly explosive.

It implies that situations may get out of hand, out of control and this configuration may point to a crisis event or mass event that is out of control.

In expansive and centrifugal Sagittarius, this Full Moon of increased awareness may point to blasts and/or explosions.

Be again prepared to cancel your plans!”

Be prepared to change your plans, and transportation issues may occur. This is how things work after a terrorist attack. Airports may get shut down or roads closed.

I interpret this to mean that around Friday the 13th the False Flag will occur, around 21st the American military will go after the alleged culprit. Let’s say there is a terrorist nuke on the 13th, and a week later they’re going to blame it on Saudi-Arabia, for example, and start to prepare for an invasion.

Another explanation is that on the 13th some sort of scandal will occur, which will create a lot of social uproar. The next week this spark chaos and violence. It’s not necessarily a False Flag in the traditional sense, like a terrorist attack, but a socially manipulated event like the LGBT promotion last summer.

Then again, this only astrology, and a single website stating this. Maybe this isn’t relevant information at all. Moreover the astrology prediction provided by CosmiTec is supposed to be advice on your love life. Then again the same website wrote regarding November 13-15, 2015, i.e. when the Paris terrorist attacks occurred that: “There can be passion and even irresistible attraction but also pay attention to imposing your will onto others and forceful behavior that may get out of hand (like rape). There can be breaking news and/or messages pertaining to mass events or developments in relationships.”

I’m not a fortune teller nor do I have any insider information, but my gut feeling is that something is about to happen in May. Something unpleasant.



Obama RED ALET ..OBAMA AND THE QUEEN telegraph nuclear destr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nWimfrw1Tk

ANOTHER NUKE TELEGRAPH!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tgRiGbgoTk

the WHOLE thing in 18 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuKiOtd6sak

Wow Hoover Dam decoded part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9tF4aPDFbE

2016 free monthly horoscope for May: http://www.cosmitec-astrological-compatibility-advice.com/2016-free-monthly-horoscope.html#5

2015 free monthly horoscope for November: http://www.cosmitec-astrological-compatibility-advice.com/2015-free-monthly-horoscope.html


2 thoughts on “I suspect a False Flag in May”

  1. My friend before I saw anything about the invictus games I’ve had a gut feeling that something will happen on that day too, because it’s exactly 12 months on from a suspicious military operation in my town in Australia where they were flying helicopters very low and flashing lights into our homes sussing people out… Very illegal and for some reason for a while now I’ve thought Friday the 13th of May, being a year to the day from that night, will hold something significant… The Paris attacks also happened on Friday the 13th… May Father bless you my friend.

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