We Chose This

It’s pointless for the Western man to complain about the predicament we are facing as we all agreed to go along with it. Or our parents did, or our grandparents fought to bring it all about. Or maybe they fought against it, but it yielded little results. The point is, we chose this.

Decades ago many different people pointed out that society is ruled by people with their own values and agendas. They don’t think like us, their goals are not like us, but they were ignored for the most part. Whether it’s Jordan Maxwell, Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, David Icke, David Duke, William Cooper, Freeman Fly or even Alex Jones, they’ve been pointing this out way before 9/11. Yet they’ve been laughed off as crazy conspiracy theorists and ignored. Conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Freemasons have been around for centuries, yet people have decided to ignore them at their own peril. Clearly people are too dumb to even to tend to their rational self-interest.

Sure, the details of all of presented by various researchers differ from Jews, shapeshifting reptilians, Freemasons, Jesuits and Satanists to the Illuminati, but these details do not matter as much as the fact that our world is ruled by people who see the world very differently from us, and are working toward their eldritch goals. This is the underlying point, which the world has chosen to ignore, at its peril.

Therefore it should not come as a surprise if the “elites” decide to send hordes of violent Muslims to our countries as well as a load emasculating propaganda for men and de-feminizing programming for the women. Especially since the majority is willing to eat it all up. Next week they may come up with some sort of bio-weapon to kill thousands of people, or perhaps a fake alien invasion. Who knows? But the point is; we are their property, we know it yet we’ve gone along with it at least for decades. We’ve already given our permission for all of it.

You can call me lazy, but I prefer to fix a problem before it gets out of hand, and avoid both extra work and suffering. This is not, however, how humanity tends to do things. People prefer to ignore problems until it’s at their front door, when it’s usually too late. If people would’ve reacted September 11th, 1991, when George Bush senior gave his New World Order speech, maybe things would be different now. If people wouldn’t have gone along with all of the wars sparked by September 11th of 2001, maybe things would be different. Yet, if that were the case, people of European descent wouldn’t have their heroic battle of Ragnarok  or Armageddon against the Muslim hordes. That’s just way cooler than fixing problems when they arise, raising a family and having a nice, peaceful society.

What I see nowadays is even the alternative media and conspiracy research degrade into Right-Wing (which is still better than Left-Wing) rhetoric against Muslims immigration while downplaying the role that the West, along with the elites ruling it, had with starting the wars in the Middle-East that cause Arabs to be displaced to begin with. I see this rhetoric of the superior Aryan, White man, whereas the reality seems to be that people of European descent excel in creating toys and trinkets by their engineering skills and their morality is expressed in a game of ice hockey or football; my team is righteous because its my team, your team is wicked because it’s not mine. (That is not to say that any other race is superior in this sense, but certainly White people seem to have the least common sense.) All the White man can do to fix things is either hope Trump does it for them, or Hitler comes back from the dead to save them.

I have little faith in any political movement to make things better. Either they’re born a failure, they’re a scam made by opportunistic people or they’re infiltrated and ruined by agents. All I can do is play Captain Hindsight, and point out things that should have been done differently when I was younger.

However, I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, I am merely pointing out my observations. While I don’t believe in any collectivistic solution to our predicament, which is that society is ruled and directed by secret societies whose agendas we do not completely comprehend, I don’t wish to encourage anyone to lose hope or take on any addiction to engage in escapism. The world we live in is highly Satanic or wicked. One important thing is to hold onto your decency. Do not allow the world to corrupt you, even if the world itself is corrupt. Trying to understand why the world so corrupt is also a worthwhile effort, in my opinion. And although I don’t think that one individual can do much to change the course the world is taking, I do think that an individual can help other individuals. This is something worthwhile.

The timeless words of the Youtuber Common Filth have been going around in my head: “Do not put your faith in man.” Man made institutions and ideologies will fail you one way or another. Maybe there is a God, and maybe he cares enough to fix things for those who are not happy with the world. Even if there is no God, having dignity is the most valuable currency when the world ends with a whimper.


One thought on “We Chose This”

  1. It just bums me out. If you’re not a psychopath or a lefty imbecile there isn’t much reason to hang around in this world. All the secret societies believe in reincarnation it seems, so even if you leave this world, things might be worse, or the same,again.

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