How does Water curve?

Last summer I was sitting at the table at my friend’s cabin looking at the wide river or estuary. The water was very flat despite flowing forward. I said out loud to my friends: “If the earth is round, why is the water so flat?” Back then I had already done some research on the concept of flat earth, but was still very much on the fence. I’m still on the fence, since I need some new hard evidence to convince me that the earth truly is flat instead of internet conjecture, but I am very doubtful of the heliocentric spinning ball model.

Last week I went on a large cruise ship between Finland and Estonia and I was reminded of the flatness of the sea. Here is a very ordinary picture of the sea. Looks flat to me.


Yet when we see a picture of the spherical earth, the water seems curved. This does not make sense. How does water bend like that? It doesn’t, water always becomes flat and level unless an external force makes it move.


Is there an external force forcing water to bend like that? Does gravity do that? If that is so, is there any actual pictorial evidence that water bends like that other than composite images from NASA taken from extreme distance? Can you demonstrate the water curve under laboratory conditions? The whole idea of water forming convex shapes is absurd.

I am not suggesting this necessarily means the earth is flat, but that water is, and that fact would suggest that the earth is not round. At least not in the sense we are told.


12 thoughts on “How does Water curve?”

  1. I think one of the secrets the freemasons and others know is that the Heisenberg popular science meme about perception shaping reality is at least partially true. A lot of the rituals they do to themselves and to us have to do with shaping reality. I’ve recently concluded that the planet might ‘flicker’ or ‘phase’ in and out of existence in different variations. It might be the same for the whole universe, since we can have no sense that they give us accurate information about that either.

  2. This article can’t be serious. How do you fail to understand the concept of gravity and the physical states of matter? This is learned by most around the age of 12. Why don’t you ask the same thing of soil? rocks? the air that makes up our atmosphere? You could argue the same thing, that these materials don’t naturally organize themselves into spheres or bend when observed in person. Have you never flown on an airplane also? You never noticed the horizon is not flat at 36 000 feet? Don’t you think that if you were to observe a planet, something that is tens of thousands of kms in diameter, under the influence of astronomical physical forces only observable from space, that it may present with unexpected or unpredictable shape and set of unique properties? Also, how do you explain the world clock with a flat earth model. Use Occam’s Razor for Christ’s sake. How much less probable is it that all of modern science has been meticulously modified just to deceive people? considerably less. With the intellectual capacity to create an entire false reality which is the subject of scrutiny by hoards of highly intelligent scientists world wide, every single day, I’m fairly sure the freemasons would be employing more advanced, elaborate means of control than what currently exists today.

    1. I suggest you check out Eric Dubay’s Youtube channel if you are new to this. I’m not saying I agree with everything he says, but he certainly brings up several issues that should be considered.

    2. To answer your question about gravity, I, like, pretty much everyone else fail to grasp what gravity is. Just to give one example from

      “You see gravity at work any time you drop a book, step on a scale or toss a ball up into the air. It’s such a constant presence in our lives, we seldom marvel at the mystery of it — but even with several well-received theories out there attempting to explain why a book falls to the ground (and at the same rate as a pebble or a couch, at that), they’re still just theories. The mystery of gravity’s pull is pretty much intact.”

      “As for the science behind the action, we know that Isaac Newton defined gravity as a force — one that attracts all objects to all other objects. We know that Albert Einstein said gravity is a result of the curvature of space-time. These two theories are the most common and widely held (if somewhat incomplete) explanations of gravity.”

      Not even the so-called experts know what gravity is. This is probably since it’s an imaginary, man-made concept, or at least it seems to be. Gravity should be differentiated from the common sense observation that things fall to the ground. If you hold a rock in your hand and let go, it falls down. This is something I’m pretty sure that even cavemen knew. They did not need any theory to explain it. They just understood how things work even if they did not know why it works. Proponents of the Theory of Gravity admit they don’t know either, so the theory is pretty much useless as the purpose of scientific theories is to explain why things work the way they do.

    3. There’s no such thing as gravity. It’s a made up magical crap show used to explain that which can’t be explained on a globe earth. It all works just fine on the flat earth model without any magic.

    4. Its funny you re trying to use Occams razor when you believe in a universe of 10 lotteries in a row instead of a simple one.

      An omnipotent being created the earth as you see it with your own eyes (everything revolves above us)

      The universe was manifested by itself and our universe is one of many within the multiverse and we just won the cosmic lottery because everything fell into place in our universe.

      The truth is simple and lies are complex.

      There is NOTHING more complex than the general theory of relativity which makes the big bang theory and heliocentrism possible.

      Experiments proved earth doesnt move.

      And based on assumptions on top of assumptions we adopted a complex theory that goes against observable evidence.

      The irony in you using Occams razor.

  3. Water can bend if acted upon by an extrinsic forc, in this YouTube video, static electricity:

    1. Cool stuff, but the water in the video is falling downwards and being affected by a force from the side. If the water in the oceans is curved, there must be another explanation since the phenomena are different.

    2. Now make it stay on the top of the pipe and curve all of the way around without falling off the sides.

  4. Water DONT bend, its rediculous what people believe, for proof of flat earth look to the stars, in particuliar POLARIS , everything revolves around us and polaris JUST AS IT SEEMS, You have eyes and a brain,TRUST YOUR SENSES. Its the biggest lie the world will ever see, 2+2 =4 and no matter how much you brainwash me with gravity and inertia and other nonsense that just doesnt add up, 2+2 will always =4 …FLAT WATER = FLAT EARTH

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