Ukraine and Australia’s Eurovision Occult Symbolism

The Eurovision contest is over, and Ukraine was declared the winner. Geopolitically it makes sense, I suppose. Everybody is so happy to buy into the narrative of big bad Russia bullying the poor Ukraine, and ignore how Ukraine is America’s bitch.

Anyways, I had figured Russia would be the winner based on the heavy occult symbolism in their show. Russia didn’t win the main contest, but it did win the Marcel Bezençon award along with Australia and Ukraine. I hadn’t even heard of this award before today. I’d wager its purpose is some secret society signalling.

I also hadn’t heard Australia’s song beforehand, so I’ll comment on some of the obvious occult imagery in their show. Later I’ll comment on the Ukrainian show too. Russia’s show I already dealt with in my previous post.

The show starts with a huge letter V pointing at the singer, Dami Im. I’m not sure what it means. Whether it refers to reptilian aliens from the TV show of the same name, the Roman numeral 5, Hebrew numeral 6, NASA’s logo or something else.


Soon we can see that the singer is sitting on the black cube, the same theme as with Russia’s show.


Then a bit later there is this image, the electric colour flashes only briefly. Once again, I’m not sure what it means, but I believe it is important. It sort of looks like the roots of a tree, the tree of life, perhaps. And at the roots would be hell. This is just my interpretation.


Soon after this, the science fiction phase on the show starts. Holographic computer display images start floating in the air, and the singer moves them about. Continuing on the same train of thought, it would suggest that flash of inspiration from a demonic force has allowed us to use this miraculous technology.


Behind the singer and the cube, there appears to be a pillar, or a tree. This could be the tree of life.



The Ukrainian show has very obvious tree themes in it. It stars off with the singer Jamala being surrounded by water. Something going through the birth canal? Baptism of wisdom?


Soon after she comes out of the waters, roots start sprouting from her feet.


Eventually they form a tree. No mistaking that.


And in the end the tree goes away.


I interpret this show to symbolize birthing and creating something demonic, and using their new demonic creation to take control of the tree of life. Perhaps.

I wonder who designed the performances for these artists? Did each country have their own designer, or was there a single person for the whole show?

The Ukrainian song 1944 was about the Soviet’s taking over Crimea back in 1944. I’m all for highlighting the atrocities perpetrated by communists, but that isn’t the purpose of this song, but anti-Russian propaganda. Yet that may not be all of it. The bit sang in Ukrainian is about the singer yearning to return to her homeland of Crimea. One interpretation is of course that Khazar Jews want their land back, as it used to be part of their empire, but I’m skeptical of the Khazar-thing. It just seems there’s something important about Crimea, and taking a good look at the Crimean war from the 19th century might be worthwhile as well.



Winners of the Marcel Bezençon Awards 2016:

Dami Im – Sound Of Silence (Australia) Live at Semi-Final 2 – 2016 Eurovision Song Contest:


2 thoughts on “Ukraine and Australia’s Eurovision Occult Symbolism”

  1. actually if you’d asked me to pick a winner beforehand, I could have done just by looking at the various national flags. For the past 4 months I’ve noticed the powers that be have been highlighting blue and yellow/gold colour combinations, whereas before for the past 8 year’s it’s been STRONGLY red white and black. The freemasons place huge store by colours,frequencies, and energies, and on a related topic I think this is more or less why Leicester won the English league this year. They are called the ‘foxes’ after all, and their colours are blue and yellowish orange.

    All the major events are more often than not numerically and visually coded as well as the set dressing and symbology that you and others keep an eye on.

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