Backlash against the Angry Video Game Nerd for refusing to watch Ghostbusters

A couple of days ago James Rolfe, AKA the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), released a video saying he won’t be reviewing the new Ghostbusters movie. Today I found out that the liberal media is getting butthurt over his statement. Just because a man states in public that he does not wish to see a new Hollywood comedy loads of people are getting irate over it. Welcome to current year.

I’ve been a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd for 10 years now, and although he doesn’t do many game reviews nowadays I still respect him. He rose to fame by reviewing bad, old video games in a very entertaining manner. AVGN sometimes reviews movies as well, but those are usually more like a nostalgic look to the past whereas his game videos are where he truly shines.

AVGN basically states in his Ghostbusters non-review that the movie will suck, so don’t waste your money on it. That’s should not be a controversial statement. The vast majority of movies shat out by Hollywood in the last 10-15 years have been remakes, reboots or sequels of older franchises. Most of them suck, and even the better ones are brainless entertainment at best. They hardly strive to tell a great, unique story nowadays. So one should anticipate that the new Ghostbusters will suck as well. However, Ghostbusters is more hated even before its release than most movies.

The trailer of the movie has been one of the most downvoted videos on Youtube, because the humour is pathetic. Another reason is that the cast of the four original male characters has been replaced four females. This is not aggravating because everyone is sexist, but that it is blatant Feminist subversion of the entertainment industry. People just want to see a fun movie about busting ghosts, like the original one was, but instead they are spoon-fed this propaganda. Naturally they are pissed off.

AVGN does not even address this Feminist-propaganda issue in his video, yet he gets lambasted by numerous media websites simply for saying that he doesn’t want to pay money for it and suggests that you do the same. An article in the Esquire is titled “You’re Whining About the Ghostbusters Reboot Because You’re Still a Child and Need to Grow Up”. A Salon article rambles on incoherently on the Nerd’s refusal to see the movie. According to Deathandtaxes AVGN is “sitting in a wet diaper”. Another site accuses James Rolfe of “soft sexism”. Slog suggests that Rolfe is mentally masturbating by making his video. And there’s more, but I’ve had enough.

The new Ghostbusters movie hasn’t even been released yet, and there are all of these websites defending it. Why? This sort of fanboy-behaviour would be understandable if people had seen it, but there’s more to it. Actually there are three reason that I can think of: shilling, politics, and social engineering.

The first thing is that if people take AVGN’s advice and do not go see the movie, the studio doesn’t make money. Some of the websites promoting the movie are formally or informally in cahoots with the movie industry, and therefore want people to go see it. They shill for the film company for the benefit of both parties.

The second reason is the political agenda of Marxist-Feminism. The movie obviously promotes it, and there are many useful idiots willing to put themselves on the line for anything that helps their cause, or fight against anything that threatens it.

The third reason for defending the new Ghostbusters movie is the most insidious one, as it is but one example in the ongoing process at social engineering, which in this case is the inversion of values and symbols. Satanists inverting the Christian cross is one example of this. Orwell’s 1984 expressed it as follows: “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” Everything is turned upside down, or replaced with the opposite of the real thing. In regard to Ghostbusters, the original had four men as the lead characters, the new one has four women. Let’s say that they remade Sex and the City where the main characters were all men (although that show sucked and was subversive trash anyway so it wouldn’t matter as much), that would be inversion as well.

Recently in many movies and comic books characters that were originally White are being replaced with Black actors. This is inversion as Black is the opposite of White. I don’t think the ultimate purpose of this is White Genocide or anything like that, although it seems to be a by-product. The ultimate goal of this social engineering is to invert our sense of morality and even sense of reality. This certainly has been done to many Feminists as they think rape can only be committed by those with this vague, seemingly metaphysical trait of “privilege”, and on the other hand women should always be believed no matter what they say. As if women weren’t capable of deception or making mistakes the same as men.

In conclusion, the Ghostbusters movie will suck. Don’t go see it. Call out these soulless shills who’d do anything for their paycheck or insane ideology. And all the best to James Rolfe.


P. S.

Thanks to /pol for making me aware of this issue.



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4 thoughts on “Backlash against the Angry Video Game Nerd for refusing to watch Ghostbusters”

  1. another of the 1980-1983? of thereabouts generation standing up for our lost generation. it’s like we’re a rational moderately conservative fluke generation.

    AVGN is awesome- indirectly he spurred so much 80s mining in popular culture…stuff like TBBT and The Goldbergs et al…it all started in about 2007 with guys like Rolfe.

    The two 80s movies and ESPECIALLY the cartoon series are pretty sacred to 80s kids, or the should fucking be. The ruined Transformers and GI Joe…surely they’ll try to milk and ruin every 80s franchise soon enough.

  2. It is telling that the four main protaginists are all reviewers for various media outlets, including the times and slate. Even Patton Oswald chimed in on this and it makes me question if paul fieg is pulling a zoe quinn. Its five guys all over again isnt it. This stinks of corruption and cronyism at the highest levels.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinions, and commend you on your support for James Rolfe.

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