Knights Templar and Inversion of Values

Despite not being obvious the topic of this post is connected to my previous one on the Angry Video Game Nerd and Ghostbusters.

The Knights Templars were the infamous knights who were supposed to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land with only a band of six knights. They were supposed to be poor, yet became immensely wealthy bankers, and were eventually disbanded and arrested by the king of France for their heretical acts. A lot can be said about the Templars, but I’ll focus on their heresies and how they are making a distinct comeback in modern times.


Despite supposedly being devout Christians they engaged in “trampling, or urinating on the cross; while naked, being kissed obscenely by the receptor on the lips, navel, and base of the spine [or on the anus]; heresy and worship of idols [like a decapitated head, Baphomet]; institutionalized sodomy”. This is hardly Christian behaviour, but inversion of Christian beliefs, and resembles a Black Mass or a Witches’ Sabbath.

I should note that my intention is not to push Christian values onto anyone, since I am not a Christian either, but it should be recognized that there is a distinct difference between someone who is not Christian and does not adhere to their rituals, and someone who seeks to defile them as the Templars did.

Although the Templars were supposedly rounded up 700 years ago their blasphemies are still enacted in society, or rather especially in recent years they’ve been making a comeback. Christ and the crucifix are defaced in many ways. “Art” such as Piss Christ, i.e. a crucifix submerged in urine, doesn’t even faze most people nowadays. Feminists like Femen masturbate using crucifixes in their protests. Christian bakeries are forced to bake cakes for homosexual weddings. Homosexuality is celebrated, and homosexual celebrities are idols to worship. Much of the behaviour that people of the Middle-Ages found abhorrent is seen as normal, or even something to celebrate, in current year.


The Templars worshipped a decapitated head. Some have described it as the head of St. John the Baptist, whereas others claim it was Baphomet. Just last year a statue of Baphomet was unveiled in public in Detroit by the Church of Satan. Although the Baphomet of the Templars may not have been the Baphomet we know as the androgynous goat, since that was supposedly created by Eliphas Levi in the 19th century. However, I’m inclined to believe they are connected, as Satanism and the practices of Templars seem connected.

Nowadays the abhorrent behaviour of the Templars is becoming more and more accepted. I do not think it is an accident, instead their occult beliefs never disappeared, but went underground, and have begun to resurface in recent centuries through secret societies like the Freemasons or Hellfire clubs of the Victorian era. The Bohemian Grove is supposedly heavy with homosexual overtones as well.

For this reason, usually when you look for information on the Templars in the main stream, it’s usually dismissive of their heresies, and tries to paint the French king Philip as a greedy man who just wanted their money and framed them. In 2007 the Vatican even published court documents from the Middle-Ages that claim pope Clement V (pope during the Templar trials) absolved the Templars of charges of heresy. Maybe this is genuine and the pope back then was bought off, or maybe it’s a forgery. Ancient Origins website dismisses the heresies, such as homosexuality and defacing the cross, as merely being normal Gnostic rituals for activating the Kundalini energy and so forth.

I see these apologists as clear evidence that the Templar heresies are still going strong today.

The occult philosophy of the medieval Templars and their modern descendants seek to invert anything that is normal or wholesome. The family unit and heterosexual relationships are “oppressive”. People are taught to deface the flag of their country, i.e. despise their own country and heritage. Men are told to be weak and effeminate instead of strong and resolute. Women aren’t supposed to be feminine. They want you to destroy that which you naturally hold dear, and when you feel empty inside you’ll take whatever they are offering you.

Ultimately, this is a spiritual agenda to corrupt us from the natural path onto something sinister. Whether it’s “science” that tells you there is no God, or higher organizing principle in the universe, to revere or follow we are either told to follow manmade rules, or perhaps the rules of something demonic. We are told to reject God, but encouraged to worship manmade things or aliens. Eddie Bennett gave a great example of this. He used be a member in the Raelian cult, a cult that worships aliens. He stated in an interview with Now You See TV that the cult wanted him to reject the notion of God as his creator and accept aliens as real. This is the trend I see. They want you to either reject God or accept aliens as greater than you. I’m sure they’ll be pushing demon worship publicly soon enough too.

Again, I am not saying the Christian conception of God is the correct one, but I can’t help but notice it’s certainly a more accurate one than the New Age concepts of modernity.

In conclusion, my point is that none of this inversion of values and celebration of debauchery that is going on in the world is by accident, but by design. There are many parallels between what is revered in current year and how the Templars acted hundreds of years ago.



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