Alleged voter fraud in Austria

Apparently there was an election in Austria, and it seems there was blatant voter fraud in the election. Because of the supposed fraud the left-wing candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen, won, whereas otherwise the right-wing Norbert Hofer would’ve won.

I am not entirely sure yet whether or not the fraud actually took place, but if the information I’ve seen is correct, it is blatant. Supposedly some areas had over 100% voter turnout, i.e. more people voted than actually exist in that area.


I don’t understand German, but based on explanations on the internet and Google Translate there were 9026 voters in that place, but 13262 people voted. There are some other claims related to this election as well that hint at fraud.

Unless this turns out to be some sort of hoax, this information needs to go viral. If the authorities can get away with this in Austria, it’ll be sure it will happen in every other EU country as well. We can’t let them get away with this.



The right-wing candidate Norbert Hofer has dismissed the fraud allegations and admitted defeat. Sounds like controlled opposition to me, or at least like a complete bitch.


Austria’s new president Van der Bellen has apparently said that “Anyone who loves Austria must be shit”. President who blatantly despises his country. Clearly the Jewmasons want to cause a civil war in Europe. They keep insulting the European people until they crack.


From /pol:



Update June 9, 2016:

The Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is formally challenging the results of the election, since there are many irregularities. This is what I like to hear. I doubt that anything will come of it in the end, but at least people are bringing the deception to the surface.


Update July 1, 2016:

It seems the constitutional court has declared the election invalid because of the discrepancies. This is great news. I suppose Austria is going to hold a new election later.



Fraud chart:

The Austrian Election was rigged!!:


Far-right Austrian presidential candidate dismisses voter fraud claims:

‘Whoever Loves Austria Is Sh*t’ – Austria’s New President Hates His Own Country:


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