Did the Pulse Nightclub shooting actually happen?

Yesterday a shooting allegedly happened where an Islamic extremist ISIS-supporter, Omar Mateen, killed 50 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This might have been a genuine event, a false flag or a hoax, much like Sandy Hook. I’m not making any definite judgement yet, however some of the eyewitnesses who’ve come out on media sound dubious at best, and are more likely to be “crisis actors”.

Let’s get the facts straight first. We haven’t seen any concrete evidence yet that a mass shooting occurred, or that anyone died at the club. I’m not saying they didn’t, and usually the media wouldn’t show pictures of a shot-up venue with bodies and blood anyway, but the fact is we don’t know the media is telling the truth. It behooves us being skeptical.


Hansen Interview

The first witness video I saw is an interview with Christopher Hansen. Apparently he was interviewed by FOX 35, but the video is up on The Telegraph’s website.

Hansen does not come off as someone who just experienced life-threatening shock. I don’t see or hear fear in him. It’s more like he’s been through a rowdy rock concert. Hansen describes how he had been splattered with someone’s blood, and initially he wasn’t sure if it was him blood or another person’s. He motions toward him left arm as if to show that is where the blood was splattered, yet we don’t see it. They don’t see blood, he does not look dirty, just a bit sweaty.

Then Hansen describes the person he “was with” got shot in the back. I presume this means the other person was his friend or acquaintance, yet Hansen describes it calmly and unconcerned that the person might have died. He even says he used his bandanna to tie up a bullethole in his friend’s back. Yet his clothes don’t look bloody at all. He even claimed his hands were covered in blood, but I guess Hansen went home, had a nice shower and a change of clothes before he was interviewed by the media.

At the end Hansen says “this can’t be real” and compares his alleged experience to a scary movie. He also says that “when you’re actually a part of an event, it’s not something you want to be a part of”, yet he looks very excited about it. Like he was part of an exercise that went live or something.

The same video also records the interview with Mina Justice, a mother of a hostage. She is completely non-chalant and emotionless when describing the situation, that the hostage is in the bathroom and going to die. Although, she’s talking about the “dispatch” so maybe she’s actually a 911 worker or something, and the media confused her with being a mother of a hostage. Yet if she was a 911 worker why would they be interviewing her out there near the scene of the crime? It’s just odd.


Bulls guy interview

Another interview of an alleged witness is with an anonymous man with a Chicago Bulls cap and an ORMC T-shirt. ORMC probably refers to Orlando Regional Medical Center. The same guy is in two interviews by ABC Action News.

The first, short interview of the Bulls guy starts off with him saying “this is actually real life”. This is in contrast with Hansen’s comment that “this cannot be real”. Both men are explicitly commenting on the reality of the incident. I think it’s like a psy-op to make you lose your sense of reality, that when the media says something is real, it’s real, if the media says it’s not, then it’s not.

In the longer interview he describes how he heard the gunfire and how the shooter changed the clip a couple of times, yet he didn’t see the shooter. I don’t think Hansen saw the shooter either.

The Bulls guy is a better actor than Hansen, but I don’t believe his story either.


Carlos Rosario interview

MSNBC interviewed Carlos Rosario, another alleged witness. His face is not shown, which makes it more difficult to see whether he is being genuine or not, but I don’t think he sounds terrified. Rosario also says he didn’t see the shooter. Interestingly he says he’s been a medical assistant for two years. The Bulls guy also seems have some sort of medical training, since he’s wearing the ORMC-shirt.


Shawn Royster interview

Shawn Royster was interviewed by CBSN. His description sounds more credible than the others, but his face is not shown either. Apparently he didn’t see the shooter either.

The same video shows footage of police and civilians carrying seemingly injured people, yet there is no blood.

There are probably other witness testimonies out there, but this is far enough. I am not saying the event was necessarily fake or a false flag, but if it wasn’t, it’d be the first. Moreover most of the witnesses sound like Disingenuous Victims, like bad actors. Omar Mateen, the alleged shooter, had been known by the FBI for a few years now. This is commonplace among terror-suspects and false flags, since the FBI manufactures most of them.


What’s the agenda?

Assuming that the shooting was a false flag or other type of manufactured event, what would the agenda be? I’ve seen some comments on the internet that if it was a false flag, the suspect would have been a White Trump-supporter, not a Muslim. This is based on a huge assumption that you know what the initial agenda of the globalist establishment is. It is not as black and white as most people prefer to think.

One agenda it could be used to push is the war on Syria or other Middle-Eastern countries. Bernie Sanders had tweeted the following: “From what is now known, this was a terrorist act by an ISIS sympathizer. That despicable and barbaric organization must be destroyed.” If and when Hillary becomes president, I’d be surprised if she didn’t follow Bernie’s advice.

Another agenda is the martyring on homosexuals. The venue of the incident was a gay club, and most of the alleged victims were probably gay. It has been pointed out before that the establishment pushes it’s psy-ops more heavily during the summer, possibly because children are on holiday and pay more attention to these events. Especially the gay agenda is pushed during the summer, just as last year the whole world celebrated the gay marriage laws, now they grieve the victims of the Pulse club. Gays will be seen saintly by the mere virtue of being gay.

Gun control is another classic agenda. The media, of course, cannot blame radical Islam for the shooting, since that would be “racist”, so they blame guns. Most of the witnesses emphasized the scary “pop pop” sound the gun supposedly made. They want liberals to be even more afraid of guns.

The shooting incident will also increase support for Trump, who already wanted to ban Muslims from entering the US. The main stream media hates Trump, that is true, but he is not anti-establishment. He is controlled opposition. Trump’s been on WWE. He knows how the game is played. Trump is going to give a good show and garner a lot of support, but the game is fixed and Hillary Clinton is going to win. Ultimately, I think, the goal is to cause a civil war in the States. Hillary Clinton is an actual criminal, and anyone who has any sense knows this. Unfortunately there are plenty of people in the US and around the world who are completely senseless. The people with some common sense, but still aren’t really paying attention will support Trump. Yet when the victory is wrested from his hands by hook and/or crook, a lot of people will feel cheated. This will radicalize them, and lead to American society become even more polarized.



Christopher Hansen interview: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/12/we-thought-it-was-part-of-the-music-how-the-pulse-nightclub-mass/

Bulls guy short interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aHEKlNNr9w

Bulls guy long interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US2rym39j1c

Carlos Rosario interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhxq9mfBSJ4

Shawn Royster interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvFT9Nr4Qa8


5 thoughts on “Did the Pulse Nightclub shooting actually happen?”

  1. Good post, I have been looking into this since it happened. The entire incident just seems surreal. I agree all that have been interviewed seem oddly off in that they show lack of emotions. Another thing is where were all the families? I seen two mothers give interviews…. and one of them hesitated when asked for her sons name. Also why is everyone so calm?! It would be chaos! People would be running frantic not waltzing a long like nothing happened… I don’t know but something isn’t right here.

      1. Yes and there are too many holes in the story. What I want to know is why are trying to get 5 million in donations? That’s an insane amount for 100 people and their families. Where is it all going?

  2. we can not let them get away with this — make calls what ever it takes they must not get away with this….. get creative and make some phone calls…. write what ever it takes….. get active

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