Is Orlando’s Christopher Hansen the actor Andrew Bowser?

One of the witnesses from the Orlando gay club shooting that has been all over the media is the fedora wearing Christopher Hansen. I’ve stated previously that I think he’s acting, and he wasn’t in any genuine danger. Jim Fetzer mentiond in his interview with Freeman Fly that Hansen’s real name is allegedly Andrew Bowser, who just happens to be an actor.

Here is a picture of Hansen.

Christopher Hansen

This is the actor Andrew Bowser.

Andrew Bowser
Bowser pretending a Satanist


They undoubtedly look similar, but are they the same person? I am genuinely asking the question, since am not a very visual person and have a hard time making the judgement myself.

Bowser’s beard is dark brown or black, whereas Hansen’s reddish or yellowish. However, if it is the same person, he could merely have dyed it. Having looked at other pictures of both Hansen and Bowser as well, I think they’re noses look similar, but Hansen’s nose seems more crooked than Bowser’s. I think they are different, yet perhaps Hansen’s nose looks different because time has passed from the other pictures, or because of makeup or something.

I think that their cheeks look similar, although Hansen’s cheeks look puffy and unnaturally blushed. I think that is probably due to makeup. Without it, I think their cheeks would be very similar.

These are merely my interpretations, however.


Let’s assume for a moment that Hansen and Bowser are the same person. This would first of all be pretty solid proof that he is a “crisis actor” or a Disingenuous Victim.

Another interesting detail is that Bowser was in Detroit last year when the Satanic temple unveiled the statue of Baphomet. He was interviewed on TV parodying a “weird” Satanist. Despite he is supposedly making fun of the Satanists, I still consider it a connection to Satanism, since he was there. I suppose his purpose was to make people disregard the threat the spread of Satanism represents. As if it’s just something silly, don’t worry about it.

Regardless of whether Hansen and Bowser are the same person, I don’t think Bowser is Andrew Bowser’s real name. Based on his Facebook profile and him using memes like “notice me, sempai” he seems to be a geek. Bowser is the name of the reptilian turtle villain from Super Mario games. The name is probably a reference to it.



I really cannot say whether or not Hansen and Bowser are the same person, but since the suggestion has been thrown out there, it should be looked into. Moreover, the allegation that they are the same person is not such a far-fetched one since they do at least resemble one another. However, I want to hear what others have to say about this.



What Happened at Orlando Shooting – Jim Fetzer:

We talked to the comedian who faked that viral Satanist interview:

Andrew Bowser:


37 thoughts on “Is Orlando’s Christopher Hansen the actor Andrew Bowser?”

  1. Dude get a life. I am all for one investigating conspiracies but come on. Chris is a close friend of mine who just recently moved to Florida. Definitely not an actor. Just someone who went through a traumatizing experience.

      1. Living in little rock we don’t have a lot to do. Lots of us go to the film festival and aren’t actors it’s just something local and fun. Christopher and his family are just simple people sweet people. They have been through a lot of tragedy since November of last year when their home burned to the ground in the middle of the night and they lost everything they owned . His father is a veteran and mother cares for the elderly in an assisted living center, simple living family and he just happens to look similar to someone .

    1. Why was he at the little rock film festival if hes not an actor. Also why did he work for motivated models doung paparazzi photos. That videos on you tube now. Just wondering. But dont worry thats all im doing.

    2. If he is then why was he at the little rock film festival if hes not an actor? Motivated Models ring a bell to your friend? Thetes videos on you tube of your friend acting like a papparzzi photographer. Whats up with that?

  2. Holy crap. Are you blind? These two people look nothing alike. For one thing, their nose is a totally different shape as are their faces.

    1. Photo 1 and 3 noses look identical. And both with same style hat is merely ANOTHER coincidence, I’m sure. Idiot. Roll out the red hair and beard die, Botox in cheeks with a little rouge with IDENTICAL EYES and they are Doppelgangers.

      American flag shirt? Nice touch, crisis actors!

  3. Just look at his bottom teeth, you can see they are clearly different, the gentleman from the club has straight teeth and the you-tube sensation or actor has crooked bottom teeth. look at the comparison people.

  4. If he is then why was he at the little rock film festival if hes not an actor? Motivated Models ring a bell to your friend? Thetes videos on you tube of your friend acting like a papparzzi photographer. Whats up with that? Thanks

  5. Chris is my friends son and definetly not an actor. He is truly tramitized over seeing this horrible event unfold. He and his family are some of the sweetest people around. You’re theory is way off this time definetly not the same person.

    1. Love this family, they have been though so much this year, can’t stand these low life’s and thier conspiracy bs

  6. I grew up with Chris , our fathers were in the Air Force together. He has a huge heart and I’m so proud of the help he gave during this tragedy

  7. Ask him how he helped all these victims and crawled all over the place and ended up with more sweat then blood anywhere

  8. I worked 5 years as a emt and have been in some very bloody situations and the only blood I got on me was on the bottom of my shoes. Gunshot wounds don’t always bleed out but internally

  9. Can we agree now he is not the actor Andrew Bowser. Also the way he spoke on tv is the exact way he speaks in person

  10. How come no one is asking the ? where are all the ambulances for the wounded. Where is the triage scene if there were those still alive?

  11. I find it hard 2 believe that in this age of cell phones there is no footage..cmon sheep wtfu this was a staged event just like sandy hook and boston bombing. TPTB knows that the majority of America will believe anything they see on the devil’s tube and they use it against us. Until we start turning off the tv and start turning on our minds nothing will ever change.

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