Colour me surprised; Britain is actually leaving the EU

I must say I did not believe that Britain would be allowed to leave the European Union, but now it seems the Leave-vote has won majority and Brexit is about to happen. Of course there is a possibility that the EU or politicians simply choose to ignore the results of the referendum, but I’m doubtful even they would be so blatant. The EU is an evil, totalitarian entity so on the surface Brexit is great news for Europe and Great Britain, yet I’m a pessimistic Finn and a conspiracy nut, and therefore I think there is more than meets the eye.

There was one clue before today that made me think Britain might leave the EU, but it was an esoteric and far-fetched one so I didn’t take it too seriously. Earlier this month, two days before the Orlando gay club false flag, a singer, Christina Grimmie, was killed after her concert by an apparent “lone nut”. Her concert had been in Orlando, and she had been performing with a band called “Before you Exit”. After the murder of the British MP, Jo Cox last week by a “lone nut” I thought there might be a parallel between these events. I figured the whole affair meant in some symbolical sense that Britain is going to exit the EU, but before it happens there has to be a sacrifice. Grimmie was sacrificed before the Orlando shooting, and Cox was sacrificed before Brexit.

I was pretty sure that the majority of Britons wanted to leave the EU, but since I think most important votes are fixed there days, I also think the Brexit was decided beforehand. I expect both Britain and the EU to face some sort of economic false flags as a type of “punishment from God” as they rejected the One World Order of the European Union. The globalist elite will say that the ensuing chaos occurs because we rejected their vision. I expect The Powers That Be to push Europe toward chaos and civil wars. Left-wing vs Right-wing. Immigrant vs native European. Pro-EU vs Anti-Eu. I think we’ve entered a new phase in the grand chessgame.



Christina Grimmie:


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