My Prediction for the Future of America

This is what I expect to see in the following years to happen in America. I don’t have inside information, nor have I channeled this information from the ether. They’re merely my opinions based on observation.

Hillary Clinton will get elected despite even most Democrats seem to despise her. I suppose it’s part of the plan to plan to have a leader that everyone hates. They started with Bill Clinton in the nineties by embarrassing  him with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Then George W. Bush was hated by the majority in the end, but at least you could try to argue he was a strong president and tried to protect his country. Barack Obama on the other hand is a weak figure who always cries on TV and promotes debauchery and weakness in his country, but you can try argue that he at least has tried his best to do good and promote tolerance and so forth. Whereas Hillary Clinton will be evil incarnate. There will be no mistaking this.

During her reign Hillary will open the gates for all sorts of criminals and terrorists even more blatantly than Obama did. She’ll try to outdo what Angela Merkel did here in Europe. Terrorism, rape, murder and all that will increase exponentially in the United States. The American people will be victimized in various ways. There will be different forms of insanity. However, the goal isn’t merely to oppress or enslave the people, but to corrupt them.

The way that these manufactured conflicts are usually interpreted by conspiracy researchers is that the conspirators use the Hegelian dialectic to bring society closer and closer to an all powerful police state. However, I don’t think it’s only about the boot stamping on the human face forever. This is only for the lowly peons, but the conspirators want to breed a new man who arises over the oppression, and sheds traditional morality to become a Luciferian or Satanic demi-god. Cultural Marxism, like feminism, isn’t supposed to last forever. They know it is an insane ideology that cannot uphold itself for long. It has worked well to weaken the West, but their ultimate goal is not to destroy the West, nor to allow Islam to conquer the world. They only want us to think that so we’d remake ourselves in their Luciferian or Promethean image to destroy the enemies they’ve manufactured. I’ve said this before, but they want to temp us like the Emperor tempted Luke Skywalker in the end of Return of the Jedi, to strike down our enemies with hatred only to become a stronger version of what we fought against.

After Hillary Clinton has wreaked the havoc that she will, a new dark hero will rise, be it a person, or a group. They will lead America, and possibly Europe as well, out of the darkness into the light of Lucifer. I suspect that person or group to be openly Satanic or Luciferian. This is the goal of the New World Order. Not Cultural Marxism, not Islam, not Judaic supremacy (although Talmudic Judaism might be a representation of the Satanic ideology). They don’t want everyone to be a weak, pathetic slave. They want proud, transformed demi-gods. They want to corrupt us all, not to kill us. That’s just a by-product.

Although I should say this I believe to be their plan. It probably won’t work out as the so called Illuminati wishes. The decent people in the West won’t just sit on their asses allowing them to do what they please. There are other forces at work than just dark forces in this world.

I hope I’m wrong about this. I hope that Donald Trump really is a decent guy who practices what he preaches. I hope he isn’t just controlled opposition, and I hope he gets elected. However, I don’t believe these things to be true.



2016, Summer of Infinite Love?

I recall David Icke say 5-6 years ago that the summer of 2016 will be known as the summer of love or something to that extent. I can’t find the video know, but there is one video from 2011 that has Icke’s speeches, and annoying background music, titled: “David Icke – 2016 Summer of Infinite Love”.

Now it is the summer of 2016. There have been countless terrorist attacks and random acts of violence in Europe and America. Needless to say summer of love couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yet the point Icke was trying to make can be heard in another video from 2010 where he says that 2016 will be the year of change instead of 2012. Looking at the world back then, this outlook is reasonable. He was certainly right that no great visible change occurred in 2012, no end of the world, no second coming of Christ, no alien invasion. 2016 might have been just an arbitrarily chosen number meant to say that things will change sometime in the near future, but not as early as 2012. This year still has several months left. We’ll see if any change for the better will occur or not.

Many of the terrorist attacks of this summer have most likely been false flags, but probably not all. Despite this, the whole situation has been contrived by the globalist conspirators. They’ve imported potential terrorists and violent criminals into Europe and America, even if they don’t directly control all of them. I think the conspirators are getting desperate and attempting to make us scared. I’m not sure they’re so successful overall, though.

Icke says in one of the videos that the control system is in its death throes, and they’re throwing all they can at us. The Summer of Chaos is certainly evidence of this.

There have been so many attacks during the summer, from the Orlando gay club shooting to the shooting in Munich and recently a killing of a priest in France. They’re too many for me to recall all of them. I don’t propose that we should be callous and ignore the carnage, but we should remain calm and see the attacks for what they are; a brutal form of social engineering so we’d accept whatever false solution they’re going to offer.



David Icke – 2016 Summer of Infinite Love:

David Icke ~ 2016 Is The Year Of Change Not 2012:

#FreeMilo Claptrap

The flamboyant gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter a week or so ago for hurting the feelings of a feminist, and criticizing the latest feminist symbol, the new Ghostbusters movie. Naturally it’s insanely stupid that Yiannopoulos was banned for doing nothing wrong. However, what annoys and concerns me is not the fact that Twitter censored him, but how everyone and their uncle is so eager to defend him. This sort of censorship is not really so Orwellian as it is childish, and anyone with half-a-brain understands it.

What people seem to ignore is how this is clearly a ploy of some sort of promoting Milo Yiannopoulos as some sort of new hero of our time. They seem to be buying it, since there are countless videos on Youtube defending him. Banning Milo from Twitter is wrong, of course, but they should take a minute to think what sort of person he is.

Milo is not only a homosexual, but a flamboyant homosexual who delights in bragging with his perversions. What he does in his bedroom is not any of my business, and that’s just the point, he doesn’t want to keep his private life private. Everyone’s heard how he likes BBC, i.e. Big Black Cock, and other perverse desires and exploits of his. On top of that he is a Zionist Jew. Or at least he supports Israel based on my understanding.

I don’t get his popularity. Why are many supposedly alternative and conservative people supporting him? Sure, he’s more witty than the average bloke, but I don’t think there’s much substance behind his flair. He is just an Oscar Wilde-wannabe.

Back to the censorship issue. Like I said, Milo getting banned is wrong, but where is the outrage and the (alternative) media attention when other people get censored? How about the Germans who got arrested for criticizing mass immigration on Facebook? Sure, it has been mentioned here and there, but it doesn’t mobilize people as much as whatever silly stuff Yiannopoulos is up to. There are more significant issues than Milo getting banned from Twitter, you know. It’s both a distraction for us and free advertising for Milo.

Feminism is in its death throes already. It’s lashing out as fast as it can, but people are seeing it for the scam that it is. This means that the global conspirators have to come up with new games and controversies, heroes and villains for the masses to occupy their minds with; enter the “alpha-homo”, the Natural Aristocrat, Milo.



Milo Yiannopoulos supports Israel:

German Police Raiding Homes over Facebook ‘Hate Speech’:


Munich shooting false flag


There was another terror event in Europe. So it goes. This time an 18-year old German-Iranian allegedly killed 9 people in Munich. I call bullshit on the whole story. This was probably a false flag, or at least they’re covering something up.

According to eye witnesses there had been three shooters, but now as the event is over there appears to have been a single culprit. Eye witnesses say 3, the police say 1. Moreover, the alleged shooter was found dead during the night. Supposedly the killer had shot himself, and I don’t think the police saw him do it. There are a few different interpretations to this bullshit story.

One is that there were three or more shooters, this was a false flag and the dead alleged shooter is a patsy. Either he was one of the shooters, or just a complete fall guy. Another possibility is that the dead alleged shooter has been framed by the real shooter(s). Since, based on my understanding, the police didn’t see him actually shoot people, the actual shooter(s) may have taken an innocent person captive, shot him and given him a gun to make him look like the killer. The actual shooter(s) may have escaped, while the police is chasing a red herring. Sure it’s possible that this was a hoax of some sort, and nobody died, but unless evidence that suggests this was the case surfaces, I’m going to assume that the shooting was real.

The authorities seem very incompetent in this case, if not outright dishonest. At least the information released out to public hasn’t given any evidence to suggest that the police have any clue what they’re doing. 9 people were killed and 16 wounded. It happened in or around a mall. Surely there are surveillance cameras. The search for the shooters lasted for several hours. How can it be so difficult for the police to track down the culprits?

If you’re thinking the police in Germany are ill-equipped and there needs to be more surveillance, more power given to the police, you’re playing into their game. This is classic problem-reaction-solution.

I must reiterate. The alleged shooter was killed so he cannot spill the beans. The media is calling him a “lone wolf”. This is classic psy-op stuff. I’m pretty sure they’re covering something up at least.



It appears that German journalist Richard Gutjahr was present at the Nice truck attack at France earlier this month, and he was also present at the Munich mall shooting. This is very suggestive that both events were false flags.

Gutjahr appears to be married to an Israeli politician Einat Wilf. According to Wikipedia she considers herself a Zionist. There are some allegations that she is a Mossad agent as well, but I am not sure if it is true or not.



Munich shooting: Police appeal for video evidence:

Münchenissä saksalais-iranilainen nuorukainen ampui yhdeksän ihmistä ja itsensä:

Alex Jones showmanship at RNC

An altercation occurred between Infowars’ Alex Jones and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur at the Republican National Convention. This is probably something people will be gossiping about until they find a new source of entertainment. And basically entertainment it is, since I believe it’s a deliberately created distraction. A couple of days ago something else happened that Alex Jones does not want to be known by his fans and followers.

A few days ago Jones was supposedly attacked by communists at the RNC, but that’s not the whole story. Another alternative media journalist, Anthony Antonello, was on location, and even managed to film how Jones was surrounded by police and bodyguards immediately after the attack. They treated him like a VIP. Antonello also says that Jones claimed that some demonstrators were punching cops and throwing around urine and feces, yet no-one has been arrested nor is there any video of these crimes. The conference had been peaceful prior to the arrival of Alex Jones, according to Antonello, which suggests Jones is creating controversy to get attention.

Then the altercation between Alex Jones and Cenk Uygur happens. In the Youtube video Alex Jones walks to the set of Young Turks with his crew and starts behaving like an obnoxious asshole. It’s no wonder if Uygur gets mad, especially knowing his temper and personality. Now I despise Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks, and have no desire to defend them, yet I think Alex Jones contributed to the escalation of the situation almost as much as Uygur’s behaviour. I think they worked in tandem to create this situation to draw attention away from the facts that Anthony Antonello reported. It’s like pro-wrestling.

At least Alex Jones and Infowars have put out some decent information along the years, but overall, especially after stunts like these, it’s hard to accept them as genuine. I have nothing good to say about The Young Turks. I find it ironic, and a bit sad, that I have never watched videos from their Youtube channel or visited their website, yet I’ve seen several hours of their footage as many anti-SJW Youtubers often discuss something stupid that The Young Turks have said. Why? Why give the attention to The Young Turks? Are they in any way relevant? Would anyone care if famous and eloquent Youtubers weren’t dismantling their logical inconsistencies consistently?

In fact I first heard about the existence of The Young Turks from Alex Jones. He was saying something like they are funded by Al Gore, they’re controlled opposition and so on. How about not giving them attention then? In my opinion the main difference between The Young Turks and Infowars is that The Young Turks is irrelevant. If the people who supposedly oppose their ideology stopped promoting them, they would go away. Infowars on the other hand, do sometimes offer some relevant information, when they have time from selling T-shorts and water filters. That’s why their duplicity should be exposed.

I want to thank Anthony Antonello for what he managed to bring to my attention.



Alex Jones Attacked by Communist BLM | Jones FIGHTS BACK!:

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777, Tarot and Aeon of Horus

Earlier today I was watching KJ’s Youtube video from The Scariest Movie Ever channel. He pointed out that today is 7/16/16 which is numerologically 7/7/7 and refers to IMF chief Christine Lagarde’s infamous Magic Number 7-speech. My wife (I got married a while ago) asked what is number 7 in the Tarot. It’s the Chariot. I’ve wondered about the symbolical significance of the chariot recently so it fascinated me to no end.



Number 7 in the Major Arcana is the Chariot. The simple meaning for the card is victory. Rachel Pollack explains in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom that in ancient times a victorious hero rode through the streets on a chariot with the people cheering around, and that practice is still used today, since parades are given to “presidents, generals, and astronauts, with open limousines”.

Pollack explains that the victory symbolized by the Chariot can be understood in two different ways; either “spiritual victory over evil”, or the “triumphant ego, which controls rather than resolves the basic conflicts of life”. Both aspects of the card are relevant, but the most intriguing sentence on the card is Pollack’s description: “the Chariot is a perfect symbol for civilization, which creates order out of chaos of nature by using the natural world as the raw materials for its agriculture and cities.” This refers both to the Masonic Ordo ab Chao that the ruling “elite” has been practising through their false flags and other events, and George Bush Senior’s speech announcing the New World Order on 9/11 1991: “A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.”


Other interesting details on the card are the eight pointed star on the forehead of the man, the Star of Venus or Ishtar, and the lingam and the yoni on the shield in the center of the chariot. They represent the male and female in copulation. There are also the black and white sphinxes. I’ll get back to these symbols later.




Today is the 16th of 2016, so the number 16 is significant as well. In the Tarot it’s the Tower. The tower on the card represents the material conception of the world, and the lightning represents spirituality. The spirit liberates the individual from the prison of materialism. Despite the overall meaning of the Tower is beneficial, it also leads to suffering.

The events of 9/11 2001 were a contemporary representation of this Tarot card. Although 9/11 itself was tragic and lead to countless wars, it has also been a spiritually educational experience for many, myself included. Investigating 9/11 and understanding it for the false flag that it was has opened avenues for many in questioning countless other things that people have taken for granted.

It should be noted that the US congress released the 28 pages that contain previously classified information on 9/11, supposedly implicating Saudi Arabia. Although they were released yesterday, on the 15th, and not on the 16th, the timing of the release is interesting. I haven’t had time to read the paper yet, either, so I don’t know for sure what it says.


The Tower also represents a penis that is ejaculating. Rachel Pollack notes that the two people who are falling are red and blue, i.e. Major Arcana 1 and 2, the Magician and the High Priestess, the male and female.



7+7+7=21 therefore the card number 21 is significant for today as well. Twenty-one in the Major Arcana is the World. Pollack describes the card as “The unconscious known consciously . . . a constant dance of being”. She also points out that the two wands held by the woman once again refer to the Magician and the High Priestess, the male and female. They are unified here as in the lingam and yoni in the Chariot.


In one sense I interpret the Chariot and the World to mean that the New World Order believe they have achieved victory. They possess the world now.

Rachel Pollack compares the image on the card to the Hindu god Shiva, Lord of the Cosmic Dance. The woman and Shiva both dance in a similar pose; one foot down, and other one is raised. I should mention that they have a statue of Shiva at CERN doing the pose, and there’s even a circle around him.

Shiva at Cern

Moreover, Pollack explains that Shiva is often depicted as a hermaphrodite, one half male and the other female. Sounds like the transgenderism agenda of the New World Order, the Rise of the Phoenix sang by Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision a couple of years ago and countless other cases.



21 is numerologically 2+1=3. Number three in the Tarot is the Empress. Pollack explains that the Empress represents goddesses such as Aphrodite, Ishtar or Erzulie. I suppose Isis would be included in that. In the picture is also the symbol for Venus.


According to Pollack 3 is a combination of 1 (male) and 2 (female), and therefore represents the child that is produced when they are joined together. Yet it also represents motherhood.


When you put it all together

What does all of this mean then? I think there are two opposite meanings for these cards. The Chariot is pulled by a black and a white sphinx, two opposites that don’t mesh together well, but they are held there by the force of will.

One meaning is that the New World Order believes they have won. They are invincible, as they announced in the Invictus games in Florida a few months ago. They are riding the Chariot so they are in control.

The Tower refers to “a period of violent upheaval . . . the destruction of long established situations, the break-up of relationships in anger or even violence”. This is what has been happening all summer. From terror attacks, to racial tensions, Brexit and the attempted coup in Turkey today. If the newly released 9/11 document really does implicate Saudi Arabia, the United States might even go to war against their old ally.

The World represents how the New World Order rejoice their position of power and control. Shiva is dancing his dance of destruction and creation for them.

The Empress represents the birth of the child of the New World Order. Be it the Aeon of Horus or the Age of Aquarius. Each card, the Chariot, the Tower and the World have all referred to the unity of male and female. The Empress is the result of that unity, a child. Interestingly, the Empress wears a crown of 12 stars, like the flag of the EU, or the passage from the book of Revelation:

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth …. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.”

The man riding the Chariot also has the star of Ishtar or Venus on his head, and she is the goddess who will give birth to this new child. I believe the New World Order’s Great Work, whatever it is, is nearing an end.

Yet I don’t believe the New World Order will succeed. They are in control now, but it will not last forever. The Chariot also means “spiritual victory over evil”. This suggests the New World Order will lose. The rider will lose control over his horses/sphinxes. The Tower as well suggests that while we will suffer for their iniquities, the prison of materialism that they have created will come crashing down. After this, there will be harmony and happiness as the World signals us. The male and female will be in harmony. No more will we have listen to feminists and men’s rights activists squabble, or the political Left and Right fight over meaningless issues. In the end, a new era of harmony is born.

It’s things like these that make me think that the myths about the Anti-Christ and the (second?) coming of Christ might be true, and that we will see it relatively soon.



Rachel Pollack says that in the old version of the Chariot, it was pulled by horses, not sphinxes. She says horses represent kingship, and in the olden times kings were sacrificed, but eventually the sacrificial victim was replaced with a horse. I wonder if the appearance of Chariot means another “king”, an important political figure, will be assassinated sometime soon?



Summer Of The Illuminati 7/7/7 Rituals (2016):

Not all Muslims

Another apparently Islamic terrorist attack occurred today in Nice, France. Allegedly a 31-year old Tunisian man drove a truck into a crow killing over 80 people. Although so far the attacker’s motives haven’t been announced, at least not to my knowledge, nor am I sure whether the man was a Muslim, the media has indirectly hinted that he was. So far though, it looks as if, and everyone is acting as if it was another Islamic terror attack.

I have no idea whether the event was some sort of false flag, but based on the description of the event that a truck drove into a crowd of people I find it hard to believe it could a hoax of some sort. Have to wait and see whether or not crisis actors pop-up relating to this event. So far I believe it was a genuine terror attack.

I’ve written previously how radical Islam is a Western and/or Israeli creation. At the very least radical Muslims are funded by and supplied to by Western entities. However, that does not change the nature of Islam itself. Their holy book, the Qur’an, has several passages instigating Muslims to kill infidels. Whether or not these passages have been taken out of context or not, the fact is many Muslims seem adhere to these passages and justify their base instincts for rape and murder based on their faith. Whether they are “true” Muslims or not is secondary.

Moreover, I don’t see the good, peaceful Muslims really caring about the horrific crimes their extremist brothers commit. All the moderates do is disassociate themselves from the extremists in order to protect themselves. They don’t really seem to care to do something to truly redeem the name of Islam, nor to prevent further acts of terror and violence, and they care is about the public perception of Islam. I figure this is an inbuilt mechanism of Islam. It’s very similar to the South Park episode, “I’m a little bit Country”, where Cartman is taken back to the time of the Founding Fathers in a dream to learn whether they would be pro-war. He learns that the point of America is that one half of people are peace-loving hippies, whereas the other half is war-loving brutes, and this in effect confuses outside observers so they cannot condemn America’s actions. Maybe America has been crypto-Islamic from the get go.

Then there’s all of the useful idiots in Europe and America, be they Christian, atheist or other, who say “Not all Muslims”. It’s one of the dumbest lines I’ve ever heard. Of course not every Muslim is an explosion or a rape statistic waiting to happen, but it is a simple fact that many Muslims have committed these crimes in recent years and will continue to commit them until we do something about it. Do these people have any course of action in mind to stop future attacks? Of course not. They simply say “Not all Muslims” and feel morally superior and tolerant. Well, they are tolerant of rape and murder. Maybe I’m just a racist bigot, but I don’t tolerate those things.

To put “Not all Muslims” in perspective. No-one was saying “Not all Americans” when they invaded Iraq in 2003. It was generally understood that it was the government and the military that invaded Iraq, although a lot of Americans supported it. However, it was understood that there were people who opposed the war. Back then people grasped the basic meaning of language and words, and their relationship to reality. Not anymore. While “Not all Muslims” is literally true, in effect it is meaningless since it does not contribute anything. It offers no insight on how to prevent violence perpetrated by some of the Muslims. Current Year is rife with pointless tautologies like “Love is love” that make useful idiots (perhaps useless idiots would be more accurate) feel smug.

Back to the Nice truck attack. Once again I see the media only push the celebration of victimization. It was the same in Charlie Hebdo. The media does not want people to talk about any practical ways of preventing future tragedies, or fighting against Islamic extremism. The media is merely giving the French sympathy points for their victim status, whereas politicians can score empathy points for their empty words of grieving.

I should point out one thing though; I do not in any way support war against Islamic extremists or any Islamic country. That is what started all of this. The immigration crisis would not have happened hadn’t America, Israel and their puppets bombed the Middle-East for a couple of decades. This is what some useful idiots on the Right will undoubtedly promote. Just leave the Middle-East in peace, but don’t bring them to Europe or America either. A good start would be to deport all of the migrants who’ve come in in recent years from Islamic countries.


P.S. When I say I do not support war against Islamic extremists, I don’t mean force shouldn’t be used against them when needed. But a better way of ending radical Islam would be to simply stop funding these groups. I don’t see hunting down the extremists like Bush supposedly tried in Afghanistan as a viable option.



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