Child of Orlando and the Song of Roland

These are some esoteric and occult observations on the Orlando gay club shooting false flag. These observations may sound somewhat far-fetched so take them with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, I’d like to share them.

It all starts with a comment made by the allegedly grieving mother of a victim in the nightclub Pulse. Christine Leinonen, whose son supposedly died in the incident said in an interview that her son is a “child of Orlando”. This sounded very odd to me, and got me thinking it’s code for something else. A bit later I decided to look into the etymology of the name Orlando. It is the Italian form of the name Roland.

Roland was a knight during the time of Charlemagne. After his death, the character inspired many romances and poems, including the Italian poems “Orlando innamorato” and “Orlando furioso”. Then there is a fairy tale called “Childe Rowland”. Is Christine Leinonen referring to this story with her Child of Orlando-comment?


Childe Rowland

In the story Childe Rowland, his two older brothers and their sister are playing near the church, until the sister runs around the church “widershins”, i.e. counter-clockwise and disappears into the fairyland. His brothers try to go save her, but they too disappear.

Rowland receives relevant advice from Merlin and goes to save his sister. He encounters a few people in the fairyland and cuts off their heads as was advised by Merlin and finds the Dark Tower where the King of Elfland lives. Rowland fights the king, but lets him live and saves his sister as well as the brothers.

This is the very abridged version of the story. Are the people who orchestrated the shooting in Orlando trying to retell this story in some occult manner?

Perhaps the Invictus Games, that were held in May in Orlando were the launching of this mystic ritual. This is analogous to Childe Rowland playing with his siblings. Two days before the gay club shooting a singer, Christina Grimmie, was shot after her concert. This also took place in Orlando. Then June 12, the alleged nightclub shooting took place. Was Grimmie’s death symbolical of Rowland’s sister being taken away to the fairyland? The events in nightclub Pulse then would symbolize Rowland entering the fairyland himself. Note that “fairy” is used as an euphemism for homosexual.

The same day as the alleged shooting had occurred the Empire State Building in New York went dark to show solidarity for the victims of the incident. This then would represent the Dark Tower of the King of Fairyland. Perhaps then the events in Pulse represented the battle between Rowland and the king?

The Online Etymology Dictionary also mentions that Roland’s comrade was called Oliver. The meaning of Oliver is literally “elf-host” or “elf-army”. The only Oliver I know that is somehow related to the Orlando shooting is the comedian John Oliver. I hadn’t even known he existed before this incident. He had made some comments about the shooting. I am not sure whether he is relevant to the “Child of Orlando”-thing, though.


Song of Roland

One of the most well-known exploits of the knight Roland is the “Song of Roland”. It recounts the story of Charlemagne who is fighting Muslims in Spain. The Muslims want to sign a peace treaty, but the Christians need to send a messenger to the court of the Muslim king. Roland nominates his treacherous stepfather Ganelon who hates Roland. Ganelon thinks Roland nominated him so the Muslims could ambush them and kill Ganelon, so Ganelon tells the Muslims how they could easily ambush the rear-guard, which is lead by Roland.

This is what they do. The Christians get overwhelmed by the Muslim hordes. In the end Roland sounds his Oliphant (elephant) horn, also known as a slughorn. He blows it so forcefully he dies and goes straight to heaven.

The connection between this story and the Orlando shooting is less obvious, but there are some similar themes at least. The shooting was allegedly perpetrated by a Muslim extremist. The victims weren’t Christian, as they were homosexuals, most at least, but there a few people whose name was Christian, or something similar, involved. Christine Leinonen is the grieving mother. Her son’s name was Christopher. The singer who was shot two days before was Christina Grimmie.


Brexit Connection

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that there is a possible connection between the killing of Christina Grimmie and British MP Jo Cox, as the night Grimmie was killed she had had a concert with a group named Before You Exit. Before Britain voted to exit the European Union Jo Cox was killed. The message was “before you exit, we need a sacrifice”.

Interestingly, the name Cox has two different meanings. It means “rooster”, but it is also short for “Cornelis” or “Cornelia”. The “corn” in Cornelius means “horn”. Granted that it is a long-shot, but this could be a reference to Roland’s Oliphant horn. This then could be a reference to the horned god known by many names, such as Osiris, Baal, Cernunnos and so on, but I don’t have time to go into that now.



I am not confident to say the Song of Roland has any connection to the Orlando shooting, but Childe Rowland’s themes seem to parallel the false flag in curious ways. Even if I’m wrong about this, the Child of Orlando-comment sounds like it is some sort of occult message.




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