Not all Muslims

Another apparently Islamic terrorist attack occurred today in Nice, France. Allegedly a 31-year old Tunisian man drove a truck into a crow killing over 80 people. Although so far the attacker’s motives haven’t been announced, at least not to my knowledge, nor am I sure whether the man was a Muslim, the media has indirectly hinted that he was. So far though, it looks as if, and everyone is acting as if it was another Islamic terror attack.

I have no idea whether the event was some sort of false flag, but based on the description of the event that a truck drove into a crowd of people I find it hard to believe it could a hoax of some sort. Have to wait and see whether or not crisis actors pop-up relating to this event. So far I believe it was a genuine terror attack.

I’ve written previously how radical Islam is a Western and/or Israeli creation. At the very least radical Muslims are funded by and supplied to by Western entities. However, that does not change the nature of Islam itself. Their holy book, the Qur’an, has several passages instigating Muslims to kill infidels. Whether or not these passages have been taken out of context or not, the fact is many Muslims seem adhere to these passages and justify their base instincts for rape and murder based on their faith. Whether they are “true” Muslims or not is secondary.

Moreover, I don’t see the good, peaceful Muslims really caring about the horrific crimes their extremist brothers commit. All the moderates do is disassociate themselves from the extremists in order to protect themselves. They don’t really seem to care to do something to truly redeem the name of Islam, nor to prevent further acts of terror and violence, and they care is about the public perception of Islam. I figure this is an inbuilt mechanism of Islam. It’s very similar to the South Park episode, “I’m a little bit Country”, where Cartman is taken back to the time of the Founding Fathers in a dream to learn whether they would be pro-war. He learns that the point of America is that one half of people are peace-loving hippies, whereas the other half is war-loving brutes, and this in effect confuses outside observers so they cannot condemn America’s actions. Maybe America has been crypto-Islamic from the get go.

Then there’s all of the useful idiots in Europe and America, be they Christian, atheist or other, who say “Not all Muslims”. It’s one of the dumbest lines I’ve ever heard. Of course not every Muslim is an explosion or a rape statistic waiting to happen, but it is a simple fact that many Muslims have committed these crimes in recent years and will continue to commit them until we do something about it. Do these people have any course of action in mind to stop future attacks? Of course not. They simply say “Not all Muslims” and feel morally superior and tolerant. Well, they are tolerant of rape and murder. Maybe I’m just a racist bigot, but I don’t tolerate those things.

To put “Not all Muslims” in perspective. No-one was saying “Not all Americans” when they invaded Iraq in 2003. It was generally understood that it was the government and the military that invaded Iraq, although a lot of Americans supported it. However, it was understood that there were people who opposed the war. Back then people grasped the basic meaning of language and words, and their relationship to reality. Not anymore. While “Not all Muslims” is literally true, in effect it is meaningless since it does not contribute anything. It offers no insight on how to prevent violence perpetrated by some of the Muslims. Current Year is rife with pointless tautologies like “Love is love” that make useful idiots (perhaps useless idiots would be more accurate) feel smug.

Back to the Nice truck attack. Once again I see the media only push the celebration of victimization. It was the same in Charlie Hebdo. The media does not want people to talk about any practical ways of preventing future tragedies, or fighting against Islamic extremism. The media is merely giving the French sympathy points for their victim status, whereas politicians can score empathy points for their empty words of grieving.

I should point out one thing though; I do not in any way support war against Islamic extremists or any Islamic country. That is what started all of this. The immigration crisis would not have happened hadn’t America, Israel and their puppets bombed the Middle-East for a couple of decades. This is what some useful idiots on the Right will undoubtedly promote. Just leave the Middle-East in peace, but don’t bring them to Europe or America either. A good start would be to deport all of the migrants who’ve come in in recent years from Islamic countries.


P.S. When I say I do not support war against Islamic extremists, I don’t mean force shouldn’t be used against them when needed. But a better way of ending radical Islam would be to simply stop funding these groups. I don’t see hunting down the extremists like Bush supposedly tried in Afghanistan as a viable option.



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