Alex Jones showmanship at RNC

An altercation occurred between Infowars’ Alex Jones and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur at the Republican National Convention. This is probably something people will be gossiping about until they find a new source of entertainment. And basically entertainment it is, since I believe it’s a deliberately created distraction. A couple of days ago something else happened that Alex Jones does not want to be known by his fans and followers.

A few days ago Jones was supposedly attacked by communists at the RNC, but that’s not the whole story. Another alternative media journalist, Anthony Antonello, was on location, and even managed to film how Jones was surrounded by police and bodyguards immediately after the attack. They treated him like a VIP. Antonello also says that Jones claimed that some demonstrators were punching cops and throwing around urine and feces, yet no-one has been arrested nor is there any video of these crimes. The conference had been peaceful prior to the arrival of Alex Jones, according to Antonello, which suggests Jones is creating controversy to get attention.

Then the altercation between Alex Jones and Cenk Uygur happens. In the Youtube video Alex Jones walks to the set of Young Turks with his crew and starts behaving like an obnoxious asshole. It’s no wonder if Uygur gets mad, especially knowing his temper and personality. Now I despise Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks, and have no desire to defend them, yet I think Alex Jones contributed to the escalation of the situation almost as much as Uygur’s behaviour. I think they worked in tandem to create this situation to draw attention away from the facts that Anthony Antonello reported. It’s like pro-wrestling.

At least Alex Jones and Infowars have put out some decent information along the years, but overall, especially after stunts like these, it’s hard to accept them as genuine. I have nothing good to say about The Young Turks. I find it ironic, and a bit sad, that I have never watched videos from their Youtube channel or visited their website, yet I’ve seen several hours of their footage as many anti-SJW Youtubers often discuss something stupid that The Young Turks have said. Why? Why give the attention to The Young Turks? Are they in any way relevant? Would anyone care if famous and eloquent Youtubers weren’t dismantling their logical inconsistencies consistently?

In fact I first heard about the existence of The Young Turks from Alex Jones. He was saying something like they are funded by Al Gore, they’re controlled opposition and so on. How about not giving them attention then? In my opinion the main difference between The Young Turks and Infowars is that The Young Turks is irrelevant. If the people who supposedly oppose their ideology stopped promoting them, they would go away. Infowars on the other hand, do sometimes offer some relevant information, when they have time from selling T-shorts and water filters. That’s why their duplicity should be exposed.

I want to thank Anthony Antonello for what he managed to bring to my attention.



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