Munich shooting false flag


There was another terror event in Europe. So it goes. This time an 18-year old German-Iranian allegedly killed 9 people in Munich. I call bullshit on the whole story. This was probably a false flag, or at least they’re covering something up.

According to eye witnesses there had been three shooters, but now as the event is over there appears to have been a single culprit. Eye witnesses say 3, the police say 1. Moreover, the alleged shooter was found dead during the night. Supposedly the killer had shot himself, and I don’t think the police saw him do it. There are a few different interpretations to this bullshit story.

One is that there were three or more shooters, this was a false flag and the dead alleged shooter is a patsy. Either he was one of the shooters, or just a complete fall guy. Another possibility is that the dead alleged shooter has been framed by the real shooter(s). Since, based on my understanding, the police didn’t see him actually shoot people, the actual shooter(s) may have taken an innocent person captive, shot him and given him a gun to make him look like the killer. The actual shooter(s) may have escaped, while the police is chasing a red herring. Sure it’s possible that this was a hoax of some sort, and nobody died, but unless evidence that suggests this was the case surfaces, I’m going to assume that the shooting was real.

The authorities seem very incompetent in this case, if not outright dishonest. At least the information released out to public hasn’t given any evidence to suggest that the police have any clue what they’re doing. 9 people were killed and 16 wounded. It happened in or around a mall. Surely there are surveillance cameras. The search for the shooters lasted for several hours. How can it be so difficult for the police to track down the culprits?

If you’re thinking the police in Germany are ill-equipped and there needs to be more surveillance, more power given to the police, you’re playing into their game. This is classic problem-reaction-solution.

I must reiterate. The alleged shooter was killed so he cannot spill the beans. The media is calling him a “lone wolf”. This is classic psy-op stuff. I’m pretty sure they’re covering something up at least.



It appears that German journalist Richard Gutjahr was present at the Nice truck attack at France earlier this month, and he was also present at the Munich mall shooting. This is very suggestive that both events were false flags.

Gutjahr appears to be married to an Israeli politician Einat Wilf. According to Wikipedia she considers herself a Zionist. There are some allegations that she is a Mossad agent as well, but I am not sure if it is true or not.



Munich shooting: Police appeal for video evidence:

Münchenissä saksalais-iranilainen nuorukainen ampui yhdeksän ihmistä ja itsensä:


One thought on “Munich shooting false flag”

  1. All these fake terrorist Incidents are bullshit inside jobs orchestrated by government approval using ISRAELS evil sickening undercover murderers MOSSAD posing as terrorists and sometimes operating with actual terrorist before turning the gun on them, double crossing them with a hail of bullets at the end such as In Paris shootings. Same old same old preceedure passport found by side of so called terrorist, known to police, claims of shouting alad akbur (God is great) and all the rest of the Zionist bullshit. All Mainstream news
    Media has been forced to put this crap out to further convince the public to turn against each other and justify more war in the Middle East. Have you noticed why all these so called terrorist acts are against ethnic minority’s and multicultured people!!!! If it was a real Islamic terrorist don’t you think
    they would attack their arch enemy’s the JEWISH ZIONISTS or GLOBALISTS CAPPATSLISTS hell bent on overthrowing Syria and Iran just like Leban, Iraq and Afghanistan. Also it’s well know that American and ISRAELS military trained armed and funded ISIS who are Sunni Muslims to do THE WESTS dirty work of attacking Shia Muslims ie SYRIA’S Assad who is only defending his people against these murderous rebels the west trained and join in with by carpet bombing his country and killing thousands upon thousands of innocent men women and children. As in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon before. All this murdering has been going on way before 9/11 by the west via BUSH and BLAIR and WESTERN ZIONISTS who want to over run de- scale the population of the Middle East and take control of the oil wealth and land and place s new central world government, banking system and world Army ie NEW WORLD ORDER.

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