Rainbows and the Firmament

I’ve discussed previously the possibility that the earth may have dome-like Firmament over it as is described in the Bible and other ancient myths. The other day I saw a rainbow and figured whether its existence is evidence of a glass-like dome over our world.

A light that shines through a prism can create the colours of a rainbow, and a thick enough piece of glass can act as a prism. This can happen also accidentally if a glass door or other glass structure is hit by a beam of light. How about the rainbow then? Could it be created through a similar process? Is there glass in the sky?


The difference between a rainbow and a light shone though glass is that a rainbow is shaped like a bow, whereas light refracted with a prism tends to be straight. However, it’s probably due to the shape of most prisms. There’s a video on Youtube where someone has created round rainbow colours with CDs. So if there is glass in the sky, it seems to be circular, or dome like.

Another thing is that although natural rainbows are pretty big, they’re nowhere near as big as the earth, i.e. a rainbow cannot represent a dome that covers the entire earth. They only cover a small portion of it.

Double Rainbow Wide Desktop Background

If the Firmament does exist, then maybe the dome is not like  a snowglobe, but a like an egg carton with several small domes interconnected.



Although I think the egg carton idea sounds silly. There’s another possibility; the Bible refers to “windows of heaven” opening several times. Let’s assume again that there is a glass-like Firmament up there, then there could be windows or other kinds of hatches that open from time to time. Perhaps rainbows are formed when sunlight hits the edge of a window in the glass dome as it is open.

In Norse mythology there is Bifröst, the rainbow bridge that grants passage between Midgard, earth, and Åsgard, the realm of gods. If the Firmament exists, and one wishes to leave earth to the heavens, what we call outer space, they’d have to get through the Firmament first. If there are windows in the Firmament, and opening such a window would, at least on some occasions, create a rainbow, then it would make sense why the Norse thought that the rainbow bridge can lead people into the heavens.

I am just putting out a theory, not saying this is necessarily true, but I see the existence of rainbows as possible evidence of the Firmament existing. It might simply be that the modern science explanation for rainbows is correct: “A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc.” Yet I don’t get why would the rainbow be shaped like an arc?

I’ll add the compulsory disclaimer that I am not a Christian, yet recently I find myself being drawn to the Bible for answers more often than what is called science. Take it for what its worth.


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Celebration of Homosexuality is a Sign of a dying Culture

I’ll look at meaning of homosexuality in comptemporary Western society from a secular, practical perspective. Modern Western society promotes and celebrates homosexuality. This is different from merely tolerating or accepting homosexuality, although one might argue that tolerating homosexuality eventually leads to promoting it.

The former Prime Minister of UK said in 2013 that he wants to “export gay marriage around the world”. US President Barack Obama is well-known for his pro-homosexuality views, and most of the “developed” world celebrated last summer when gay marriage was legalized everywhere in the US, and the White House was lit in rainbow colours. This June when the gay nightclub Pulse was allegedly attacked by a crazy gunman some commentators said it was an attack on Western values or culture. The West in current year not only tolerates homosexuality, but actively promotes and celebrates it as one of its most sacred values. This is emblematic of the West’s self-destructive behaviour.

According to my understanding, pretty much every society in history, with perhaps the exception of some unusual religious communities, have celebrated marriage between a man and a woman and encouraged them to have children. The benefits of this practice should be obvious. For a society to flourish, the society has to produce children that will grow up to be the next generation. Naturally if there are no people, there is no society. And as human beings age and are mortal, you need a fairly constant supply of new people to educate them so they can learn the jobs needed hold the society together as the older generations die off.

Homosexuality, and promotion of gay marriage, is pretty much the antithesis of this natural, healthy social custom. Two men, or two women, who live together in a relationship cannot produce children. Yet, nowadays this is something our society wishes to encourage. You’re supposed to be happy for people who come out of the closet. Why? I can understand if your friend is a homosexual and finds a partner for him or herself, and you see them become happier, but contemporary society wants us to celebrate whenever any public figure, or even a nobody comes out as gay. Why should I care? How does it benefit me, or society altogether if someone comes out as gay?

Yet we’re supposed to clap like happy seals whenever anyone says they’re gay, or does something gay. All of this applies to transgenderism as well. It is an even more efficient way of making sure people don’t produce offspring. Homosexuals can have children, they’re just less likely to. Not so for transgender people.

I must reinterate, there is a distinct difference between tolerating homosexuality, which may not be inherently harmful to society, to treating it as your most valued export. Britain at least used to export all sorts of industrial products, i.e. useful things. Nowadays they want export the nebulous notion of gay marriage. This is a sure sign the West destroying itself. To be sure there are many others signs of destruction the West has wrought upon the world, such as incessant wars in Third World countries, GMOs and other kinds of destruction of nature, to drug use. However, the promotion of homosexuality, I’d say in a way is the foremost symbol of our self-destructive behaviour. It has no upside, whereas in wars and economic imperialism at least someone reaps the benefits, but homosexuality means simply throwing away our reproductive capabilities.



David Cameron: ‘I want to export gay marriage around the world’: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10200636/I-want-to-export-gay-marriage-around-the-world-says-David-Cameron.html


Giant Trees and Hexagonal shapes in Nature

Last night I saw Youtube video that is supposedly creating some uproar in the alternative research community. It’s called There Are No Forests On Flat Earth. The name makes it sounds like stupid click-bait, but it’s actually nothing like that. It’s one of the most thought-provoking videos I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

I recommend watching the video. It was originally made by a Russian guy whose Youtube channel is titled Ljudin Rɣsi (Людин Рɣси), but his English isn’t that good so (an American?) woman by the name of Rhonda dubbed the video to make it more understandable.


Giant Trees

The video basically suggests there were giant trees ranging from 6 to 60 kilometres tall around the Earth in ancient times. As far fetched as it might sound, the video does provide some evidence to this claim. Fairly convincing evidence, but certainly not absolute proof. The main example used is Devil’s Tower from Wyoming, USA. It’s a flat topped mountain that looks like a giant tree stump.



It’s of course easy to dismiss this as a co-incidence, but the Russian Youtuber shows pictures of several mountains that resemble tree stumps from around the world, and other mountains that look like trees that have been destroyed in a more brutal manner. I suggest you take a look at the video yourself to make sure whether you agree or not.

The idea that trees taller than Mount Everest have existed on Earth in ancient times is obviously outrageous, and outrageous claims require outrageous proofs, but the fact is that these odd-looking mountains exist is in itself a valid point of interest. Even if you don’t buy the Russian’s assertion of giant trees, you should not discard the attention he is bringing to these mysterious landmarks.


Hexagonal Stone Pillars

One intriguing detail in Devil’s Tower, and many other curious sites around the world, is the hexagonal shape of the stone. Devil’s Tower appears to consist of hexagonal pillars.



The video shows several other curious hexagonal stone structures from around the world. These are supposedly natural formations. The video points out that such shapes occur in nature, such as in honeycomb and snowflakes. Some turtle shells also have hexagonal patterns. One thing that bothers me though, in regard to the Russian video’s claims is that normal trees don’t seem to have these hexagonal shapes, so why do these curious sites from around the world have them if they are all remnants of the giant trees? The giant trees could naturally have different properties compared to normal trees. The video calls the giant trees silicon trees, but I’m not sure whether it means that the trees were originally made of silicon, or they’ve been turned to silicon by some sort of ancient bio-weapon?

Even if the hexagonal rock pillars don’t have anything to do with trees, it does not detract from the fact that the existence of the pillars is quite a conundrum. According to modern science they’ve been formed by lava and volcanic activity 50-60 million years ago. I’d like to know how they know that. Was a scientist there then recording the event? Have volcanoes managed to form these even hexagonal shapes in the last few centuries since we’ve had natural philosophers and scientists? Or are they just talking out of their asses?

Even if the Giant Tree-theory sounds far-fetched, it’s still a more reasonable explanation than the one modern science gives us. There is actual physical evidence to support the Giant Tree-theory; the tree stump-looking mountains. I am very unconvinced of anything modern science says happened tens of thousands or millions of years ago. They weren’t there. They’re just guessing at best.


Titans and all that

Let’s just assume for a moment that giant trees, taller than any sky-scrapers or mountains that we have now, did exist long time ago. This would offer insight many of ours old myths and legends as well.

Giant’s Causeway in Ireland is probably one of the most famous sites for hexagonal pillars. Please note the name; Giant’s Causeway. Perhaps the giant trees were the giants and titans of ancient myth. Or possibly there were giant trees and giant people along with them. Even the Bible says in Numbers 13:33: “And there we saw the giants [Nephilim], the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”

Amos 2:9 associates the Amorite giants with trees: “Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his fruit from above, and his roots from beneath.”

Then there are of course trees of mythology and religion, like the Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the World Tree, Yggdrasil. If people used to live around giant trees, it makes much more sense that they’d come up with these myths.

In Giant’s Causeway there is this curiously shaped rock called Giant’s Boot, that looks like a boot.



In Hong Kong Global Geopark there are not only the hexagonal stone pillars, but also a huge rock protruding from the ground which resembles a giant hand or fist. It is called the Devil’s Fist.



Were there actually giants in the ancient world that were so big as to make us seem like grasshoppers? Are these giant bodypart-like rocks remains of giants that were petrified by the same thing that petrified the giant trees? Then again they might just be co-incidental. Perhaps the giants of myth were just giant trees.

What formed the hexagonal pillars? Were they some sort of living things that were petrified? Were they made by an ancient advanced civilization for an unknown purpose?



In the end seeing the Russian video on the giant trees just created more questions than answers, which in my book means that it’s a worthwhile thing to watch. I find the possibility of giant trees having existed on the Earth quite titillating. Yet more evidence is needed before jumping to any conclusions. Even if the giant tree-thing turns out to be baseless Ljudin Rɣsi has done us a great favour of pointing out more that we don’t know about the history of our world, and that we have to look at it from a fresh perspective instead of being lead astray by conventional academia.




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Osiris annoucing his return at Sports Events

Last month the start of the final match in the European football cup was delayed due to moths infesting the field. Supposedly someone had forgot to turn off the lights at the stadium during the night, and this had attracted countless moths.

I didn’t really buy this alleged accident, and thought there is probably some symbolical meaning behind it, but I wasn’t sure what that would be. Now it seems that two swimming pools in the Rio Olympics have turned green. Youtube conspiracy researcher Professor Doom has suggested the pools have been dyed green to evoke Osiris, the green god. I am inclined to agree with him.

That got me thinking if there is a connection between moths and Osiris; there indeed is. First of all I found one source stating that: “In ancient Egypt, the moth; Isis or Osiris (the God of the Dead) was drawn on many cartouches and symbolized the soul’s journey to the other world.” The source however is Urban Dictionary, so I don’t know how reliable this information is.

There are a few different species of moth and butterfly with the name Osiris. There is the “Hippotion osiris”, a moth of the Sphingidae family. Wikipedia explains the meaning of the name Sphingidae: ” When resting, the larva usually holds its legs off the surface and tucks its head underneath (praying position), which, resembling the Egyptian Sphinx, gives rise to the name ‘sphinx moth’.” A butterfly called “Osiris blue” (Cupido osiris) also exists.

It would seem that the scientists who named these insects associate Osiris with the moth and/or butterfly. On top of that there are even more curious connections between science and Osiris. There is a protein called “Osiris 19” that comes apparently from the silk moth (Bombyx mori). There are other Osiris-proteins like the Osiris 17, 18 and 20. I wonder how far they go? These can be found on the UniProt website, along with hundreds of proteins somehow related to Osiris. Osiris 19 can apparently be found on the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster).

The moths in the football stadium were not, however, any Osiris-species of moths. They were Silver Ys (Autographa gamma). The name comes from a shape on its forewings that looks like the letter Y or the Greek letter gamma. Then I thought whether or not the letter gamma and Osiris have some connection. I found this:

“We have designed and tested software for the acquisition and analysis of high-resolution gamma-ray spectra during on-site inspections under the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). The On-Site Inspection RadioIsotopic Spectroscopy—OSIRIS—software filters the spectral data to display only radioisotopic information relevant to CTBT on-site inspections, e.g.,131I. A set of over 100 fission-product spectra was employed for OSIRIS testing. These spectra were measured where possible, or generated by modeling. The test spectral compositions include non-nuclear-explosion scenarios, e.g., a severe nuclear reactor accident, and nuclear-explosion scenarios such as a vented underground nuclear test. Comparing its computer-based analyses to expert visual analyses of the test spectra, OSIRIS correctly identifies CTBT-relevant fission product isotopes at the 95% level or better.”

Since I’m a not a rocket scientist I don’t really know what that means, but I just find it fascinating how Osiris finds himself at the center of genetic research, zoology and even gamma-ray research. Wikipedia says gamma-rays are ionizing radioation that is harmful to biological life-forms. On top of that: “Gamma rays are emitted during nuclear fission in nuclear explosions.”

There’s all of this information on Osiris, but what does it all mean? My interpretation is why moths symbolize Osiris is that Osiris died, spent the night in the underworld, and was resurrected during the day: the moth is nocturnal but is attracted toward the light. This is much like Osiris in the darkness searching the light of day.

The fact that Osiris is manifesting as moths in a football match and as green water in the Olympics is either that the supernatural entity Osiris is really getting resurrected and is announcing it by these miracles. Alternatively, some secret society that worships Osiris is manufacturing these miracles for their religious reasons, possibly in an attempt to resurrect Osiris themselves. I think the latter option is more likely. The reason these “miracles” occur at international sports events is that they are religious rituals with thousands, or even millions of participants. It garners a lot of attention. The Olympics refers to the Greek pantheon after all. The religious connotation is obvious, even if Osiris is Egyptian.



I saw this in Wikipedia: “Osiris’ soul, or rather his Ba, was occasionally worshipped in its own right, almost as if it were a distinct god, especially in the Delta city of Mendes.”

Note the name Mendes. It should be familiar from the Goat of Mendes, another name for Baphomet. Does this mean then that Baphomet, the “god” who received a public statue in Detroit last summer, is an aspect of Osiris? Osiris is the horned god, after all.




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Basic look on Freemasonry

When you delve into the world of conspiracy theories sooner or later, usually sooner, you run into the concept that Freemasons are a secret society that either run the world or are trying to do so. I find the theory fairly convincing, however it is still a theory as far as I know. So I’m going to go back to the basics and just look as some basic facts about Freemasons from an outsiders perspective, and without going too conspiratorial in the matter.

Freemasons do exist, and they are a secret society. There are Freemason lodges and temples in pretty much every developed country around the world. There are countless lodges in Europe and  the Americas, but Africa and Asia have their fair share of them as well. The least amount Freemasonry can be found in the Islamic Middle-East. The Communist party of China has interestingly outlawed Masonry, and I doubt there are lodges in North Korea either.

Wikipedia has a list of Masonic Grand Lodges from around the world. There appear to a be a few hundred of them. Note that these are only the Grand Lodges. Many other smaller lodges exist in each country. The list mentions two Grand Lodges here in Finland. A Finnish website, kaikki.info, lists supposedly all the Masonic lodges in Finland, which is 162. There appear to be 9 lodges in the city I live in, Turku. The thing is, I don’t know the location of any of them.

To contrast the 162 lodges, there are around 80 Islamic Mosques in Finland and two Jewish Synagogues. Finland has around 830 Christian churches. Why this is relevant is that Freemasonry is a religion according to some, although Masons usually deny it, but at least it is a spiritual philosophy. Joining them allegedly requires belief in a god.

Basically, Freemasonry is the second most powerful spiritual doctrine in Finland if we go by the amount of “places of worship” they have. Yet the regular person does not know anything about them. When I click on the lodges on the list on Finnish Masonic lodges, it gives a list of the people involved in said lodge. There are architects, engineers, lawyers and fire chiefs there. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know if the people in high positions in my community are members of a secretive religious order.

This is just the case here in Finland, but I expect a similar situation in most other Western countries at least.

Not only are Masons in positions of power, but Freemasonry itself appears to be powerful. I can say it simply based on the fact that there are countless Masonic lodges around the world, and renting or buying a place to conduct one’s rituals is not cheap. When you go to pretty much every country in the world you can see companies like McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Starbucks having a presence there. You can see that the companies have money, i.e. power, by their presence all around the world. The difference between Freemasonry and capitalist companies, is that Masons prefer to hide themselves, whereas companies thrive on visibility. Of course there are claims that Masons are behind such multinational corporations, but that is a discussion for another time.

Here are a few pictures of Masonic lodges.

Looks rather fancy, doesn’t it.
Money equals power.


This is the super fancy Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
This may not look as impressive, but renting this place isn’t free.


I guess I should remind you that several of US presidents and other influential and important people, such as certain astronauts, have been Freemasons. I’ve written previously on how at least the French revolution and the independence of the United States have been influenced by Masonic ideals. Simon Bolivar of Venezuela was a Freemason. They have been quite influential in the formation of history in recent centuries, and they seem to at least have lots of money still today.

I wonder if Freemasons are suffering the same social ills as the rest of contemporary society, i.e. are feminists demanding that Freemasons accept more transgender people, or are Black Lives Matter activists saying that Freemasons are racist and need more diversity? Governments, especially the US government along with the NSA, is constantly spying on the average citizen. I wonder whether Freemasons are exempt from the spying? If I was in the government, I’d start with finding out what are the Masons really up to, instead of treating regular citizens like criminals.




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Hillary prophesied in Science Fiction

When Obama got elected as the president of the United States in 2009, I immediately figured the president after him would be a woman, most likely Hillary Clinton. Lo and behold, now it seems like she is about to become president in just a few months. I base my prediction on the foreshadowing shown in various TV shows and movies, especially sci-fi shows. First there were many shows with a Black president or a leader, and then there have been various shows with a White woman as a leader or president.

I’ve made the parallels between Hillary Clinton and president Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica before. Today I realized another curious co-incidence.

In Battlestar Galactica, the re-made version from 2000s, at the latter part of the series, president Roslin has a female aide called Tory Foster. She is a semi-attractive dark-skinned woman. Hillary Clinton has an aide called Huma Abedin, a semi-attractive dark-skinned woman. There are various rumours about her relationship to Clinton, such as being her handler or lover. I’m not going to speculate the nature of their relationship further, however.


Laura Roslin
Hillary Clinton
Tory Foster
Huma Abedin


Interestingly, Tory Foster was revealed to be a Cylon in the TV show. Cylons are robots or artificial human-like infiltrators that destroy the 12 human colonies in the beginning of the Battlestar Galactica series. Foster, of course, is the latter kind of human-looking Cylon. Back when the TV show was made George W. Bush was still the president and the War on Terror was going strong. Back then Muslims were feared as potential terrorists, and people were worried they might try to infiltrate the West. Nowadays we naturally know that Muslims are incapable of violence, so we have forgotten all about those post-9/11 fears.

Anyways Huma Abedin appears to be a Muslim, and I remember people drawing parallels between the Cylon infiltrators and Muslim terrorists back in the day. Cylons were originally created by humans in the series, and although they are artificial life-forms they are deeply religious. They believe in the one god, whereas humans believe in a religion similar to the ancient Roman pantheon. Muslims believe in Allah, whereas people of the modern West believe in a hodge podge of ideas from Marxism to Scientism to Atheism to Christianity to all sorts of New Age ideas.

Was Battlestar Galactica making some sort of statement on the relationship of the West with Islam? And what does Hillary Clinton and her mysterious aide have to do with it?

Another weird parallel between president Roslin and Hillary Clinton is that throughout the series Roslin has to battle against cancer, and she eventually dies of it. There is this picture of Obama hugging Hillary Clinton which causes her hair to be dislodged a bit. Many people have commented that she is wearing a wig, and I agree that it is a possibility. If that is true, it would suggest she is bald, and there are rumours that she has cancer. I found one website Fourwinds10 saying back in 2010 that she is dying of cancer. There are plenty of other speculation that she is suffering from some sort of severe illness. One piece of evidence is her occasional coughing fits.


Is that a wig?


Then there is the notorious “demonic possession” incident with Hillary. She is being interviewed by several reporters and she starts convulsing in a disturbing manner. One of the reporters is clearly freaked out as well. Hillary eyes even seem to go dark. It looks like demonic possession to me, or it could her MK ultra mind control going wrong, or just evidence of a weird illness. I don’t what it is, but there is obviously something wrong with her.

I think there are eerie parallels between Battlestar Galactica’s Laura Roslin and Hillary Clinton. You can say it’s predictive programming, the script writer subconsciously tapping into the collective unconscious, or just a weird co-incidence, but I think its telling us something.

This reinforces my belief that Hillary has been selected to become president. I’ve heard the theory thrown about that Obama will not leave office, but will stay for a third term. I think it’s possible, but I’d still bet on Hillary if I were a betting man. And there is the possibility that the plan of the globalist conspirators is one thing, but reality may intervene which renders that option impossible. Such as Hillary being the selected candidate, but her illness becomes too strong for her to assume office, or that Obama is their choice, but they are unable to change the laws to allow him to stay further.




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