Hillary prophesied in Science Fiction

When Obama got elected as the president of the United States in 2009, I immediately figured the president after him would be a woman, most likely Hillary Clinton. Lo and behold, now it seems like she is about to become president in just a few months. I base my prediction on the foreshadowing shown in various TV shows and movies, especially sci-fi shows. First there were many shows with a Black president or a leader, and then there have been various shows with a White woman as a leader or president.

I’ve made the parallels between Hillary Clinton and president Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica before. Today I realized another curious co-incidence.

In Battlestar Galactica, the re-made version from 2000s, at the latter part of the series, president Roslin has a female aide called Tory Foster. She is a semi-attractive dark-skinned woman. Hillary Clinton has an aide called Huma Abedin, a semi-attractive dark-skinned woman. There are various rumours about her relationship to Clinton, such as being her handler or lover. I’m not going to speculate the nature of their relationship further, however.


Laura Roslin
Hillary Clinton
Tory Foster
Huma Abedin


Interestingly, Tory Foster was revealed to be a Cylon in the TV show. Cylons are robots or artificial human-like infiltrators that destroy the 12 human colonies in the beginning of the Battlestar Galactica series. Foster, of course, is the latter kind of human-looking Cylon. Back when the TV show was made George W. Bush was still the president and the War on Terror was going strong. Back then Muslims were feared as potential terrorists, and people were worried they might try to infiltrate the West. Nowadays we naturally know that Muslims are incapable of violence, so we have forgotten all about those post-9/11 fears.

Anyways Huma Abedin appears to be a Muslim, and I remember people drawing parallels between the Cylon infiltrators and Muslim terrorists back in the day. Cylons were originally created by humans in the series, and although they are artificial life-forms they are deeply religious. They believe in the one god, whereas humans believe in a religion similar to the ancient Roman pantheon. Muslims believe in Allah, whereas people of the modern West believe in a hodge podge of ideas from Marxism to Scientism to Atheism to Christianity to all sorts of New Age ideas.

Was Battlestar Galactica making some sort of statement on the relationship of the West with Islam? And what does Hillary Clinton and her mysterious aide have to do with it?

Another weird parallel between president Roslin and Hillary Clinton is that throughout the series Roslin has to battle against cancer, and she eventually dies of it. There is this picture of Obama hugging Hillary Clinton which causes her hair to be dislodged a bit. Many people have commented that she is wearing a wig, and I agree that it is a possibility. If that is true, it would suggest she is bald, and there are rumours that she has cancer. I found one website Fourwinds10 saying back in 2010 that she is dying of cancer. There are plenty of other speculation that she is suffering from some sort of severe illness. One piece of evidence is her occasional coughing fits.


Is that a wig?


Then there is the notorious “demonic possession” incident with Hillary. She is being interviewed by several reporters and she starts convulsing in a disturbing manner. One of the reporters is clearly freaked out as well. Hillary eyes even seem to go dark. It looks like demonic possession to me, or it could her MK ultra mind control going wrong, or just evidence of a weird illness. I don’t what it is, but there is obviously something wrong with her.

I think there are eerie parallels between Battlestar Galactica’s Laura Roslin and Hillary Clinton. You can say it’s predictive programming, the script writer subconsciously tapping into the collective unconscious, or just a weird co-incidence, but I think its telling us something.

This reinforces my belief that Hillary has been selected to become president. I’ve heard the theory thrown about that Obama will not leave office, but will stay for a third term. I think it’s possible, but I’d still bet on Hillary if I were a betting man. And there is the possibility that the plan of the globalist conspirators is one thing, but reality may intervene which renders that option impossible. Such as Hillary being the selected candidate, but her illness becomes too strong for her to assume office, or that Obama is their choice, but they are unable to change the laws to allow him to stay further.




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