Celebration of Homosexuality is a Sign of a dying Culture

I’ll look at meaning of homosexuality in comptemporary Western society from a secular, practical perspective. Modern Western society promotes and celebrates homosexuality. This is different from merely tolerating or accepting homosexuality, although one might argue that tolerating homosexuality eventually leads to promoting it.

The former Prime Minister of UK said in 2013 that he wants to “export gay marriage around the world”. US President Barack Obama is well-known for his pro-homosexuality views, and most of the “developed” world celebrated last summer when gay marriage was legalized everywhere in the US, and the White House was lit in rainbow colours. This June when the gay nightclub Pulse was allegedly attacked by a crazy gunman some commentators said it was an attack on Western values or culture. The West in current year not only tolerates homosexuality, but actively promotes and celebrates it as one of its most sacred values. This is emblematic of the West’s self-destructive behaviour.

According to my understanding, pretty much every society in history, with perhaps the exception of some unusual religious communities, have celebrated marriage between a man and a woman and encouraged them to have children. The benefits of this practice should be obvious. For a society to flourish, the society has to produce children that will grow up to be the next generation. Naturally if there are no people, there is no society. And as human beings age and are mortal, you need a fairly constant supply of new people to educate them so they can learn the jobs needed hold the society together as the older generations die off.

Homosexuality, and promotion of gay marriage, is pretty much the antithesis of this natural, healthy social custom. Two men, or two women, who live together in a relationship cannot produce children. Yet, nowadays this is something our society wishes to encourage. You’re supposed to be happy for people who come out of the closet. Why? I can understand if your friend is a homosexual and finds a partner for him or herself, and you see them become happier, but contemporary society wants us to celebrate whenever any public figure, or even a nobody comes out as gay. Why should I care? How does it benefit me, or society altogether if someone comes out as gay?

Yet we’re supposed to clap like happy seals whenever anyone says they’re gay, or does something gay. All of this applies to transgenderism as well. It is an even more efficient way of making sure people don’t produce offspring. Homosexuals can have children, they’re just less likely to. Not so for transgender people.

I must reinterate, there is a distinct difference between tolerating homosexuality, which may not be inherently harmful to society, to treating it as your most valued export. Britain at least used to export all sorts of industrial products, i.e. useful things. Nowadays they want export the nebulous notion of gay marriage. This is a sure sign the West destroying itself. To be sure there are many others signs of destruction the West has wrought upon the world, such as incessant wars in Third World countries, GMOs and other kinds of destruction of nature, to drug use. However, the promotion of homosexuality, I’d say in a way is the foremost symbol of our self-destructive behaviour. It has no upside, whereas in wars and economic imperialism at least someone reaps the benefits, but homosexuality means simply throwing away our reproductive capabilities.



David Cameron: ‘I want to export gay marriage around the world’: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10200636/I-want-to-export-gay-marriage-around-the-world-says-David-Cameron.html



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