Symbolism of the Chariot

Nowadays the chariot seems like an archaic and fairly useless piece of equipment, since we have trains, planes and automobiles. Yet apparently it has represented power in the ancient world in various cultures. Sometimes it may have represented secular power, but often also spiritual ability.


Biblical Chariot

There are several mentions of chariots in the Bible, but I’ll discuss only three of them here. First is the vision of Ezekiel of wheels inside wheels, which has been interpreted by UFOlogists to refer to a UFO. 2 Kings 2:11 also refers to similar mystical chariot: “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.” It does sound like some sort of flying craft.

Judges 1:19 has a different kind of chariot: “And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.” Although God was there, they could not beat the enemies with chariots. Must have been quite the vehicle.

Then there’s the concept of the Merkabah, that is some sort of spiritual chariot that some New Agers talk about, although it originates from the Bible or Jewish mysticism. Quite frankly I don’t understand what the Merkabah is, or what we should do with it to hasten our spiritual growth.


Eastern Chariot

The chariot is also a central symbol in India. The symbol of Buddhism is a chariot wheel, although no-one quite seems to know what the symbol actually means. On top of that there are two major branches of Buddhism, Mahayana and Hinayana, the great vehicle or cart and the small one.

The Hindu vedas have the concept of the Vimana, a flying palace or chariot, that many alternative historians use as evidence that there used to be an advanced civilization in India thousands of years ago that even had flying vehicles.

A few interesting bits of information are that the Aryan may have brought the chariot into India, which might explain its religious significance. Invention of the chariot is attributed to the Sintashta culture, who may have been Aryans. Then again at least Wikipedia is confusing on this issue, since in the article on the Indo-Aryan migration theory they mention that “The theory proposes migrations originating from the Sintashta culture, which moved through the Bactria-Margiana area, into the northern part of the Indian subcontinent (modern India, Pakistan and Nepal).” This suggests the Sintashta were Aryan, but the article on the Sintashta culture says no such thing. It says that there is “linguistic evidence of a list of common vocabulary between Finno-Ugric and Indo-Iranian languages” in Sintashta. Finns are not Indo-Aryan.

Anyway this doesn’t have much to do with the chariot. Let’s get back on track.



Chariot in myth and symbolism seems to have these two aspects to it: spiritual power and it is a flying vehicle. At first they seem somewhat contradictory, especially with the chariots of iron that just sounds like a warmachine, but perhaps the chariot, the vimana, is not a vulgar technological construct like a car or an airplane, but spiritual technology. Our culture is unable to create them since we lack the deep spiritual understanding of reality that the ancients possessed. Our vehicles are just pale simulacra of the mythical chariot, whereas the vimana was some sort of external manifestation of the spiritual prowess of the ancients. Or at least this is how I theorize this disjointed information to suggest.



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Alpha Males and Sexuality

We tend to associate Alpha Males as men who get all the women, and often also men who frequently chase after women. Another thing attributed to Alpha Male behaviour is acting tough and blusterous. While it is true that Alphas tend to be better with women than Betas, being an Alpha is not just about women. It’s about pursuing your own goals, not someone else’s.

A Beta Male is obsessed with pursuing women, an Alpha is not. Alphas focus on a more worthwhile goal, be it their career, art, sport, research. Something that they find both fascinating and meaningful. They pursue something that is in their rational self-interest, and will also benefit society, such as an author writing books, a truth seeker doing research, or a construction worker building houses. Women find this sort of assertive behaviour attractive, which is why Alpha Males get women. Beta Males, on the other hand, are not confident in their ability to attract women, which is why they spend a lot of their time trying to come up with ways to become more attractive. However, women tend to sense this lack of confidence, and pretending to be attractive does not make one attractive.

A true Alpha Male does not waste his time pursuing women; he has more important duties to attend to. Women find this very enticing. Ignoring a woman is one of the best ways to get her to want to beguile you. They’re like cats. If you’re reading a newspaper, they’ll stand on the page, but otherwise they don’t care about newspapers. If you’re doing something important, they’ll want to sit on your lap, but if you try to catch them, they’ll run away.

There are however people, “players”, pick-up-artists and their like, who spend a lot of time hitting on women and become good at it. I consider this behaviour to be somewhere between Alpha and Beta. Clearly they’re successful with women, yet they haven’t figured out that a man is supposed to have more important concerns than chasing skirt all the time. It’s not that Alpha Males have low sex-drive or anything like that, but that they have higher priorities than pleasure seeking. Eventually though, if you engage in Alpha Behaviour you’re bound to meet a woman who catches your fancy. Just don’t let her drag you away from the important stuff for too long.

Acting rough and tough is another aspect often falsely associated with Alpha Males. In some situations it’s called for to act tough, but men who do it all the time only signal that they aren’t very confident in themselves.

Ultimately though the dichotomy between an Alpha and a Beta is a social construct. I don’t think that there is some switch in the mind of a man that says you are one or the other. It’s a social construct to explain two types of male behaviour, and it works as long as you don’t get too caught up in the semantics.

An in depth look at Project Blue Beam

I’ll take a more detailed look at Project Blue Beam. It’s been discussed several times in the alternative media and conspiracy research community over the years, myself included. I just mentioned it last week in connection with Pokemon Go. However the project is usually just mentioned and its two main features, a fake alien invasion and false religious events, are highlighted, so I’ll look at most of the other features included in the report on Project Blue Beam.

Information about the project was brought forward by a French Canadian journalist Serge Monast in 1994. When I heard about the project and Serge Monast years ago one thing I wondered if it’s some kind of hoax, and if Mr Monast even existed since his name just sounded odd. Apparently he did exist. There’s a video of him on Youtube in a French language TV interview, and even Wikipedia has a page on him, and apparently he had written several book on conspiracies. In 1996 one day he was arrested, and the next day he was released and died of a heart attack.


The Goal of Project Blue Beam

Ultimate goal of the project is “to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head”. According to Monast, NASA is agenda behind orchestrating the project, whereas he identified the New World Order as the head of the operation. United Nations is also heavily involved as “minions” of the NWO.

Project Blue Beam has four stages. The first one is faking historical and archeological discoveries. This is done by artificially creating earthquakes that will allow researchers to “supposedly” make new discoveries that “explain to all people the ‘error’ of all fundamental religious doctrines”. The quakes will hit strategic places where “arcane mysteries have been buried”. The mysteries that the NWO claim to uncover will be used to “destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet”.

There certainly has been plenty of claims of artificially induced earthquakes used for political purposes among conspiracy researchers. The Haiti earthquake of 2010 is one of the best examples. Faking historical and religious facts also sounds like something they might do, although I don’t recall hearing any case of an earthquake helping archeologists though. If Serge Monast’s claims are correct, then the project has not been implemented yet.


Step Two

The second step in the project will involve NASA projecting holograms and using sounds to make create a “space show” to fool people with false religious events. The sodium layer of the sky will be used as a movie screen for projections of religious figures like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and so on.

Weird things like these have already been seen in the sky. Last year a city appeared in the sky in China, and just a few days ago an “angel” was seen floating above the Ground Zero of the World Trade Center in New York. Does this suggest that Project Blue Beam is closer than we think?

Angel of WTC
City in the sky in China

Monast claims that the Soviets had a computer that studied “the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain.” Based on the description this computer seems like the Universal Translator in Star Trek that allows it to translate any known language instantly. This technology will be used along with the holograms to make people accept the “new Messiah”, Maitreya, or the Anti-Christ.

While this may sound like far-fetched science fiction, the fact that Chemtrails are being sprayed at a fairly constant rate around the world might suggest that the sodium layer isn’t good enough for the holographic projection, and they need chemtrails to help with it. The fact that the New World Order has been gathering all kinds of data from people for many years using all sorts of programs like Facebook, Pokemon Go, Google might mean that they do have this “Soviet” supercomputer used for predicting human behaviour. In fact, the military exercise last year, Jade Helm, was allegedly about an AI such as this.

Social and religious disorder will be dissolved due to the old religious doctrines being revealed as supposedly false which will set “loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before. In addition, this event will occur at a time of profound worldwide political anarchy and general tumult created by some worldwide catastrophe.” I would say this is already happening without steps one and two. Demonic possession appears to be on the rise as well even according to some psychiatrists.


Third Step, Two-Way Communication

The third step in the project is about “telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul.”

Already back 2013 there was a subway ad that made a sound audible only to the target. This technology may have existed for decades, but has been put to commercial use only recently. In the past it was probably limited only to military and assassination use.

Monast also describes how fear has been used by governments and corporations to manipulate people. This has become painfully obvious since 9/11 how it is used, but Monast died  seven years before the false flag attack.

The Canadian says that United Nations teaches that “no one owns his or her own personality”, nor they should be allowed to have it. This is certainly true already today. You’re not supposed to have your personal opinions on topics such as Trump, homosexuality, and Muslim immigration. Monast says that people who cling to the “incorrect” way of thinking will be sent to UN eradication camps. I don’t think that FEMA camps existed in 1994. President Jimmy Carter stared FEMA in 1979, but at least as far as I know they started becoming public knowledge in the 2000s, and were probably built around that time too.


Monast’s Sources

It does not seem that Serge Monast is simply making up the claims he is making, but is based on good information. He mentions Loral Electro-Optical System defense contractor. It seems to exist, although I don’t know if they’ve conducted research on directed energy weapons as Monast claims. He mentions a study “The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict” by Captain Paul E. Tyler.  It seems to exist. He mentions “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict” by Lt. Col David G. Dean. I found a German version the study.

I have neither the time nor the expertise to verify what exactly these studies are about, but at least it seems like Serge Monast had done proper research instead of simply trying to create ruckus to gain attention.


Fourth and Final Step

The fourth step is to create a fake alien invasion to fool “each major nation to use its nuclear weapons in order to strike back”. After the invasion has been shown to have been false, they will force all of the nations to disarm themselves. This part of Monast’s claim is not usually mentioned when the fake alien invasion scenario is discussed. This actually makes it sound more reasonable, if the ultimate goal of the fake alien invasion is to make everyone realize that it was fake.

The fourth step has two other phases. The first one is to convince Christians that the Rapture is happening along with the alien invasion. The second phase is intriguing: “The waves used at that time will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances.” “The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders.”

One intriguing bit is that black mirrors have been used in witchcraft for a long time to summon demons. Nowadays almost everyone has something that resembles one, be it a cell phone, a tablet or a computer monitor.

Another bit of precognition exhibited by Monast is that he predicted that the New World Order will want to fade out both the use of case and plastic money and replace it with something new. Sweden at least is well on the way to become a cashless society.

Ultimately, Project Blue Beam is all about control. Control of one’s mind, their life and even their food supply.



I find Serge Monast’s claims on Project Blue Beam rather convincing. He predicted several things that were not so obvious 20 years ago, but are now. I doubt the NWO will follow the four steps described by Monast too literally. Certainly some of their plans may have changed, but the overall it sounds plausible. The ultimate goal of the project, the “new age religion”, is certainly here already. It’s the religion of inclusiveness, tolerance, anti-hate speech and so on. The point is not to get along and tolerate people of different religions and cultures, but to tolerate all forms of immorality and debauchery from rape and pedophilia to incest and bestiality.

Just last year Pope Francis was celebrating 9/11 in New York with leaders from various other religions. I think that the majority of humanity already believes in this Satanic, new religion even if they don’t acknowledge it.



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Is Hillary Clinton’s alleged Illness a distraction?

It’s been all over the news for a few weeks now, at least in the alternative media, that Hillary Clinton is seriously ill and might not even make it to the election (or selection).  It might be true, of course, but I’ve been suspicious of it due to the amount of evidence available that she might be sick. If she truly was sick, and the establishment didn’t want it known, I think they’d do a better job of covering it up.

Today I saw a video claiming that the footage where Hillary collapses when trying to get into a van has been doctored with. It shows one of the metal poles behind the iron fence meld with some of the bars in the fence. This might mean the footage was edited, or it might just be a trick of the light. I’m not saying anything definitive about it, but it is evidence that my hunch might be correct.

Another weird detail about the Hillary collapse video is the piece of metal that comes out of her pant leg. Is she a cyborg and her control chip is malfunctioning? Honestly, I’ve no idea what that is.

A TV reporter even said on live broadcast that Hillary Clinton is dead. Sure, it might be true, and maybe they’re replacing her with a doppelganger, but I’m more inclined to believe this is just another part of the deception to make us all gossip over her degrading health.

If I suspect that Hillary’s illness is a deception, or at least an exaggeration, what would be the motive for such a thing? For one, it has distracted our attention away from her crimes and the fact that the FBI director let her go scot-free. If her opponents are just eating popcorn and waiting for her to keel over and die, they aren’t going to dig up more evidence of her crimes and make them public. They think they’ve already won.

Another thing is that Hillary’s team has said she has pneumonia and has to withdraw from publicity for five days. Maybe she is actually going to some secret meeting in an undisclosed location, and the alleged illness is used as a cover for it. It reminds me of the rumour mill that started some time ago, I think last year, that Vladimir Putin had died, or went to Switzerland to be with his lover, or something else, as he disappeared from publicity for a few days. I think there was a good reason why disappeared back then, and I think there’s a good reason why Hillary is doing the same now, but we’re not privy to that information.

I’m just speculating here, but I find it suspicious how many different pieces of evidence there are suggesting that Hillary Clinton is sick. I think they want us to gossip about it.



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Pokemon Go and Project Blue Beam

Pokemon Go is the latest annoying fad I’ve done my best to avoid. We’ve all heard the stories of how some foolish people get into accidents because of playing the game. It’s another way to manipulate and dumb down the global population even further. Then there’s the surveillance aspect. You’re supposed to have your phone’s camera and geolocation on when you run around catching pokemon. This is obviously used for data gathering.

All of this is quite obvious so I don’t intend to spend more time on it. There is however another aspect to Pokemon Go, which is extremely hypothetical and may sound far-fetched, but potentially very disturbing.

There are various pictures online where people’s pets supposedly see pokemon characters generated by the game. Of course these might be staged or co-incidental in some way, but what if they’re not? Is the Pokemon Go app generating some sort of artificial entities that exist in the real world in some phantasmal form? Is the cell phone app summoning demons from other dimensions for you to play with? It sounds silly, yet there are dozens if not hundreds of pictures where pets appear to be perceiving the pokemon.



Then there’s the case from Moscow, Russia, where a woman claims she was raped by a pokemon from the game. Sure, it’s more likely she’s simply delusional, but then again if the pets can see the pokemon, it’s sounds at least a bit more plausible they might even be able to rape someone.

Project Blue Beam is best known among conspiracy theorists as the plan for a fake alien invasion or fake religious events to manipulate people. However, the conspiracy researcher Freeman has stated that one function of Blue Beam was to use technology to project demons into people. Is this the function of Pokemon Go?

I am well aware all of this is far-fetched, but I’m putting it out there nonetheless. One thing is sure though, and it’s the fact that the globalist establishment has been heavily pushing Pokemon Go onto everyone. It’s been all over the media, and even the Prime Minister of Norway is reported to have played Pokemon Go on her trip to Slovakia. Sure it’s possible the agenda behind Pokemon Go is simply another distraction from important issues and data collection, yet I can’t shake the feelings there’s something even more sinister behind it.



I have nothing against the Pokemon franchise in general, just Pokemon Go. I’ve played some of the older Pokemon games and liked them. I don’t think there’s anything particularly evil about Pokemon except the fact that they’re brainwashing kids to spend money to “catch them all”. Which in the grand scheme of things is fairly benign. Pokemon Go is different.




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Thank you Edward Snowden

It’s been a bit over three years since Edward Snowden made his great revelation to the public that the NSA is spying on pretty much everyone. Except this wasn’t really news to anyone who has been paying attention; it was news only to the drowsy and apathetic masses still looking the main stream for answers. What has happened in these past three years? Have Snowden’s revelations somehow turned back the tide on government and corporate surveillance? No. More like the opposite, and this time with they do it with the consent of the masses.

Snowden’s revelations stirred up some debate back in the day. People were shocked and all that, but then everything went back to normal. People went back to consuming, governments and corporations went back to promoting their interests at the expense of the people. The only difference is that now everyone knows they’re been spied on, and it’s somehow cool. It used to be that there are only two things that are certain: death and taxes. Now it’s death, taxes and spying.

Interestingly, around the same time as Snowden was making government spying public information, Microsoft announced that Xbox One would have to be connected to the internet and spying on you all the time. I don’t think this was co-incidental. Even if Microsoft did go back on some of their threats against privacy, I’d be surprised if Xbox One didn’t spy on you in some way. Then there’s Windows 10.

It has installed itself onto the computers of countless people who didn’t want it, it spies on you and based on what I’ve heard it’s not very good to use either. Still even some of my friends use Windows 10. Their attitude is that since everyone is spying on you, you might as well accept it. Since it’s so prevalent, it’s supposedly normal. Like the movie Se7en put it: “We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it. We tolerate it because it’s common, it’s trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night.”

Microsoft is just the most blatant example of a software company that is spying on you, but collection of data is everywhere from computer games to sites like Facebook and searching things with Google. The contribution to society that Snowden provided is not to inform us of this potential danger, since you already knew about it if you wanted to be informed, but to make you accept a deeper level of enslavement. Or perhaps that you’re like a rat in a maze being studied. But as long as you get the piece of cheese in the end, you don’t mind. This is how the average person reacts to spying.

I’ve even seen people on the internet defend this violation of privacy. They love their enslavement, or rather they tell themselves they do, so they don’t have to face the seemingly impossible task of resisting it. I’ve seen people on the internet get angry if you speak out against mass surveillance. They’d rather be happy slaves instead of disgruntled ones.

This is what Edward Snowden has brought us. It wasn’t about giving us a favour. It was another successful attempt at social engineering. People are even more willing to accept their place as slaves and guinea-pigs than before.

I’m not. I may not be able to stop all the spying. I don’t have the time, energy, and know-how to prevent them from spying on me, but at least I can try to limit it. More importantly, I don’t need to accept it mentally and emotionally. This spying is wrong. It is immoral and ill-dignified. Even if it is everywhere, even if it is common it’s something I don’t have to accept. I don’t have to pretend I’m fine with it.

Why has Richard Spencer been banned from several European countries?

Richard Spencer is the person who supposedly coined the term Alt-Right, a leader in the Alt-Right, and one of the main reasons I’m suspicious of the Alt-Right even though I have common ground with some of their ideas. Back in 2014 he was arrested in Hungary for hosting a White nationalist conference there, and this apparently resulted in him being banned in 25 other European countries. This summer he was also banned from the United Kingdom. The question is why?


Banned from UK

In his interview with Red Ice Radio last month, Spencer gives the impression that he was banned for his extreme White nationalist views, although I find his assertion somewhat vague. He says he received a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May describing the ban. The letter allegedly cites some dangerous things Spencer has said in the past, such as him praising Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. I get the impression from the interview that Spencer is leaving something out from the letter. I find it hard to believe that the European political establishment would view Richard Spencer as such a great threat. I don’t think that the average person has any idea who he even is.

In fact someone called Francis Soulie wrote about Richard Spencer’s UK ban on The Right Stuff website. The writer calls “Banning Spencer from the UK is also tactically ineffective”, since he’s gained most of his audience through the internet, instead of talking in conference halls. Soulie also points out that the ban “will pseudo-martyr Spencer’s ideas and cause many to seriously wonder if they might actually be correct.”

Could the reason behind Spencer getting the ban hammer be a subtle form of promotion of his ideas by the globalist establishment? Possible, yet I am not convinced. I am more inclined to believe there’s much more to Richard Spencer than meets the eye. Much more.



A couple of months ago certain documents were leaked to the public that showed that Richard Spencer has been running some sort of Alt-Right secret society called Phalanx. One can only guess what goes on in meetings of the society, but there have been suggestions of gay orgies, and Phalanx itself has been described as resembling a pyramid scheme. From an outside perspective these assessments sound plausible based on what I know about Richard Spencer, but it is speculation, of course.

In addition to Phalanx, whose name has probably been changed by now, Spencer admits to some sort of covert Alt-Right meeting in Detroit in the Red Ice interview. Spencer is clearly used to this sort of cloak and dagger way of promoting him political movement. The question is then, if they have these secret gatherings, what do they do there, especially since listening to Spencer’s interviews he rarely states any concrete goals for his movement, and most of the time says a lot of things that sound sophisticated yet have little content?

Perhaps these Alt-Right meetings are simply gatherings for urban diletantes who enjoy hanging out with like-minded people. Or they might be actually doing something that the Hungarian government found disturbing two years ago, and the same would apply to the British government today. It might be some sort of political subversive plotting, but I doubt it. Richard Spencer comes off as someone who only cares about the image and the atmosphere, not concrete issues, and he probably attracts similar people around him. I think the secret meetings are grand parties masked in pseudo-intellectual posturing, Alt-Right politics and some sort of debauchery. The governments of European countries might know of this, and do not wish it to occur on their soil.

However, I do not know what occurs Phalanx meetings and secret Alt-Right gatherings, but one thing is sure: Richard Spencer is used to working in secret, and it appears he is hiding something. If you are a supporter of him, I’d advice you of consider what is it exactly that he’s not telling.


Spencer’s Agenda and Red Ice

I’ve written about this before so I’ll be brief. He rarely says any concrete policies that he supports, but in the Red Ice interview he says several times, as he’s said in the past, he wants a “New Order”. He also suppors attacking the right, or conservatives, whereas advices the Alt-Right not to attack the left. What this tells me is that he is a revolutionary who wants to crash the current system, and bring about his New Order. To be sure, the current globalist system should be brought down, but I doubt Spencer’s new system would be any better.

I sometimes wonder, why do I even care what Richard Spencer does, since I am not Alt-Right myself, but I guess it comes down to his influence of Red Ice. Red Ice Creations used to be one of the best alternative media and conspiracy research sites on the internet, but since they turned Alt-Right a year or two ago, their objectivity has been compromised. I blame Richard Spencer as one of the main catalysts for this conversion, although I don’t know the actual thought processes that went through the heads of the Red Ice crew and who influenced them in what way.

Red Ice used to be an independent and objective site that presented all sorts of alternative research. Nowadays they are openly politically aligned toward the Alt-Right, and it shows. It’s natural to have some some degree of bias in some issues, since human beings perceive reality subjectively, but there’s a big difference between wearing one’s bias on their sleeve. I don’t want to go too deep into minor details on what I mean by this, how Red Ice has lost its objectivity by aligning itself with the Alt-Right so I’ll just how these images:

Red Ice 2012

Above is an image of the Links-section on the Red Ice website from 2012. It contains links to people and sites from various walks of life; conspiracy researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Freeman and the Corbett Report. Alternative historians like Graham Hancock, Joseph P. Farrel and Lloyd Pye. And a bunch names I don’t even recognize.

Nowadays the Links-section is like this:

Red Ice 2016

It’s all Alt-Right or Asatru-sites. I’m not saying all of these sites are necessarily bad, but that their scope is much more narrow to what it used to be. Also, nowadays Red Ice presents itself as being for tradition and roots, but they’ve gotten rid of the In Memoriam-section for dead researchers:


Red Ice seems to have forgotten its own roots. It used to be a part of the “truth movement” or the conspiracy research community, whereas now it wants to distance itself from its past. It’s like a kid in the school yard who hangs around with the freaks and losers because he’s one of them, but when the cool kids show him attention he abandons his friends to join the new crowd. Red Ice Creations changed its name to Red Ice TV some months ago, and the layout of the website changed too. This was more than symbolical.



I first heard of Richard Spencer from a Red Ice, or Radio 3/14, interview a couple of years back. He’s still part of the crowd, being interviewed and promoted by Red Ice. Spencer, and other people like him, are in my opinion Marxists of the Right. Whatever they touch, they corrupt or pervert in some way. The Alt-Right is not about giving an alternative to those who long for a return to more conservative and old-fashioned values. It’s a way of leading those people astray.



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