Why has Richard Spencer been banned from several European countries?

Richard Spencer is the person who supposedly coined the term Alt-Right, a leader in the Alt-Right, and one of the main reasons I’m suspicious of the Alt-Right even though I have common ground with some of their ideas. Back in 2014 he was arrested in Hungary for hosting a White nationalist conference there, and this apparently resulted in him being banned in 25 other European countries. This summer he was also banned from the United Kingdom. The question is why?


Banned from UK

In his interview with Red Ice Radio last month, Spencer gives the impression that he was banned for his extreme White nationalist views, although I find his assertion somewhat vague. He says he received a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May describing the ban. The letter allegedly cites some dangerous things Spencer has said in the past, such as him praising Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. I get the impression from the interview that Spencer is leaving something out from the letter. I find it hard to believe that the European political establishment would view Richard Spencer as such a great threat. I don’t think that the average person has any idea who he even is.

In fact someone called Francis Soulie wrote about Richard Spencer’s UK ban on The Right Stuff website. The writer calls “Banning Spencer from the UK is also tactically ineffective”, since he’s gained most of his audience through the internet, instead of talking in conference halls. Soulie also points out that the ban “will pseudo-martyr Spencer’s ideas and cause many to seriously wonder if they might actually be correct.”

Could the reason behind Spencer getting the ban hammer be a subtle form of promotion of his ideas by the globalist establishment? Possible, yet I am not convinced. I am more inclined to believe there’s much more to Richard Spencer than meets the eye. Much more.



A couple of months ago certain documents were leaked to the public that showed that Richard Spencer has been running some sort of Alt-Right secret society called Phalanx. One can only guess what goes on in meetings of the society, but there have been suggestions of gay orgies, and Phalanx itself has been described as resembling a pyramid scheme. From an outside perspective these assessments sound plausible based on what I know about Richard Spencer, but it is speculation, of course.

In addition to Phalanx, whose name has probably been changed by now, Spencer admits to some sort of covert Alt-Right meeting in Detroit in the Red Ice interview. Spencer is clearly used to this sort of cloak and dagger way of promoting him political movement. The question is then, if they have these secret gatherings, what do they do there, especially since listening to Spencer’s interviews he rarely states any concrete goals for his movement, and most of the time says a lot of things that sound sophisticated yet have little content?

Perhaps these Alt-Right meetings are simply gatherings for urban diletantes who enjoy hanging out with like-minded people. Or they might be actually doing something that the Hungarian government found disturbing two years ago, and the same would apply to the British government today. It might be some sort of political subversive plotting, but I doubt it. Richard Spencer comes off as someone who only cares about the image and the atmosphere, not concrete issues, and he probably attracts similar people around him. I think the secret meetings are grand parties masked in pseudo-intellectual posturing, Alt-Right politics and some sort of debauchery. The governments of European countries might know of this, and do not wish it to occur on their soil.

However, I do not know what occurs Phalanx meetings and secret Alt-Right gatherings, but one thing is sure: Richard Spencer is used to working in secret, and it appears he is hiding something. If you are a supporter of him, I’d advice you of consider what is it exactly that he’s not telling.


Spencer’s Agenda and Red Ice

I’ve written about this before so I’ll be brief. He rarely says any concrete policies that he supports, but in the Red Ice interview he says several times, as he’s said in the past, he wants a “New Order”. He also suppors attacking the right, or conservatives, whereas advices the Alt-Right not to attack the left. What this tells me is that he is a revolutionary who wants to crash the current system, and bring about his New Order. To be sure, the current globalist system should be brought down, but I doubt Spencer’s new system would be any better.

I sometimes wonder, why do I even care what Richard Spencer does, since I am not Alt-Right myself, but I guess it comes down to his influence of Red Ice. Red Ice Creations used to be one of the best alternative media and conspiracy research sites on the internet, but since they turned Alt-Right a year or two ago, their objectivity has been compromised. I blame Richard Spencer as one of the main catalysts for this conversion, although I don’t know the actual thought processes that went through the heads of the Red Ice crew and who influenced them in what way.

Red Ice used to be an independent and objective site that presented all sorts of alternative research. Nowadays they are openly politically aligned toward the Alt-Right, and it shows. It’s natural to have some some degree of bias in some issues, since human beings perceive reality subjectively, but there’s a big difference between wearing one’s bias on their sleeve. I don’t want to go too deep into minor details on what I mean by this, how Red Ice has lost its objectivity by aligning itself with the Alt-Right so I’ll just how these images:

Red Ice 2012

Above is an image of the Links-section on the Red Ice website from 2012. It contains links to people and sites from various walks of life; conspiracy researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Freeman and the Corbett Report. Alternative historians like Graham Hancock, Joseph P. Farrel and Lloyd Pye. And a bunch names I don’t even recognize.

Nowadays the Links-section is like this:

Red Ice 2016

It’s all Alt-Right or Asatru-sites. I’m not saying all of these sites are necessarily bad, but that their scope is much more narrow to what it used to be. Also, nowadays Red Ice presents itself as being for tradition and roots, but they’ve gotten rid of the In Memoriam-section for dead researchers:


Red Ice seems to have forgotten its own roots. It used to be a part of the “truth movement” or the conspiracy research community, whereas now it wants to distance itself from its past. It’s like a kid in the school yard who hangs around with the freaks and losers because he’s one of them, but when the cool kids show him attention he abandons his friends to join the new crowd. Red Ice Creations changed its name to Red Ice TV some months ago, and the layout of the website changed too. This was more than symbolical.



I first heard of Richard Spencer from a Red Ice, or Radio 3/14, interview a couple of years back. He’s still part of the crowd, being interviewed and promoted by Red Ice. Spencer, and other people like him, are in my opinion Marxists of the Right. Whatever they touch, they corrupt or pervert in some way. The Alt-Right is not about giving an alternative to those who long for a return to more conservative and old-fashioned values. It’s a way of leading those people astray.



Richard Spencer – The Detroit Experience & How to Get Banned from the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2TToh17Dk4

U.K.’s next leader banned a prominent white nationalist from visiting:
The Perma-Ban of Richard Spencer: http://therightstuff.biz/2016/07/14/the-perma-ban-of-richard-spencer/

Radio Free Skyrim Episode 34 – Implicit Pyramid Scheme 6/23/16:


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