Pokemon Go and Project Blue Beam

Pokemon Go is the latest annoying fad I’ve done my best to avoid. We’ve all heard the stories of how some foolish people get into accidents because of playing the game. It’s another way to manipulate and dumb down the global population even further. Then there’s the surveillance aspect. You’re supposed to have your phone’s camera and geolocation on when you run around catching pokemon. This is obviously used for data gathering.

All of this is quite obvious so I don’t intend to spend more time on it. There is however another aspect to Pokemon Go, which is extremely hypothetical and may sound far-fetched, but potentially very disturbing.

There are various pictures online where people’s pets supposedly see pokemon characters generated by the game. Of course these might be staged or co-incidental in some way, but what if they’re not? Is the Pokemon Go app generating some sort of artificial entities that exist in the real world in some phantasmal form? Is the cell phone app summoning demons from other dimensions for you to play with? It sounds silly, yet there are dozens if not hundreds of pictures where pets appear to be perceiving the pokemon.



Then there’s the case from Moscow, Russia, where a woman claims she was raped by a pokemon from the game. Sure, it’s more likely she’s simply delusional, but then again if the pets can see the pokemon, it’s sounds at least a bit more plausible they might even be able to rape someone.

Project Blue Beam is best known among conspiracy theorists as the plan for a fake alien invasion or fake religious events to manipulate people. However, the conspiracy researcher Freeman has stated that one function of Blue Beam was to use technology to project demons into people. Is this the function of Pokemon Go?

I am well aware all of this is far-fetched, but I’m putting it out there nonetheless. One thing is sure though, and it’s the fact that the globalist establishment has been heavily pushing Pokemon Go onto everyone. It’s been all over the media, and even the Prime Minister of Norway is reported to have played Pokemon Go on her trip to Slovakia. Sure it’s possible the agenda behind Pokemon Go is simply another distraction from important issues and data collection, yet I can’t shake the feelings there’s something even more sinister behind it.



I have nothing against the Pokemon franchise in general, just Pokemon Go. I’ve played some of the older Pokemon games and liked them. I don’t think there’s anything particularly evil about Pokemon except the fact that they’re brainwashing kids to spend money to “catch them all”. Which in the grand scheme of things is fairly benign. Pokemon Go is different.




People Are Posting Proof That Pets Can See Pokèmon Go And The Evidence Is More Than Convincing: http://www.boredpanda.com/pets-can-see-pokemon-go-japan/

Woman tells police she was RAPED by a Pokemon Go character after she felt an ‘assault’… and the virtual reality game detected the creature in her bedroom: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3734361/Woman-tells-police-RAPED-Pokemon-character-felt-assault-virtual-reality-game-detected-creature-bedroom.html

Norway PM hunts Pokémon in Slovakia: http://www.thelocal.no/20160824/norway-pm-hunts-pokemon-in-slovakia


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