Trump and the Economic Collapse

I’ve still been wracking my brain over the Trump victory. I’m still not convinced that he is controlled opposition, but I am not convinced that this means the globalist Illuminati has suffered a major defeat either. Then I saw the latest video from Professor Doom which made a lot of sense to me.

Professor Doom’s video basically suggests that Donald Trump will not be able to step into office, but rather there will be an economic collapse before that, similar to the one in 1929, and Obama will declare marshal law to remain in office. The establishment will blame the American people for voting Trump who caused the economy to collapse by merely getting elected.

That’s the gist of it, but I suggest you check out Doom’s video.

Another hint that we Trump supporters (silly to say that since I’m not even American) have been played is how blatantly the media was against him, and for Hillary, when I saw the latest video by Undoomed (a humorous anti-SJW Youtuber). Undoomed points out how the liberal media actually worked against the interest of Hillary Clinton even though they supported her, since they kept saying since last year that Hillary will win, so many liberals probably did not bother to vote for her. And then there is naturally the reverse psychology angle. Since everybody is saying Trump is so bad and you shouldn’t vote for him, people vote for him. I suppose the Illuminati counted on the fact that the majority of people are not as braindead as people who voted for Hillary just because she’s a woman and Trump is “racist, sexist and misogynist”.

Very interestingly the two videos that gave me these realizations come from Youtubers whose names have the word “doom” in them, Professor Doom and Undoomed. I do not think this is a good sign, even though Undoomed should mean the opposite of doom.

There’s also a couple of possible pieces of predictive programming from the Simpsons. One episode has Lisa Simpson as the president saying: “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from president Trump.” It’s quite an obvious suggestion that Trump will cause economic difficulties. I’m not sure when this episode was made, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than 10 years old. Another Simpsons clip is from 2000 when Trump actually did run for president. In it Homer gets paid to hold up a sign and act like a Trump supporter in a rally. Curiously this is how Hillary increased the amount of her supporters. And in the episode there’s a scene where Homer stands in an escalator behind Trump with his supporters around him. A video on Youtube juxtaposes this with a similar scene from real life with Trump and his wife on the escalator.


Creepy stuff.

EDIT: Apparently the episode where Lisa Simpson becomes president and refers to the economic disaster left by Trump was made in 2000. The one with Trump in the escalator with Homer was made in 2015, and was made deliberately to mirror Trump and his wife on the escalator. So that’s not so creepy after all.

Speaking of doom, another Youtuber, a crazy (in the best sense) Christian, Jonathan Kleck, has been predicting some sort of false flag nuclear attack in America for quite some time now. He seems to think it will happen soon. I take his warning seriously even if I’m not sure will it be a nuclear attack or something else.

Kleck often quotes Isaiah 29:15-16 and says you have to be turned upside down to see the truth.

“15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?”

Speaking of turning things upside down, looking at Trump’s victory it is a good thing. Yet when you turn it upside down, perhaps we should not rejoice. Perhaps it is a sign that something terrible is about to happen. Not because of anything that Trump has done or will do, but because the globalist Illuminati and their occult plans.

I’m reminded of some prophecies I read long time ago on the internet when I was interested in such stuff. It went something like this: “Everybody calls for peace, but overnight it happens. War breaks out.” Now the relations between Russia and USA are getting better, even Philippine president Duterte congratulated Trump. I’m fairly certain Trump would make friends with leaders of most countries, if unimpeded by globalist manipulators. But maybe he won’t have the chance. Maybe this is it.

A lot of people getting together to support Trump was a good thing, but perhaps the best option would have been for everybody who’s at all “red pilled” to vote for Hillary Clinton to call their bluff. To tell the globalist Illuminati that we ain’t playing their game. Give Hillary more than 90% of the vote. That would have been a next level play, alas it’s too late for that now, and organizing such an effort would not have been realistic to say the least. Trump’s victory has been moral victory, but will it matter?

I hope I’m wrong and so is anyone else who is predicting that Trump won’t even get into office.



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